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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: MEGACO
  • Chapters: 51
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12.9K
  • 7.5
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Damien is the demon lord. The most feared creature in Ava land and no one dares cross him. That's why meeting Alexa angered him to his core. Alexa is an angel who was everything he despised. Bold, strong and beautiful. An unexpected encounter makes this two opposites heart flutter each time they meet and make them both in need of a dire savior to set them free from the bondage of love which held them bound. *** When they got outside, Alexa couldn't contain her anger anymore"Are you insane?!Why would you give Faren your ring?!" "I had to protect you, Alexa! Did you hear what he said back there? He's just trying to use you to get to me"Damien held her hands shakingly"Please, don't marry him" "So what? What if he's using me? Why would you give your 'Ring of authority' to him?! Don't you know how important this is?!"Alexa shouted raising up the ring. "And I don't care. I would give up a whole lot more for you!" Alexa looked away from Damien as tears formed in her eyes. When she looked back at him, Damien was alarmed to see her in tears. "W-Why are you crying?"Damien asked shakingly as he brushed her cheeks "Sh*t, I've done it again. I always find a way to make you cry, I'm sorry" "Why do you keep making this difficult for me, Damien?"Alexa asked in tears"You wanted me to say the word? I love you too. I want to be with you so badly too" Damien's eyes widened in shock. He didn't even realize that he was crying too. ***

Chapter 1

Damien strode into the chamber.

As he walked , all the younger ladies gasped.

" Oh my, is it just my eyes or is lord Damien keeps getting more handsome everyday?"

"Exactly, it must be nice"

Damien halted Infront of the younger ladies and smiled "It's not just your eyes". He winked at them then continued walking.

The younger ladies who he had smiled Infront of fainted. 

When Damien got his throne,he sat down and wiped his smile off his face. 

When he was in this mood, fear him because now it was time for business.

He looked down at the young girl bound in chains before him . Her hands were bounded by ropes behind her and her mouth.

"Who is she ?" He asked .

"An angel" Rosco spoke up first.  Damien might be a demon lord but one would be wise to fear Rosco too.

That's why they were best friends.

Rosco is a type of person who sticks completely by the rules and would kill anyone who defies it , even  if it were to be Damien himself.

Damien balled his fist , he was angry "And what is an angel doing in our territory?"

Demons and angels always kept to themselves . They made sure to never cross each other's path.

Damien made this rule and now ... someone had defied him. 

This was exactly what he hated.

Rosco wanted to untie her mouth do that she could speak but Damien stopped him. 

"Just kill her". Damien said.

The girl's eyes bulged as she struggled in the rope.

"But my Lord , she was sent by Faren "

Damien balled his fist harder " Faren ?"

Faren was the vampire lord  and Damien hated him as much as he hated angels.

Faren always saw Damien as a threat. He thought if anyone deserved to be feared it had to be him and not Damien.

So he always looked for a way to kill Damien. 

"So, Faren sent an angel to kill me?" Damien asked trying to get the whole picture. 

"To watch you and report back to him.  Probably to figure of your weakness" Rosco replied.

"Weakness?" Damien smirked "As if I have one. Since it looks like she would be useful, lock her up in the dungeon "

Rosco bowed his head "Yes, my Lord"and dragged the girl away.

Damien stood up from his throne  and went to the mirror " It hurts being so handsome "

"Really??!!!!" A voice shouted.

Damien abruptly turned away from the mirror.

"Father, what brings you her-"

Valdir, Damien's father slapped him " You allowed an angel get into our territory and what ?? You admire your reflection ??!!!!"

Damien lowered his head " I'm sorry , father "

"You're sorry???" Valdir pressed his hand on his forehead "What of your sword practice, have you been practicing ?"

"Yes , father "

That seemed to soften Valdir a bit "That's good. What's going to happen to that angel now ? Is she dead yet ?"

"No "

"What are you waiting for ?"

Damien  smirked "Just you wait, father. I won't disappoint you "

At the angel's realm, Josty and Karina panicked walking up and down. 

"She's not back yet" Karina panicked chewing on her fingers 

"Stop bitting your nails before there's nothing left " Josty shouted "You are adding more pressure to me"

"But what should we do ? Should we tell the head angel ?"

"You two are too loud" a voice said groggily.

Both girls turned around to see Alexa sleeping and an idea came to them.

They both rushed to Alexa and woke her up .

"Hey, wake up "

"Leave me alone " Alexa grumbled .

"It's important. Celine is gone " Karina whined .

Josty hit Karina "Hey, stop saying it that way , huh? "

Alexa opened one eye"What do you mean she's gone?"

"I mean , she said she was going someone today and hasn't come back"

"Oh, that.  Have you guys reported to the head angel yet ?"

Karina shook her head "No "

Alexa jumped up from her bed " This is good "

Josty looked at her in confusion and stuttered "W-why ?" 

"I was just getting bored sleeping all day. " Alexa smiled"Let's not worry the head angel and look for her ourselves "

"But we don't know where she might be " Karina whined.

Alexa sighed as she folded her arms "Didn't she say anything to you guys ?"

Karina thought hard "I don't think so "

Josty remembered something " That's right.  Faren!!!"

Alexa tilted her head in confusion"Faren?who is that ?"

Karina clapped her hand as she remembered as she turned to face Josty "She said she was going to see him".

Alexa twitched her lips "Are you guys avoiding me ? Who is Faren ?"

"You don't know Faren?" Karina asked in shock.

Alexa folder her arms "If I knew would I be asking you ? There's no need to know everyone "

"The vampire lord "Josty said.

Alexa's eyes widened " That pervert??!!!"

Karina covered Alexa's mouth " Hey, do you want to kill us all? How could you say such a thing ?"

Alexa removed Karina's hand from her mouth "Because it's true. I saw him and it was no other than the head angel he was watching"

Josty shivered in disgust "It's okay . We need to think about what's important right now"

Alexa nodded her head and picked up a bat ."Let's go "

Karina stuttered"Where are you carrying a bat too?"

"If that pervert touched Celine " Alexa tightened her grip on the bat "I'm going to smash his head in "

Karina faced Josty "Aren't you going to stop her ?"

Josty smiled "Isn't that why we wanted her help to look for Celine?  . We know Alexa  can do "

"But if she hits Faren with that bat, we are as good as dead "

"She won't hit Faren if he didn't lay a hand on Celine and I hope he didn't because if he did " Josty balled her fist and picked up a bat  "I will smash his head too "


Chapter 2

Damien paced to and fro . If things didn't go the way he planned, his father was going to be very angry.

He hit his head. Why was he so confident when he was telling his father to wait and see?

Rosco stepped forward and bowed his head "My lord. Do you really think Faren would come for the angel? Was that your plan?"

"I don't know anymore. I have to go meet him "

Rosco looked abruptly"My lord!!!"

"I have no other choice. If he wouldn't come to me, I'll have to go to him. We need to put an end to this once and for all " Damien walked away but Rosco grabbed his hand.

"As your loyal servant and trusted friend, please don't go "

Damien looked at Rosco and put his hand over his "It will be fine. nothing will happen "Damien smirked "If they don't attack me first, that is"

Alexa, Karina and Josty made their way to the vampire realm through


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