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Little Luna Queen

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Tiffany is the daughter of a beta, that beta is the Alpha King’s beta! Ekko, Tiffany’s best friend had just turned 18 with Tiffany that and so they would find their mates. But when Alpha Sam causes trouble, the Alpha King steps in and secrets are revealed. Tiffany is the future Luna Queen, she’s Matthew’s mate. Matthew is the son of the Alpha King and has knew Tiffany was his mate for 2 years. Everyone knew but her! He loved her from afar and promise to tell her on her 18th birthday and he would have told her properly but Alpha Sam ruined his plan. An overprotective Alpha King and a Little Beta female, what could go wrong? He loves her more than the world after all!

Chapter 1

Tiffany’s pov

My best friend, Ekko Lakes was outside under my window. Why was he there because he had to show me something. In our world, we all have mate. And the start to come out about 18 years old. And we're 18 now because tonight was our birthday, so we're just getting our mates. Clack! He throw something at my window! I walked out on my balcony.

“What are you thinking! It 11:30 at night and we have school tomorrow!” I whispered with upset tone. He smiled.

“Come down here! I have to show you something!” He whispered back.

“Ok, one second!” I said and walked down stairs to the front door. Dad was asleep on the couch and I don't know about mom.

“What are you doing, Thiffany?” My mom said. I turned around.

“Ekko has to show me something… can I go for a bit?” I said and begged to leave.

“Go, but only because your dads asleep. And hurry!” My mom and kissed my head. I ran out to Ekko.

“Let go to the lake and quickly!” I said and we took off running to the lake. When we made Sam was there… I hide behind Ekko. He saw us and walked over.

“Move Ekko! I want to see her beautiful face.” Sam said.

“Never, you womanizer!” Ekko said.

“Fine! We do this the hard way!” Sam said and pushed Ekko very hard.

“Ekko!” I cried. Sam walked up closer to me. When we were face to face, he grabbed my chin. Looking at my face. He looked in my light brown eyes.

“Your mine, Thiffany.” He growled. Holy crap, he a werewolf like Ekko and Dad!

I'm only a half blooded werewolf. Yes, I can do everything they can but you still not them. But I can't tell when a werewolf is hiding it scent, like others can. In the case, Sam was. And he thinks I'm his mate! But I can't be!

“No, this can't be happening.” I cried. He’s Sam Anderson was also the alpha of Red Moon Pack! And I'm just a the daughter of the beta of the Black Mist Pack! We were on the border of the pack land. So Sam could touch us.

A young guard walked up to Ekko.

“Let go of the girl or alpha will have your head!” The young guard said. It was Max! Sam let go, and requested to see our alpha. So we took him to the alpha king’s house and then alpha king called for my father. My dad walked in and saw me, Ekko who was knocked out and then Sam.

“What happened, Tiffany?” The alpha asked.

“Sam push Ekko away with his full strength! And then grabbed me by the chin… he claims I'm his mate, but I can't be... there no way, I can’t be mate to a monster lime him.” I cried while I talked. Matthew walked over to me and held me close.

Matthew was the alpha king's son. He takes the alpha king power in about a week.

“It impossible! Because I’m her mate and have been for about 2 years! So Sam is telling lies! My father and her father know I'm not lying because I told them the minute, I found out! That why, we’re all so protective of her. Because everyone but her known.” Matthew said. I listened to what he said. He said I'm his mate! That why they all ever protective of me! I'm the alpha king's son’s mate! I passed out in Matthew arms due to the stress of all this new information. I would be the Luna Queen…

Chapter 2

Matthew’s pov

When she passed out, I held her bridal style. I carry her as I walked back to my dad's side.

“Leave, Sam!” My dad roared and Sam took off running like a child. Thank god I’ll never see him again! I look at Tiffany sleeping so peacefully and smile then turn to her father.

“Mr. Timothy, can I take Tiffany to my room? I have to tell her so much.” I asked.

“Of course, you can, Matthew!” Her dad said. Still holding her bridal style, I walked up stairs to my room and placed her on my bed. I sat on the edge of my bed and watched her sleep. She was cute when she was asleep. I want to kiss her beautiful light pink lips. It was like a fairy tale. A maiden with long light brown hair, light brown eyes, and tall skinny body. I touch her smooth hair and she woke up.

“Hmm… where am I?” She asked a bit confused.

“My room” I said trying to sound sweet and sincere.

“Why is the door shut? And why are we alone?” She asked ner


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