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The news of the creature of the night has spread all over the city like wildfire. People are said to be missing every day, but to DeLorna, it was nothing but a folktale. She never believed a bit of it, she sees it as a way people wanted to grow famous. But one night, DeLorna is shocked by the incident which took place a few hours ago. She was scared and she felt like staying over at her friend's place to spend the night but she couldn't because it was already late that night. That very night, the creature came to her room. Knowing her thoughts and how much she disbelieved the news, he decided to pay her a visit. DeLorna didn’t realize who he was, but she heard before he left, "I will come back for you for YOU ARE MINE and MINE ONLY." He grunts out and before she could give a reply or question the stranger he disappeared at a very fast pace. THIS IS WHEN IT ALL BEGAN . . . Find out more in STORY. Don't miss OUT on this Epic Story


DeLorna has always heard about the creatures of the night, but she hasn’t seen them. It’s almost on media that this creature comes out only at night to feed and disappears during the day.

But somehow DeLorna doubts the creatures of the night were real. She thinks that somehow, someone was setting up a story to grow famous since rumours were the only thing that gets known within a twinkle of an eye.

Despite how much her friends, Ariana and Jide try to convince her about the creatures, she states different reasons why she doubts them. So each time they talked about the creatures of the night, they never discuss it with DeLorna.

DeLorna drove back home from Ariana’s home, still feeling sad about what Jide told her concerning the incident that happened a few hours ago.

For the first time she was scared of these creatures, and she felt like not returning home because somehow, she was gonna see them on the roadside.

When she got home, her mother noticed her countenance, she decided to ask. “ What’s wrong, DeLorna?”

“ Nothing mother, I am fine.” She said, walking to her room.

“ Did you get into a fight with Ariana?”

She stopped, turning to her mother. “ Of course not, why will I do that? Honestly, I’m just tired that’s all. “

“ They didn’t serve you dinner or what? “

“ I ate a lot and couldn’t even finish it, so yes, they did give me dinner. Look, mom, I’m fine, okay? I don’t want you getting worried about me all the time.”

“ You know I have to. But fine, since you said you’re alright, you should have your shower then get some rest. Good night, sweetheart. “

“ Good night, mom. “ She continued her way back to her room.

After having her shower which didn’t take up to fifteen minutes, she stepped out of the bathroom to her room.

She pulled herself into her nightgown before laying on the bed. She couldn’t sleep, despite how heavy her eyes were becoming.

The cloud grew darker, the thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed like the rain was gonna fall. Was it?

DeLorna squeezed herself under her blanket, staring out of the window, watching as the rain droplets fall on the glass.

The lightning flashed again, and an image of a wolf was formed on the window glass. Harmonie folded her blanket tighter, turning so that she was facing the door and backing the window.

The wind which blew into her window made her feel dizzy the more. And as it keeps coming, she keeps fighting it back.

From the reflection of the moonlight, she could see the image formed on the wall.

It looked exactly like that which she had seen on the glass. But this time, it wasn’t on the glass anymore, it was in her room, right behind her.

She shut her eyes close. Slowly, the figure returned back to that of a human, walking close to her bed.

She felt the weight of the figure press against her bed as he sat beside her. She sized her breath if that would help prevent the figure notice she was awake.

He touched her, she acted not to have noticed. Then he leaned his lips close to her ear, “ Wake up.” He whispered.

DeLorna found herself doing so, she did wake up to his voice. She shifted from him. “ Who are you? How did you get inside here? What do you want from me?” She asked, terrified.

“ Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me so soon? “

“ I don’t know what you’re talking about. Get away from me or I call the police.  “

He shrugged. “ I’m pretty sure your precious friends must have told you who I am. I mean, do you seriously want me to answer that? “

“ I don’t know what you want, but just get this at the back of your skull, you won’t have it. “

He smiled.

“ Get out of my room! “ She points at the door. “ I said get out now!!”

“ Of course, I will. But first, we’ve got some stuff to talk about. “

“ I don’t want to have any discussion with you, just leave my life for d*mn sake! “ She snapped.

“ Oh, I wish I had realised you on time. You look scared. “ She swallowed hard. “ I know you’ve been refusing to believe the whole story but deep inside you, you want proof. So I am here to give you the proof.”

“ You…” points at him. “ You are the monster, the creature of the night.”

“ Exactly. Well, I’m impressed you realized that so soon.”

“ Impressed? “ She scoffed, “ Well that’s not funny. You fu*king killed those people. . . there are innocent people. And yet, you think it’s all impressive? “

“ What else could it be? “

“ Horror. “ She said immediately.

He laughed. “ Just a minute and I’m beginning to like you already. “

“ Go. . . To Hell! “ She cursed.

“ I think that’s where I am already. “ He gave a wide smile. “I’m not gonna hurt you, especially now I see to pick interest in you. It’s been years since I thought of meeting a damsel in the human race. Never knew today would be blessed.”

She knew he was referring to her.

“ If… If I let you take me, will you stop killing all those people?” She asked, terrified.

“ I can’t promise you that, you just don’t know what kind of alpha I am. “

She shakes her head. “ You’re no Alpha, you’re a monster.”

He frowned, but let it fade away. “ I know, and I won’t doubt that. Maybe that’s because I ain’t just a wolf. “

“ What then are you? “ She asked.

“ I’ll let you know when the time comes. Or, would you mind if I show you now? “

“ Since your human nature is horrific, I don’t wanna see the other side of you. I might end up dying, who knows? “

“ I believe in choices. But one day, you will ask for it yourself. But don’t worry, I won’t say no. “

He moves his hand to her hair, shifting her hair strand to the back of her ear. “ I’ll be back some other time, and when I do, I’ve got somewhere to show you. “

“ You’re not taking me anywhere. I’m not going anywhere with you. “ She wept.

He touched her cheek. “ You don’t have to be scared, little kitten.” He stands up, walking towards the window. He looked at her for the last time, and in a twinkle of an eye, he was gone.





Chapter 2: YOU ARE MY MATE

She has woken up, but still laid on her bed, recalling all that happened the previous night.

She picked up her cell phone from the lampstand, dialling Ariana’s and Jide’s numbers since they were the closest thing to her. But sadly, they weren’t picking up her calls.

She felt maybe they might be busy, so she went to have her shower. After bathing, her phone rang. She checked on the dialer, it was Ariana. She picked up the call.

“ Hey, babe. Sup.” Ariana sounded from the other side of the line. “Sorry I missed your calls. I was busy with mom so I didn’t realize my phone was ringing.” She apologized.

“ It’s okay, I thought as much.”

“So what’s up?”

“ I’m bored. “ She said dully.

“ Should I come over? “ Ariana asked. “I’m kinda less busy right now.”

“ Yes, please. Is Jide with you?” She asked.

“ No. He said he’d come over but I haven’t seen him yet. Did something bad happen? “ She asked, sounding worried.

“ Yeah. It’s concernin


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