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I love to write. Please enjoy my books and follow my IG@ me_megaco.


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  • Author: MEGACO
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Damien is the demon lord. The most feared creature in Ava land and no one dares cross him. That's why meeting Alexa angered him to his core. Alexa is an angel who was everything he despised. Bold, strong and beautiful. An unexpected encounter makes this two opposites heart flutter each time they meet and make them both in need of a dire savior to set them free from the bondage of love which held them bound. *** When they got outside, Alexa couldn't contain her anger anymore"Are you insane?!Why would you give Faren your ring?!" "I had to protect you, Alexa! Did you hear what he said back there? He's just trying to use you to get to me"Damien held her hands shakingly"Please, don't marry him" "So what? What if he's using me? Why would you give your 'Ring of authority' to him?! Don't you know how important this is?!"Alexa shouted raising up the ring. "And I don't care. I would give up a whole lot more for you!" Alexa looked away from Damien as tears formed in her eyes. When she looked back at him, Damien was alarmed to see her in tears. "W-Why are you crying?"Damien asked shakingly as he brushed her cheeks "Sh*t, I've done it again. I always find a way to make you cry, I'm sorry" "Why do you keep making this difficult for me, Damien?"Alexa asked in tears"You wanted me to say the word? I love you too. I want to be with you so badly too" Damien's eyes widened in shock. He didn't even realize that he was crying too. ***


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