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Omega to Alpha

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Athena, a young Omega werewolf, hides in the shadows of a pack that despises females. But when the Alpha discovers her existence, she's forced to flee for her life. Captured by Dante, a Lycan prince, she expects death. Instead, a forbidden bond forms between them. A dangerous love affair with deadly secrets and mistakes. Will their love thrive or will their worlds tear them apart?


Tracey Boyer

Review after the novel completion

It was a good book overall had a few grammatical and typo errors along the way. It could have been a whole lot better. Had they expanded on the story with some of the other characters that played some minor rules. However, at the end of it, the ending was a total let down. It never concluded with who she ended up with. And why the daughter ran away and whatever happened to the other? Lady and the Sun along with the Sun that was with the other gi

March 22, 2024

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