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Littile bites, Alpha

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Raina Belmont has never had anything easy for her. Being one of the weakest wolves in her pack made her life hell. Although she is a weak wolf she is a very strong lady but her life takes a huge turn when Lucian Randolfr, the Alpha of a very large pack in America came to her pack, sees her, recognizes her as his mate and he marked her without her permission.

Chapter ONE

“Get out!" Alpha Aiden yelled at me and I jerked in shock at the tone of his voice and nodded vigorously, dropping to my knees and picking the pieces of broken plates that lay discarded on the floor.

I felt a hand soap against my shoulder and I stopped, I didn't have to look up to know who was behind me. Taryn was the only daughter of the Alpha. And despite her being one of our best warriors, she had a terrible personality and I was the least of her fans.

My eyes glittered with unshed tears and I rose to my feet with the broken plates and food particles and scrambled out of the room, not sparing a glance at either of them.

On getting to the kitchen, I threw away the broken glasses, took out a mop and went back to the sitting room to clean the rest of the mess.

When I was done, I walked back to the kitchen, sighing in relief that Taryn hadn't said anything else.

"You're bleeding!" A voice sounded from behind me and I turned to see Megan walk into the kitchen. She was a fellow slave like me who was brought in when I was just eighteen years old. It's been four years and I was glad there was someone else who understood what it means to be treated badly by people you once considered as family.

I looked down at my hand to see blood dripping from a cut, I sighed as Megan ran to get a towel.

If only I could just find my mate and get the hell out of here. I thought, as Megan wiped off the blood stains carefully.

I hissed in pain before snatching my hand away from hers, placing it under a running tap and watched as blood flowed from the wound and into the drain.

There's no mate for me. We aren't allowed to leave the pack or even meet another wolf from a different pack. We are stuck here. I thought sadly, switching off the tap and turning to Megan.

"Thank you Megan." I said, and she gave me a sad smile before nodding and leaving the kitchen with a plate of food. I watched her leave, surely she was going to attend to Logan. She was his personal maid and while he was the first child of the Alpha, the next in line as the leader. He was the only nice one in the family. The rest of his brothers were either assholes or jerks.

The worst of them being Kade, the last son. It was no joke that Kade would f*ck anything in a skirt and no matter how many times he threatened to r*p* me, he never did. I wasn't sure if it was because he didn't have the guts or no one wanted to f*ck a first slave. But I didn't care. I just wanted to be out of here before I ended up like other slaves.

"How did you know?" A voice said from behind me and I turned to see a familiar brown haired girl walk into the kitchen followed by a blonde who was looking at her curiously.

"When I slept with Kade he told me I better satisfy him unless I would be up for auction tonight." The blonde said, smirking at the look of shock on the brunette's face.

People like her had it easy in the pack. She sleeps with Kade and practically escapes any form of abuse except physical.

None of us can escape that.

"And what makes you think he will keep his promise to you?" The brown haired asked.

"I'm sure. This is not the first time I escaped something just because I made him come." She laughed before she turned to me. "Why are you staring at me, dummy?"

I turned away from her, walking past them as I left the kitchen. She was obviously younger than me and still new at this. Little did she know that despite giving a good f*ck, she was still a slave with no advantage whatsoever. She reminded me of a slave who died a few months ago.

From experience, I knew what she's about to get herself into. I was once friends with Wren, Kade's immediate elder brother, the third son. We were friends my first year of being a slave here and he was a good one. I was fifteen then and it felt good having someone to call a friend.

But our friendship turned for the worse the day I turned away from a kiss he was about to give me. I remembered his words to me that day.

"Do you think a slave like you has a choice here?" He had asked and it was then I knew my true place in the pack. There were no such things as choices, nor friends or love.

"Gather here!" A deep voice sounded through the room slaves were allowed to sleep in and I wondered what Logan wanted from us again.

The sound of bunks shaking and feet rushing to the door filled the room. Some girls murmured among each other while some had started to cry, fearing what was going to come next.

In a few minutes, we were all gathered in the hall, awaiting instructions from the Alpha's son.

Logan stood fierce in front of us, his dark green eyes watching us carefully with an emotionless face. He was handsome no doubt but I felt nothing towards him.

"As some of you know we haven't had a minute in years but today I bring to you great news." He started to say. "There will be an auction tonight and some of you will be sold and taken by larger packs."

Loud gasps filled the room and murmuring began within us. I knew he meant well, thinking that at least now we would get freedom but he couldn't put it that way.

Soon we were dismissed not before being instructed to look out best tonight. And as we went back to our room, we didn't know how to feel. We couldn't be happy because we could end up in a more ruthless pack than this but a few girls were happy, this could also mean freedom.

In a few hours, we were summoned. I walked beside Megan to the huge hall, both of us anxious for the fate that awaited us in a few hours.

She didn't want to leave and neither did I. After All, they said, the devil you knew was better than the angel you didn't.

Chapter TWO

I give Magan a reassuring look. I wasn't sure any of us would be ok if either of us left. What if I got somewhere worse than this. I was already used to the eight years of abuse this pack had to offer.

My heart thumped loudly in my chest and for a second I felt fear, fear of being treated worse. How long could I endure before I gave up.

I felt Megan take my hand in hers, squeezing it reassuringly and I did the same. In our own weird way, we loved each other and I didn't want any harm to come to her. I drew my hand away from hers, the fear of attachment filled me up and I didn't want to explain to her that I was scared of leaving her, or her me.

I saw Logan walk into the room, and stood in front of us. He snapped his fingers and huge lights filled the room. Standing before us were Alphas of different packs, or important rich men. I noticed a few of them glancing my way and I shuddered in disgust at being displayed like a piece of clothing in the store.

"Let th

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