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Pregnant and Banished from the Pack

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"Little wolf, what in the world were you thinking? That just because the Moon Goddess matched us, I, Scott Lucas, the Alpha's son and future ruler of this pack, will accept you as my mate? What do you think the other pack members will say?" "Look at yourself, you're just an ugly cow. You ain't never gonna find a mate like me. Now get the hell out here and stop burdening our pack!" *** On the night of her 18th birthday during a festival under the full moon, orphaned Milan Megan eagerly awaits her first shift, which also marks the mating season for their kind. She's excited to find her mate, but to her dismay, she discovers that her mate is the arrogant son of the Alpha from the Night Shade Pack. Instead of a happy meeting, she catches him cheating on her, breaking her heart. Feeling devastated and rejected, Milan seeks comfort in the forest, where the scent of the mating season fills the air. She turns to alcohol to cope with her emotions. In her drunken state, she wanders through the woods and encounters a stranger. The darkness obscures his identity, and she can't get a good glimpse of the guy. Unaware that he is Alpha Jake Anderson, a troubled leader from another pack, she finds solace in his company. They share a passionate one night stand, both finding solace in their loneliness. Months later, Milan realizes she's pregnant, and her child embodies the result of their forbidden union during the mating season. Due to their pack's strict rules, Milan is judged and banished for sleeping with someone else while having a mate...

Chapter 1 Mating Season


"Ouch! That's intense!"

"Oh, yeah! Absolutely!"

"More, please! Don't stop!"

The erratic breathing and pleasure-filled moans that echoed from inside pierced my ears.

What? No! Can it be right? My eyes widened when I realized who the Moon Goddess had chosen for me to be with.

Scott Lucas!

With a heavy heart and stumbling steps, I should've walked away from this mess, but d*mn, curiosity got the better of me.

No way... No freaking way! This has gotta be some sick joke.

As I peeked into the tent, trying to convince myself it was all a prank, my breath hitched. Time froze, and my whole world came crashing down.

There was Scott, butt-naked, lying on a d*mn big blanket on the floor, getting cozy with another woman. I was freaking shocked.

He had her neck gripped tightly in his hands as he pounded away, making some weird-*ss muttering sound.

But the woman, whoever she was, had him wrapped around her d*mn finger. She had her nails digging into his broad back and was moaning and worshiping him like crazy.

Oh, hell! The tears I'd been holding back couldn't be contained anymore. It felt like my heart was shattering into a million pieces as I realized my mate was getting it on with someone else.

I was already beginning to feel a little protective of him before we had even marked or acknowledged one another, and now I had to endure this. Gosh! I was heartbroken.

"Mate!" I startled myself by speaking in a gentle whisper so that they could both hear me.

Scott abruptly stopped and turned to face me with a clouded expression, pinning me in the interior of the tent's faint light with his gaze.

A displeased look gradually appeared on his face, and his nostrils started to slightly flare.

My gut tightened at his obnoxious, stern countenance, but it immediately relaxed into annoyance without a hint of regret or guilt.

"Oh, do you possess that fragrance? In between saying and inquiring with a sniff, his forehead furrowed. I'm not your mate, young wolf. No way!" He mutters.

"You will not be permitted to replace me as this pack's Luna or as my mate. I guess the Moon Goddess was just teasing me." He said.

As he finished, he grinned mockingly before easing his manhood from the woman and grunting once more.

He came up to me, naked and egotistical, and I faltered, letting go of the tent flap I had been holding.

"I... We..." I stopped dead in his tracks at the entrance to the tent, and I stared at him, speechless.

"We?" My throat parched at Scott's leer at me.

"Little wolf, what in the world were you thinking? That just because the Moon Goddess matched us, I, Scott Lucas, the Alpha's son and future ruler of this pack, will accept you as my mate? What do you think the other pack members will say?" He laughed mockingly at me.

After some time, he stated, "This is so embarrassing, and I can't even believe I got stuck with someone like you."

"What a stupid joke." The woman he had been with murmured, making a sarcastic remark about me, then laughing. I turned my head to look at her again, this time paying close attention.

I recognized her.

Rosa Qasa was there. Known as Scott's lover and the group's legendary matchmaker.

I didn't want to accept it, even though she had relationships with many notable members of the wolf community and there were reports that she had even had s*x with the Alpha.

D*mn, she's messing with both the son's and his pops? She's hot, but crap...

Rosa was lying like a queen on the blanket, the blue comforter just covering her waist but exposing her sagging breasts. And she dared to stare at me without even blinking.

"Let's get this nonsense over with, you little pest. " Scott hissed and charged forward, all intent, and it hit me hard.

He'd turn me down without hesitation. He couldn't care less about what the pack thought or how much embarrassment it would cause him. He doesn't give a f*ck about me.

That was his ruthlessness.

I fought back the tears as I awaited his ultimate decision and the resulting broken link of sorrow and torture that would soon sweep through me. My hands were tightly fisted at my sides.

"I, Scott Lucas, the Alpha's fricking son and the future leader of this pack, am rejecting you, Milan Megan, as my future Luna and mate."

"You better get lost, you hear me? Don't you dare bring shame to our people?"

"Look at yourself, you're just an ugly cow. You are never gonna find a mate like me. Now get the hell out here and stop burdening our pack."

He delivered his final blow with a tone of pure rage.

I was devastated, more than crushed. The pain just shot through me like a d*mn lightning bolt.

And then here comes Rosa, being all sarcastic and cruel.

"Milan, you're such a miserable piece of sh*t. You're nothing like a Luna, and your wolf is a pathetic excuse."

"You thought you could trap the Alpha's boy by pretending to be an orphan and some rebellious b*st*rd."

"The Moon Goddess must have been high on something when she paired you two up." She let out a loud, cruel laugh that echoed in the tent before dropping comments that shattered me to pieces.

After regaining composure and reaching my breaking point, I decided it was time to leave and deal with my grief on my own.

I swiped my cheeks as I hurried out of the tent, turned around, and ran without stopping.

As I passed the large group of wolves, I observed that the event was still ongoing and that the majority of them were peacefully admiring the amazing full moon with grins on their faces and arms around their loved ones.

Everywhere I turned, I saw couples holding hands, exchanging tender glances, kissing, and looking up at the sky, but I was the complete opposite.

I had just experienced the most humiliatingly degrading experience of my life. It hurt worse than all the ill will and disrespect I had encountered ever since my parents died when I was a small child.

Thinking about my dismal life and realizing that I was suddenly alone and helpless caused me to tremble violently.

I squinted and instinctively reached for a bottle of alcohol from a nearby campfire table.

I reached for another adjacent bottle, which fortunately was full, and drank it all at once, drinking every drop and ignoring the burning in my throat.

The list keeps on. Unaware that the wolves were watching, I kept downing bottle after bottle of alcohol until I was dangerously inebriated and my vision was clouded.

But I didn't care, I was sad, alone, and angry. I thought today I would finally have a mate before my eighteenth birthday as I awaited my transformation into a wolf, which also marks the mating season for our kind.

I was so excited to finally find my fated mate. I felt like a kid who had just received their favorite candy.

I thought, 'Oh, what better way to mark my special day than to share this breathtaking scenery with my chosen company?' But it was all a waste now.

I had thought that he would be anticipating me as I was anticipating him as well.

I had thought he would treat me right. I had spent my entire life coping with sadness and mockery, and one of my greatest desires was to have a mate who would love and appreciate me.

Every day I prayed to the Moon Goddess to grant me the wishes of my heart.

I looked up at the moon and wondered why the Moon Goddess chose Scott Lucas as my mate. Tears flowed down my eyes as I thought about everything that happened to me today.

Just then I noticed that my body simultaneously felt a strong adrenaline rush and an oddly scrumptious pleasure.

My lady parts surged, my thighs trembled violently, and the hair on my skin stood on high alert.

What the hell was going on? I mean, seriously, I had my freaking period!

My mind was racing like crazy, trying to make sense of this whole bizarre situation.

I mean, just moments ago, I got rejected by my mate, and now I'm feeling all aroused? This sh*t was just too d*mn strange. Yeah, I knew it was the fricking mating season tonight, but come on, I already got shot down.

I couldn't help but wonder why the Moon Goddess decided to mess with me like this. And there was no one around to help me figure out how the hell to deal with it.

It was my d*mn birthday, for crying out loud! The rest of the day had been pretty good, and now I'm stuck in this messed-up mess.

Feeling lost and drunk as a skunk, I stumbled away from the crowd, trying to find some sanctuary deep in the shadowy woods. I just needed to get away from all this sh*t.

Maybe having a place to rest will help me feel better and restore some sense of normalcy.

However, my desires became greater with each step I walked into the woods.

Just when I thought it was all over, a strong scent caught my nose from a distance, tempting me to follow it as my excitement increased and I felt a physical reaction.

After a few more steps, I reached the source of the scent and was surprised to find myself standing behind a muscular man with a well-built chest.

Well, d*mn, this was a crazy situation. There I was, standing all calm and collected, with this dude not even noticing me.

"Oh my..." I stumbled towards him, my hand clumsily shaking on his hard shoulder, and I couldn't help but giggle like a drunken fool, blinking furiously.

I gave him a hard stare, attempting to figure out who this stranger was as my heart was pumping like crazy. It was dark, yet his eyes glistened in the moonlight, lending him a fascinating air.

It was terrifying, but I couldn't help but be drawn to him.

I was perplexed, not knowing who he was or what any of this meant. My mouth was wide open in disbelief, but before I could say anything, he began talking.

And let me tell you, his voice was deep and seductive as hell, sending shivers down my spine.

He whispered, "You're my mate,"

Oh, sh*t! Things just got even crazier.

Chapter 2 Mate!


I smelled her before I felt her gentle touch on my shoulder.

Whoever this mysterious person was, she seemed like the solution to all my problems.

I took a moment to enjoy the relief her touch brought to my burning body before slowly turning around to see a small figure standing in front of me.

She appeared amazed yet uncertain.

Her blonde hair was tousled by the cool breeze of the night, and the faint moonlight revealed her somewhat charming face.

Her radiant blue eyes and soft, heart-shaped lips caught my attention immediately.

I wondered who she was and what brought her to this dark and dangerous forest without any supervision or guidance.

I couldn't recall ever encountering someone brave enough to venture into this part of the woods alone, but she had.

She silently beckoned to me as if her life depended on it.

I had left my castle earlier to seek solace in the quiet woods, as the full moon illuminated the nigh

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