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Please Teach Me How To Be A Werewolf

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: mazing
  • Chapters: 21
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 517
  • 7.5
  • 💬 11


In the present era, concrete evidence of the existence of werewolves remains elusive. Videos and tangible proof validating their reality are conspicuously absent. Could they merely be the imaginative creations of ancient storytellers and writers of fiction from days of yore? Or do werewolves deliberately conceal their identities? According to legends, being a werewolf is considered a curse, forcing them to transform during a full moon. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Being a werewolf is, in fact, a blessing and a privilege. I never anticipated becoming a part of this closely guarded lineage. I am Eliana Leticia De Vera, often referred to as She. Born and raised in the provinces, my parents sent me to Metro Manila for an education to escape poverty. It was there that I met Gwenevere Eriksson, a remarkable friend with a mixed Swedish and Filipino heritage. Her light brown hair and captivating light brown eyes demand a second look. There's an undeniable regal quality about her – she's practically a princess. Gwen became my classmate, marking the inception of our friendship due to the many commonalities we shared. It feels like she's my soulmate. I never expected that a beautiful and affluent girl like her would become my friend.

Chapter 1

Peewee's Last Journal:

August 22, 20**

In this world, there exist things that remain shrouded in mystery. Some are mere products of imagination, confined to the pages of books. They stay hidden, aware that the world might not comprehend them if they were revealed.

Evil yet sometimes carrying out incomprehensible acts of good. Things that... Things? I seem to be losing my train of thought.

They defy classification. Neither human, nor vampire like Edward Cullen, nor a werewolf like Van Helsing. They're not akin to Harry Potter, lacking magic wands. They don't align with the image of aliens possessing superpowers, for they are not superheroes. Angel? At first glance, they may resemble angels. Yet in person, the clarity of my grandmother's eyes remains enigmatic. So, what are they?

They are known as ALICHINIO, and their identity eludes them. They either slumber or engage in antics at the station. Or perhaps, they spend their time on Facebook, adding their crushes. When you return home after school or work, be wary of shadowy places, especially if you encounter someone suspicious, particularly if their appearance is charming. There's an appropriate time for flirtation.

Don't halt even at the Ministop to buy a Cornetto; just let it pass. And above all else, don't accept anything from an unfamiliar person. What if they claim the ability to resurrect your deceased Poodle?

Every action comes with a cost. Don't repeat my folly.

Consider this a cautionary tale! Cherish your precious life before someone wrestles it away from you, as it nearly happened to me. Seek out the right path through curiosity, or else you'll face dire consequences.

Chapter 2

Peewee's Point of View (Peewee's PoV):

Time went by with familiar routines - assisting at the school, handling various tasks, and occasionally catching glimpses of Elix, my crush. Elm, the enigmatic ladies' man, remained somewhat distant in my mind, often seen with women around him. Despite his appeal, I wasn't swayed by his charm and preferred keeping my focus on Elix.

On a rainy day, while the rain poured relentlessly, I found myself stranded at the school entrance, waiting for the rain to stop. The maintenance staff had left, and darkness had engulfed the surroundings. Occasional lightning flashes cast eerie shadows. As time passed and the rain persisted, anxiety grew within me.

Out of the blue, a voice startled me from behind, causing my heart to race. It was Elm. His laughter filled the air, clearly amused. A mix of fear and irritation gripped me, intensifying my heartbeat.




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