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King Victory

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About me

A romantic at heart. I want all my fantasies to come to life through the books I write. You can contact me on Facebook: King Victory and through my email: [email protected]


Mated To A Human
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  • 9.0

Having a human mate was not something he planned for, but having a human mate beats having no mate at all. What is Alpha Hunter supposed to do when, after wrapping his mind around the fact that his mate is a mere human, he discovers even bigger secrets? His mate was still a minor who was a month away from her eighteenth birthday, and she had been maltreated for so long by her father that she had a hard time getting close to any human, especially men. How was he to get his mate if she was scared of physical contact?

Reincarnated As An Omega
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  • 7.5

“Mate” I felt my breath clog up in my throat as my wolf murmured the last thing I ever wanted to hear in my second life I watched as his forest green eyes widen in surprise and his sensuous mouth form the word “mate” I braced myself for another rejection as he stood from his throne and began to take long strides towards me. I was going to die at the hands of my mate, yet again. Mary-lee died at the hands of her mate and his mistress, but she was given a second chance. A chance to take revenge. She reincarnated in the body of an Omega maid whose pack was overtaken by the ruthless, rumored rogue Alpha King Lothar. She finds out that she was also given a second chance mate who turned out to be the rogue Alpha King, Lothar. She was prepared for another rejection, but this time, she was not going to let it kill her.

Kidnapped By The Mafia Alpha
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  • 6.9

Mia never thought that while looking for money to pay off the debt her father owes one man, she will end up seducing the most ruthless mafia in Los Angeles and stealing two million dollars from him and he in turn will end up kidnapping her. Here she was, in his lair, in his house, his office and most definitely in his bed. She has to pay back what she owes but what about the first man her father owes that she needed to pay off?. Then she found out that he was a werewolf and the Alpha of his pack and she is his fated mate and Luna.

Married To Her Sister's Grumpy Fiancé
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  • 9.7

After Charlotte was thrown out by her father along with her mother from the Enfield family, Charlotte struggles to take care of her sick mother's medical On the day her mother collapses in the hospital, she is threatened by her father with her mother's life to replace and marry her step-sister's fiancé who turns out to be the scarred and crippled son of the Moore family so that they could get money to finance their family's business. In exchange, her mother's bills will be paid. Charlotte married him and decided to make their marriage work and stay away from her family, but her stepmother and step-sister would not leave her alone. This time around, she is ready to fight them with her new identify as Mrs. Moore.


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