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"Little wolf, what in the world were you thinking? That just because the Moon Goddess matched us, I, Scott Lucas, the Alpha's son and future ruler of this pack, will accept you as my mate? What do you think the other pack members will say?" "Look at yourself, you're just an ugly cow. You ain't never gonna find a mate like me. Now get the hell out here and stop burdening our pack!" *** On the night of her 18th birthday during a festival under the full moon, orphaned Milan Megan eagerly awaits her first shift, which also marks the mating season for their kind. She's excited to find her mate, but to her dismay, she discovers that her mate is the arrogant son of the Alpha from the Night Shade Pack. Instead of a happy meeting, she catches him cheating on her, breaking her heart. Feeling devastated and rejected, Milan seeks comfort in the forest, where the scent of the mating season fills the air. She turns to alcohol to cope with her emotions. In her drunken state, she wanders through the woods and encounters a stranger. The darkness obscures his identity, and she can't get a good glimpse of the guy. Unaware that he is Alpha Jake Anderson, a troubled leader from another pack, she finds solace in his company. They share a passionate one night stand, both finding solace in their loneliness. Months later, Milan realizes she's pregnant, and her child embodies the result of their forbidden union during the mating season. Due to their pack's strict rules, Milan is judged and banished for sleeping with someone else while having a mate...


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