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Saved by a Werewolf

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Doctor Elsa Williams wakes up in the middle of a forest weak and naked with no memories of how she got there. She's alone and tries to call for help but no one is around to help her. She gave up hope and was ready to die, but then she saw a huge wolf coming towards her. To her, this was the end, the wolf would probably eat her, then she fell unconscious ready to be eaten. Little does she know, her life was just beginning.

Chapter 1

I opened my eyes, darkness everywhere. The only source of light was the pale and gorgeous, full moon. But it was out of focus. The entire world was out of focus.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness and even though my vision was blurry I could tell I was surrounded by trees. I couldn't remember where I was before, but I was certain it wasn't here. I would never go into the woods alone, much less at night. I was far too paranoid and unskilled to roam around without knowing the area perfectly.

I tried to remember where I was before, but my brain responded with a headache. It was then that I realized the sharp and burning pain I felt around my waist, legs, back, and core.

I tried to stand up but my body wouldn't move, or listen. I was gradually becoming more aware of my surroundings and situation. It was like slowly regaining consciousness. It was cold, really cold, and it didn't help that the ground was wet. I could feel some sort of liquid around my head. I tried to move, to stand up, but my efforts proved to be useless as my body wasn't responding.

I tried my best not to freak out. What did I know? I was hurt. I went through the things I learned in med school. I was disoriented, most likely from hitting my head or some sort of contusion. So it was safe to assume that the 'pool' of liquid was blood and I was losing a lot of it really fast. I needed to find my injuries and stop the bleeding because if I don't, my body would go into Hypovolemic shock.

It was clear I went through a horrible incident, and though I didn't remember it, my body did. It was causing what I hoped was temporary paralysis. The first thing I needed was to be able to move. That way I could at least locate my injuries. I gradually tried to become aware of my body and regain some type of sensation, with this, would come pain but I needed the pain to survive.

And so I did, I began trying to move my right index finger, which was resting near my side, and I could feel it. As I regained feeling I realized why it was so cold. I was not wearing any clothes. I couldn't focus on what that meant right now. I knew if I did, I would not make it through this.

Slowly but surely I was able to move my arm and place my hand in front of my face. A sticky, warm liquid shone in the moonlight. Blood. I placed my hand back where it was before and started applying pressure.

I tried not to freak out while I examine the situation. Which was extremely hard. I was badly hurt, the pain was obviously there for a reason. My body was paralyzed and I had no idea where I was. The more I forced myself out of that dizzying state the more I felt the pain, and the more I paid attention to the sounds around me.

"Help!" I tried to shout but out of me came barely a whisper. "Help!" I tried again, slightly louder, but it still wasn't enough. And even if I managed to shout, would anyone hear me? There were no sounds of traffic, or civilization, only silence, and running water.

My head was spinning, my entire body hurt and despite me trying to stay awake I felt a need to sleep. My thoughts weren't making sense as I was overcome with drowsiness. I knew if I passed out, It would be over so I fought it with everything I had. Was this the way I would die? Alone, in the forest. Would anyone ever find me?

And right as I was about to close my eyes, I heard it. Steps. Loud and strong steps. My hope turned into complete fear when I saw where they were coming from. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see it. The most largest creature of its kind I had ever seen. A black wolf, as big as a bear. I was forced out of that hyperrational state as I faced the last of my conclusions.

I was going to die. I couldn't move, from what I could tell the wounds were severe. No body would find me on time, and even if they did I would die before they could get any help. And now, a wolf had found me, a wounded easy prey, completely defenseless.

The hyperrational state my mind had entered in order to survive was no longer there. And I started to feel my emotions crashing down on me. The weight of them was so much I thought I would be crushed under it.

I began crying, praying, and begging anyone who listened for my death to be quick. And as I felt it draw closer I only slightly opened my eyes. The creature lowered his head and sniffed the air loudly. I got the impression that it was simply curious. But I knew that wolves would rarely abandon a wounded, helpless person. Food was food, and I knew that.

It took a step closer and I saw his eyes, the most beautiful gold shone proudly in them. I somehow felt at ease when I saw him, and so, even though I knew I was going to die. I wondered if anyone other than my patients would miss me. I hoped someone would. That at least my life meant something.

I didn't have any family or friends. All my life I'd been focused on achieving one goal: to become a psychiatrist. I worked hard in medical school, shutting everyone out because my career came first. And yes, I graduated early, but at what cost? I had no loved ones and no one to remember me by.

I started feeling incredibly sleepy. I was aware that if I closed my eyes I'd become unconscious, but the darkness was beckoning me. It's sweet song lulling me to sleep.

And a loud howl was the last thing I heard before I closed my eyes and slipped into the darkness inside of my head.

Chapter 2

I open my eyes only to see my mother staring back at me. Her pale white skin and black straight hair looked just the same as the last time I saw her.

"Elsa" she looked sad as she tried brushing my hair and failed completely. "I'm not good at this," she admitted. "Let's ask your daddy for help," she said with a smile as she grabbed my hand and walked over to the living room where he was watching tv.

"Himari!" my father exclaimed as he looked at my hair "I've told you a thousand times, her hair is different than yours" My Asian mother had no idea how to deal with afro-textured hair. And my father never expected her to. But she tried, she really did.

"I know," she said with a sad smile "But I wanted to do one of the hairstyles your mother does." My nana lived in Jamaica but she had come to visit us last summer.

"I'm sorry," he said, leaving his frustration aside.


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