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Omega to Alpha

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Athena, a young Omega werewolf, hides in the shadows of a pack that despises females. But when the Alpha discovers her existence, she's forced to flee for her life. Captured by Dante, a Lycan prince, she expects death. Instead, a forbidden bond forms between them. A dangerous love affair with deadly secrets and mistakes. Will their love thrive or will their worlds tear them apart?

Chapter 1 Unwanted


The first mistake I ever made was finding myself in a pack like the Lion’s Mane pack. The second mistake was being female. I’ve heard stories about my kind in other cities. It made me realize how much injustice there was in this world, especially in the village where I grew up. I witnessed the labor of one of the Alpha's aspiring warriors in the Gamma’s quarters one night—one of those nights I sneaked out of my cage called home to breathe in the fresh forest breeze. I was eight, but I knew a lot since my father was a popular warrior. The rage in the eyes of the male Gamma was so frightful, that one would think he wanted to devour the innocent newborn child in cold blood.

“It’s a girl, Gamma Richard,” a woman announced as she stepped out of the wooden house with a fire stick in her hand and a sloughing back. I stood at an end, careful not to be found. The woman was frail and old, I could tell she was one of those women who handled childbirth in the village, despite her trembling hands with visible weak veins propping at the surface.

“Impossible! How can she bring such shame to me? The seer swore it was going to be a son!” The man raged as his voice roared into the night. I ducked from the rage, clenching onto the poor tree before me. I felt the leaves rustle as he dashed past me. I was scared he would catch me that night. It would have been a different ballgame for the eight-year-old me roaming about.

After he left the premises, I tiptoed toward the house, wanting to satisfy my curiosity. It might be the last time I get the opportunity to sneak out of the house. I wanted to use up all my chances. I caught sight of a dimly lit room, one with a lantern on a small table at the center. My eyes traveled down to the silhouette of a woman sitting on the floor. Tears flowed down my eyes as I beheld the little creature wrapped in white wool, placed inside a basket a few meters away from the woman. They were tears of admiration. It looked so innocent and pure as it cooed inside the cotton blankets. It made me remember the birth of my younger brother, Carl.

Then, there was noise coming from the main entrance of the house. I knew what it meant. We all knew. It was a female child. There was no way she was going to be allowed a normal life—just like me. I wondered why my pack hated females so much, especially females born outside the bloodline of an Alpha or a superior warrior. My heart was sore as I saw a troop of men barge into the room.

“Please don’t take her away. Let me feel her, even if it’s going to be the last time.” The woman’s pleas were to no avail as they yanked the baby from one of the nurses’ hands, who tried to yield to the pain of a mother about to lose her child forever. I didn’t realize when I began to sob loudly until a voice asked from beside the window where I stood, “Who’s there?”

My limbs became stuck to the muddy ground for a split second. Out of fear, I dove to the ground. No one has caught me since I began my nightly quest for temporary freedom. I couldn’t allow it to happen now.

Thankfully, there was a flowerpot beside me, large enough to conceal my tiny body. I heard the footsteps fade away as the other voices from within the house faded, except for the crying woman. I felt so much compassion for her. My mother had told me stories like this but I never believed them because I thought she wanted to instill fear in me just to keep me locked in that house. As I planned to leave, the woman in the house stood from the floor where she sat and the next sound I heard was a gruesome cry. I walked around the house to satisfy my curiosity. Maybe I should not have disobeyed my whims that night. I wouldn’t have had so many nightmares to deal with while growing up. The whole kitchen was flooded as the knife gradually fell from her hands. Blood gushed out from her belly as it traveled to meet the blood dropping from under her skirts. It was a horrible sight. The night wasn’t cold, but I developed a sudden fever as I stumbled my way out of the compound. My feet were betraying my speed, but I didn’t stop regardless.

This time, it wasn’t my mother’s usual stories, nor was it the news from the pack’s messengers. It happened right before my very eyes. I threw up along the way as my brain couldn’t digest the gory sight. This would be me in a few years to come, I whispered to myself as I dashed across the forest grounds, hoping to see a large oak tree—an indication that I was close to home.

I was born a female, but my parents hid me from the eyes of the Alpha when I was born. I’d been in hiding ever since. I didn’t know how much time was left until my secret would be discovered, and I didn’t do a great job at concealing my identity either, but the thought of my future haunted me daily and made me more hardened. Finally, the oak tree came into sight. It was a dark bitter night—even the croaking noise of the toads were extinct.

“Where were you, Athena? Haven't I warned you several times about leaving the house?” My mother questioned me in a disturbed whisper as I tried to sneak into my room unnoticed—it was too late. I corrected my posture, as I stood upright. My limbs were fixed on the spot. I didn’t have an excuse this time. It was way past eleven, and I knew how dangerous it was to roam the forest at such a dangerous time. I managed a whisper, the horrors of the night still haunting me,

“I’m sorry, mother.”

For the first time, I meant my apology. I just witnessed a disturbing scene. My mother’s fear for my life was justified. I turned to face her and fell to my knees, crying louder,

“I’m sorry, mother. But why am I a girl, mother? Why didn't you make me a boy like my brother?” I wailed bitterly as I held on to my mother’s limbs, asking for the impossible, questioning the inevitable.

“The moon goddess knows all. We can’t question her decisions. Now get up and go back to your room before your father finds out about this.” She helped me to my feet and pushed me briskly into my room. Immediately, I heard my father’s muffled voice from behind as I shut the door. “Who was that, Olivia?”

“Nothing serious, my Lord. It was a wild cat,” my mother replied nervously—she feared my father more than I did. It wasn’t hard to understand why.

“Don’t you dare lie to me. I heard you speak with someone just now!” my father roared. From where I sat, I could feel his wolf.

The next reply I heard was my mother’s scream. “Where is she!” my father raged as he banged my room door open. I jumped on my bed before he came in, turning the sheets over my head, pretending to be asleep as I tried so hard to hold back my sob. It was not the first time my mother defended me. It was not the first time I heard her cry from my father’s hit. The pain she went through because of me made me obey her for a while and remain locked up but something in me always wanted more. I wasn’t ready to be caged. I choked my mouth with my bedspread to muffle my silent sobs as my father entered my room. His presence is dreadful, it was as though he could sense lies from a distance.

“I hope you pretend to the Alpha the day you fall into his traps. Ungrateful bunch of shits!” he cursed angrily and slammed my room door close which made the windows rattle from the impact.

A few minutes passed. My eyes were still sore and wet. I stared vaguely at the full moon above a large palm tree beside my window from where I lay, questioning whatever being was up there, watching all these things happen. Then, my mother’s silhouette blocked my view. She sat at the edge of my bed. Immediately, I flung my hands around her neck as my tears increased, resting on both knees on the bed as I sniffed on her shoulders. It was all I needed at that point. Her love was more than enough to fight through anything. I was deeply sorry for the pain I caused her.

“It’s okay, Athena. Just don’t put yourself in trouble. I don’t want you to end up like me.” I didn't understand what she meant.

I nodded my head as she tried to pat me to sleep. I wanted to ask questions. I wanted to know why they chose to keep me hidden, what happened to the girls that her caught by the alpha. I wanted to know why she allowed my father to hit her because of my stubbornness. Was I a special being, or was I a curse never to be seen? Questions I wished I had answers to at such a tender age. Just as my eyelids were falling asleep, a terrible thunder vibrated the whole house. I flew out of bed and met the frightened look on my mother’s face. It wasn’t a bad weather. Only one person could make such a fearful growl. He was around. Right in our house.

Chapter 2 Run


“Go!” My mother's tensed whisper rang in my ears as the growl grew louder. It felt like the end of my miserable life. There was no escaping again. I was finally joining the rest of my kind, or maybe get killed for trying to deceive the Alpha. It was as though the tears dropping from my swollen eyes were drying immediately as they fell with the heat that shot through my entire body. I lifted myself through my bedroom window while my mother dashed out of the room in a panic.

“Don’t you dare lie to me, Rowan. Her scent is all over here,” the murderous voice echoed as I heard my father stand in my defense. This was the first time the Alpha visited our home. Somebody must have seen me. I was too careless. I scolded myself as I sat in fright, shivering and suppressing the cry ready to burst out of my mouth.

“I would never lie to you, Alpha Gonzalo. My mate and I have been the only inhabitants of this house after my son joined your warriors the last six months


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