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Lost and alone!

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Leona is a sweet child but when her family is lost she gets kidnapped. Left outside a pack house deep in the woods at a young age. When she awakes hr body feels numb and she doesnt remember anything. The pack alpha tells her she belongs to them. After years her memories start to slowly come back. Her eyes change they become darkened to be abused as an omega. All this time but to remember your mom and dad were good people good wolves. They were just in the woods at the wrong time when rouges attacked. In the human world people wouldnt suspect others to be different and as a child she knew of her difference. Her real father told her every year as ur 12th birthday gets closer you will feel the wolf change. Hear the wolf inside u and have her help you threw ur everyday life. Your an alphas daughter ur alpha blood. All of this was told to her by her birth parents. When her wolf came she seemed timid and scared and leona knew why. Who would feel safe with where there living at and why does it feel like they dont belong. When her past comes flooding back will her and her wolf beable to get threw everything. Or will they lose themselves and take out the entire pack become a monster. Then run deeper in the woods and try to move forward after all there harm!?

Chapter 1

Every morning started the same just as long as leona could remember. She was 6 years old and so happy to have her mom rain and father loke. Leona and her mom had the same bright red hair which was already considered different in the human world.

Her father worked for a company and was always angry before work. Once home he would laugh have dinner even watch tv with his wife and daughter. Rain had bright red hair her eyes were light blue so hair wasn't normal but eyes were. Leona on the other hand with the red hair she also had two different eyes one was light blue almost white. The other was marbled over with pink red and purple inside.

When rain took leona to her first day of pre k back before she turned 5. The teacher loved how smart she was and loved her eyes and hair as well. Rain lied to all her teachers saying her eyes was a medical problem. So they believed her and asked all the kids to be nice and they did. Leona had about ten friends out of 15 from her class. The other 5 were either mean boys or just didn't care about her being there. But those she played with regularly was sarah and maddie. One of the mean boys had pushed them down and leona got upset she bit and pushed them to the ground. If you can't be nice then keep away from my friends. Leona stuck up for them as they left and continued to play. But her father and mother were keeping things from her till after that year of school.

That is when her father explained leona were not humans and you can't tell your friends. Is that why they smell different to me leona asked so soft and sweetly? Yes my baby her mother walked in and pulled leona into her arms. Your a ware wolf not born of the human world. But your father had to chose between taking over for his father and leaving me. Or leaving the pack with his mate me so your father picked me and you against his fathers rule.

At that time u were still a little seed inside mommy rain explained. So your father picked me i was an omega in my pack. Your father was supposed to become alpha and omegas are not treated as actual family. Also his father believed i wouldn't work out as a luna and your believed i would. But time passed and your father got me in the middle of the night. Leaving the pack behind with all the money he had and we moved to the human world.

So your a ware wolf my daughter that's why our eyes and hair are so different. But baby never let anyone put you down your blood has more of ur fathers then mine. Rain kissed leona and left the room so her father could tell her more.

Sweet pea your mother is right if you never felt normal like others its because were not. But never let that change you your worth so much more in this world then you understand now. He started to explain mates alpha's betas delta of a pack there gammas even what a luna is. Then her father told leona about the king and queen of the wolf kingdom there really well known. That is who her father has been working for all these years. Since he had left years ago and hadn't taken over for his father. The packs have been getting more attacked by Ferrell's and rouges.

Rouges are wolves that left a pack without a mate and there wolf took over. Feeling deemed unworthy of there wolf nature they started to attack other packs. Some even take women or children or just kill them off. As her father started to speak of rouges leona just listened she knew her father wouldn't lie about these things. He has always been kind and sweet and his face was serious right now. Normally he was only serious before work but this time leona saw his eyes they darkened as her father spoke.

Almost hurt to bring up his past but he did what was best for her mom and her. Leaving his mother and father behind just to have the women he loves more then life itself. The moon goddess wasn't good to him but in a way she helped him become the man he was. Loke made tons of money they have vacations at least four or five times a year. Leona always has the best clothes good foods from her mothers cooking. But they live in a small three bedroom apartment two bathrooms 1 living room nice outside yard its small but nice with one tree and a swing. Leona has never asked for anything but her father and mother gave her clothes food and even had one trainer. This trainer was brought in after she learned she was a wolf. So leona could learn how to stay calm threw the years. Use her powers till her wolf comes to help with the rest leona smiled everyday.

There first trip they took leona was just five years old they went to the city and stayed at a beach resort. At the time they thought it was a vacation but really he was working for the king and queen. At that vacation leona learned to swim with her mother as father worked late till 2 or 3 am almost everyday for an entire week.

Leona got to try steak chicken and corn on a grill for the first time on that beach trip. Everything was beautiful the sun rise and when the night came down upon them. Leona even as a small child loved the moon and stars during the night. At the beach she stayed up looking out the windows watching as her father returned back from his job. Once he came in leona pretended to be asleep because he would come and kiss her head as she slept every night. During the weekend before they left on there trip they were at the beach. Leona's mom dad and her having a picnic together to end there weekend. Her mom didn't notice but leona did while they were swimming leona was on her back.

Her hearing had picked up and she heard the men talking to her father while he was grilling there food. The men were talking different almost like they were from another part of the world. Saying her father needed to come into the office today. Her father was angered his voice got higher as he spoke. Can't they handle one meeting without me there to help? No sir we need you there the other higher ups are saying its getting worse they need help with the next war.

Leona at this time knew there was something wrong her father was helping with a war. A war that night before the morning she left leona had followed her father on foot since the office was only a few miles from the beach house. Outside the gate leona stayed quiet but she heard growls her fathers anger was terrible when he worked.

Then when the year passed leona knew why there were growls that night. Why her father was always on edge angered in the mornings. Her father loke worked for the alpha king and queen to help prevent the rouges from attack's. So leona was now 7 and her father had to leave town closer to the woods. Rain and him looked at each other for almost three hours before they decided. This would become an anniversary for him and her with there daughter there for a vacation. Leona was happy for this trip they had never been camping before. Her father got tents grilled foods cooler for foods and drinks. Leona brought her stuffed bear with her that her dad got her for her third birthday. The week was set in the woods once at the site there was already ten people there for her father.

One Leona's father came out the car the men were already telling him they needed to get to work. Leona got out the car and ran to hug her fathers leg. Sweet pea daddy has to get to work ill try to be back for dinner. Leona looked at the tall men as she spoke can papa stay for at least twenty minutes. I want papa to help me set my tent up with me leona used her puppy eyes on them. Your daughter is cute sir we will wait but hurry and set her tent up for her. Yes sir her father replied as he began to help leona set the tent up. Her sleeping bag inside with her stuffed bear next to her pillows.

Leona hugged her daddy two minutes before him and the men had left. Baby girl come with mom we will swim then set the fire up for dinner. So leona changed her clothes with a small smile and headed to the lake with her mom to swim. The night had not fallen and leona was swimming for about five hours. When her mom and her went back to the camp site to set the fire up. Leona gathered sticks near by as her mom set the rocks in a circle to keep the fire in place. Dry grass was used to start the fire and after half an hour the sun went down. The fire filled around them showing the light of there tents and food items. Leona roasted marshmallows as they sat and waited two more hours and she grew sad. Her father had not returned for dinner like he said he would try to do. Baby don't cry ur father is trying all we can do is be patient. Mommy why does daddy have to work for the king and queen when they never let him be with his family. Is this the down fall he had to except for leaving his mom and dad to be with us? My baby i know u miss good times with ur father but he is doing good for the packs, and the kingdom were from where u were concieved even. Mommy i understand your right i just miss when daddy was around more for us. Rain hugged her daughter to her for comfort as they continued to cook then ate dinner alone. Once they finished leona grabbed her bear and layed in her mom and dads tent. She heard wolves howling Leona loved the sound they sounded sad leona almost cried for them. Her mother came in the fire was put out as rain pulled leona close to her to keep her safe. Mommy why did u put the fire out leona asked so confused on what was happening.

Its okay baby girl we just need to lay low and stay quiet as they pass she said rubbing mud on them. These are not pack wolves she said in a whisper there rouges my sweet baby. If we cover ourselves as they pass threw then they can't smell us. Mommy will daddy get back to us if something bad happens leona asked shaking in her moms arms? Yes i already sent him the mind link that rouges were close to our camp site. If anything bad happens you need to run to the water swim as far out to the center. Once there the boat has a flare someone from the kingdom will come get you okay baby! Mommy won't you and daddy be with me leona asked as she heard the howls getting closer?!

Baby look at mommy me and daddy love you so much. But if we get separated or i tell u to leave i need you down at the water get to the boat swiftly. If i am okay after ill see the flare and get to you myself okay baby. Leona nodded as the wolves were sniffing around the tents Leona's mom covered her mouth. The wolves were really close and rain was hoping for them to leave soon. Once there gone she was taking leona and making a run for them both to stay safe. Smelling like mud was good because the rouges were stupid but rain didn't want her baby girl hurt at no cost.

The rouges started to speak there voices were deep and very unsettling to Leona and her mother rain. There is no one here they must have smelled us before we came threw. Lets go deeper into the pack lands and find them. The scent i smelled was so good we need to have them at all cost. Leona was about to cry she didn't like the rouges voices. There scaring her rain covered her ears and mouth. Its okay baby they will leave soon rain whispered. Once the howls and growls were further away rain took leona out to stand and look around still being quiet.

Rain kneeled down leona mommy needs you to stay brave we have to go in the rouges direction. The pack near here will help us because your father has been helping them. All we have to do is get there without the rouges finding or smelling us. Leona nodded for her mom ill be brave mommy but can we go slowly? Rain smiled yes baby we will go slowly so that we are quiet.

Chapter 2

Rain held her baby girls hand walking slowly threw the woods. Leona stopped a few times as some of the rouges were heard panting growling and running close to them. Rain saw some of there shadows but still continued to walk her mate had not mind linked her back. Rain and her daughter were in danger but all rain could do is walk forward. Yes she was risking her life and her daughters but they needed a packs protection. Leona pushed her mom to a bush fast laying on her. Rain looked over as a rouge ran right passed them if leona didn't push her they would have been caught.

After a few minutes rain started to walk again almost in the pack border. Leona was tossed away and rain was in a battle with a large rouge dark dirty grey fur. Rain shifted to fight wolf with wolf leona was close by hiding in a small hole under a broken tree. She was covered in mud still hiding her scent but her mother was in danger. Your a beautiful wolf and mated so beautiful the rouge growled. Snappin


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