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Reincarnated As An Omega

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“Mate” I felt my breath clog up in my throat as my wolf murmured the last thing I ever wanted to hear in my second life I watched as his forest green eyes widen in surprise and his sensuous mouth form the word “mate” I braced myself for another rejection as he stood from his throne and began to take long strides towards me. I was going to die at the hands of my mate, yet again. Mary-lee died at the hands of her mate and his mistress, but she was given a second chance. A chance to take revenge. She reincarnated in the body of an Omega maid whose pack was overtaken by the ruthless, rumored rogue Alpha King Lothar. She finds out that she was also given a second chance mate who turned out to be the rogue Alpha King, Lothar. She was prepared for another rejection, but this time, she was not going to let it kill her.

Meeting my wolf

It's tonight I was anxious, I could not wait to become one with my wolf. This is something every werewolf pup was always looking forward to. I can finally become a full-fledged wolf and find my destined mate with whom I will share my life. I felt giddy as I fingered the edge of the white gown which was laid out on my bed by my Omega maid I am the second daughter and the third child of the Beta of Blood moon pack. My pack is ruled by an evil Alpha King and all the high-ranking members were evil and wicked, including my parents. Even if I do not agree with their evil doings, I still could not leave the pack, especially as I have not been outside my pack and I know little to nothing of the outside world I had hopes that someday the rumored ruthless rogue king would not visit my pack to take over it and If he does, I was not certain that I would survive as I was the daughter of a high-ranking werewolves The rumored rogue king was said to be a heartless person when it came to justice. Rumors had it that he watched from afar any pack leader who refused to take care of his pack, and when the opportune time came he would attack with his army of rogues and overtake the pack, killing the Alpha and everyone related to him. Not a single soul will he spare. I took the white gown and changed into it, I could see that the full moon was already coming out, so I had to go quickly to join the others before they left me behind and if that should happen I will be severely punished I rushed out of my room and downstairs, when I came across my elder sister and her mate making out on the couch in the living room close to the fireplace. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to leave the two lovebirds but that was not going to happen because my sister heard my footsteps and separated from her mate. "Someone is happy to meet her wolf, huh?" My sister, Gloria, asked; voice dripping with sarcasm. In as much as I desired not to talk to her, I knew that the only way she would not hold me back from attending my ceremony was to answer her "Yes I am happy to meet wolf” I gave a thin smile "Do you think that you are going to find your mate quickly? Let me tell you, not every werewolf can find their mate. Just take a look at old man Williams” Gloria folded her hands on her chest as she looked at me with disdain. I grabbed the sides of my gown and looked down, was my sister cursing at me? Old Williams was an old Werewolf who was already seventy-nine but he never found his mate even after traveling from one pack to another, making people mock him anywhere he goes. The moon goddess was kind and gave everyone two mates, in case anything happens to your first mate, and you are unable to deal with the pain. Many people have been privileged to meet their second chances mate, but old man Williams never met either of them. " I won't be like old man Williams” I decided to ignore my sister and damn the consequences. I walked out of my father's castle, ignoring Gloria's angry scream for me to get back because she was not done talking. I ignored my horse that was prancing about and decided to walk instead. I joined the ground of people I saw walking to the pack ground, and in no time we were there. When I got to the pack ground the wolf's, both the male and female who were going to join the transition ceremony were already there, so I moved quickly to join them. I ignored the looks thrown my way by some females, especially the alpha's daughter, Miranda, and her friends. I let my eyes travel around the audience who were there to watch the ceremony, I was searching for one person. Paul, the Alpha king's son and our soon-to-be alpha once he turned twenty-one and that was in two months time I have always had a massive crush on Paul and the day he got to meet his wolf, I was among the girls who were praying that he never find his mate and that I will be mated to him instead My heartbeat sped up as I watched him, he was talking to his father and gesticulating with his hands, I found the gesture to be cute. Though I will accept any mate given to me by the moon goddess and show him love, but I will even be happier and ever grateful if Paul turned out to be my mate The pack ground became silent when the Alpha King Matthew stepped on the podium which was on a raised platform "We are all gathered here today for ….” Quickly the ceremony began and all of us lined up and began to move forward to be initiated as a full-fledged wolf into the pack. Soon the moon was out and shining brightly in the sky and by now all the wolves were in the pack ground including my sister Gloria and her mate, which I hated so much as he had tried to rape me once but my family and sister said I was the one who seduced him. I swept my eyes over everyone there, looking for my parents, and when my eyes landed on them, I noticed that they were also looking at me I took a deep breath and tried to remember all the teachings I had been receiving on how to turn into my wolf. First 'You and your wolf are two different people and in other to become one you have to call out to your wolf' this was why we were taught I could feel something moving in my head and I knew right there and then that it was my wolf coming to life, I could hear the other's screaming in pain Howl I became distracted and looked around only to see that almost everyone had transit into their wolf form. I looked up and inhaled deeply, then I felt it. Pains. It was all over my body as my bones began to break and rearrange into my wolf form and after a long time of excruciating pain I finally turned into a big wolf with brown fur. I looked up and howled proudly and joyfully to the moon. Then the full moon run began with the Alpha king taking the lead and everyone else following behind. All the new wolf's needed to feed their wolf, so I decided to go hunting for food to feed my wolf. I ran through the woods with superhuman speed and came to a stop when my eyes zeroed in on a wild rabbit. I took a stance and watched my prey for a while, and when I saw an open opportunity, I pounced quickly and caught the rabbit between my jaws. I tore the wild rabbit and began to feed on it. When my wolf was finally satisfied, I ran over to join the other's for the full moon run After the full moon run, all the wolves returned in twos and threes to the pack ground and began to change back to their human form. I concentrated, and soon I was back in my human form, I smiled widely with joy and went to pick out a white gown to put on from the once provided for the pack members at each full moon run. The celebration of the full moon began and everyone joined in, drinks of all kinds were flowing and everyone ate and danced to the lively.

My rejection

I was not one who likes to party, and I was still weak from my transition, so I decided to go sit at my favorite spot in the middle of the woods. I sneaked out of the party and ran through the woods until I got to my spot. I sat on top of a big stone and sighed deeply. Within minutes of sitting down in my favorite spot, my ears twitched as the leaves rustled and twigs snapped. My ears had become much sharper since the unveiling of my wolf. From the perceived movements, it was with no doubt two people approaching. Maybe two lovers who were sneaking out for some fun. I felt my heart fluttering in my chest as I began to fantasize about meeting my mate. I really hoped that my mate would be from this pack, even if it was not Paul. I would rather not become like others who will have to start traveling from one pack to another to find their mate, nor do I want to rely on different ceremonies which were held for unmated wolf's to find my mate. Since I am now a


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