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Kidnapped By The Alpha

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What should have been the happiest day of Emma Dane's life turned into a nightmare as she was abducted by a tall masculine man who claimed her to be his soul mate On the other hand, Emma's fiance a powerful Italian mafia set out to get his kidnapped bride back. Two worlds will clash, an Alpha Lycan and a Mafia human Don, fighting for not only dominance but also the power to claim her as their own. Unbeknownst to Emma, she's much more than she thought, what happened when a new enemy is aroused from the past and wanted her dead? Who is the enemy and Why? torn between love, duty, and war, how will She survive the worlds she's thrown into?

Chapter 01


"Emma, please say yes to marrying me, we want this, our parents want this please Emma" Jake begged to hold my face between his hands while brushing his lips slightly on mine, it was true that I love Jake more than anything else in the world but something in me is hesitating, something tells me I'm making a mistake but why?

Jake would never hurt me, I know that his wonderful, super-rich guy wants me just as much as I want him, this is the second time he was proposing to me, the first time, I had an excuse but this time around, I don't but I was still hesitating. I blinked stepping away from him not before I saw the hurt expression that passed through his eyes.

"I love you, Jake, you know I do but I feel like we are rushing things. What's the hurry?" I asked crocking my head on one side to have a better look at him.

"Because I can't stay one more day without knowing you are mine in every sense of way there is, you said you love me, is that true?" He required causing me to wonder where he was doing with this.

"How can you doubt that?" I frowned mentally rolling my eyes as I brush my dark long hair away from my face, which reminded me I needed a haircut, I love my hair long and silky smooth and straight, but Jake doesn't.

"Prove it Emma" He pleaded desperately bringing my hand to his chest, where his heartbeat was strong. I closed my eyes pushing that hesitation back, I love Jake then why am I so afraid to say yes? Why do I feel like I'm betraying someone by saying yes to him? Why? Pushing back all the questions, I looked up at Jake who stared at me with a brown bright hopeful eyes while waiting for my answer.

"Yes!" I managed to force out, smiling at him.

Uncaring where we were or who was watching, he scopes me up and spun me around, I giggled putting my arms around his neck, suddenly the hair at the back of my neck stood, and my whole body froze in surprise, I tensed, looking nervously around. *Why did I feel as if someone was watching me?* I wondered, Jake noticed my change in mood and put me down on my feet, where I quickly look around.

"Is everything okay?" He asked staring at me with concern.

"I'm fine" I smiled. "I can't wait to be yours Jacob Gonzalez" I murmured before leaning in and kissing him.


One could say my marriage was a gunshot one because a week later, Jake and I are set to marry, I always wondered why we are in such a hurry to marry but remembering his words when he proposed to me a week ago, I couldn't help but smile. Today is my big day!.

"You look every inch of a bride" My cousin Katie grinned, she also happens to be my best friend and my bride maiden.

I blushed. "How could I not? I have been waiting for this day forever" I replied adjusting my veil.

"You are one lucky girl, I'm so happy for you" She giggled giving me a quick hug, as if it was on cue, a loud horn sounded just outside indicating it was time for me to leave for the church. My parents walked in looking like the iconic couple, and as every rich parent should look, they each hug me then ushered me out of the house to the waiting car.

The drive to the church was short, after I was helped out of the car, I was suddenly nervous, Katie noticed it and grinned at me. "It happens," She said.

"How do you know? You've never been married" I rolled myself at her.

"I just know stuff" She shrugged her shoulder and step aside as my Dad step forward to take my arm. I smile up at him and he grinned back.

"I'm proud of you" He whispered with a proud father smile.

I briefly put my head on his shoulder as the door of the church opened and we begin the short trip down the aisle, Jake look so handsome standing beside the priest and waiting for me, when I got to his side, my Dad placed my hand in his, then said something, I wasn't paying attention cause my attention was on the tall masculine guy who just walked in, he looked so out of place and Jake was frowning at him in confusion.

Three more guys walk into the church, everyone started whispering wondering who the guest are, I couldn't tear myself away from the first guy as he approached me, I was nervous and scared to death which was stupid cause I have never met him in my life, his eyes were dark with a hint blue, I have never seen eyes like that in my life. and they were staring at me, calling me in.

I gasped taking a step back as he extended his hand for me to take.

"Who the f*ck are you dude!" Jake barked pushing me behind him.

"I'm Jet" His dark huskily voice filled the room, it was so dark and Dominating. "Alpha Jet" He repeated in a bored tone, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Then what the f*ck is your business here? If you are here for the wedding then stay in the crowd" Jake barked at him, looking dangerous at that moment.

They both glared at each other for what seemed like forever until I clear my throat breaking the stares between two powerful men. "What. is.. going... On?" I shuttered out on the verge of tears.

His eyes softened as he looked back at me. "Mine!" He growled taking a step towards me.

I froze, I wanted to run but my body froze on the spot, who is this guy, and what does he want with me? Before he could make it to my side, Jake hurried and stood between us but this time the Jet guy wasn't having it. He punched Jake so hard he flew across the room.

"No one stands between me and what's mine!" He growled.

Everyone from the crowd screamed and made a run for the door, my parents were shocked, I could see the fear in their eyes, they took a step away from me.

I glance around the room watching as people run out and some of Jake's men run in but we're held back by the Jet men back, the priest had also run out. I glared at the guy. "Who are you and what do you want!" I screamed dropping the flower I was holding.

"You" He replied as his beautiful lips curve into a smirk.

Why the hell was I staring at his lips? This guy f*ck*ng ruined my wedding. "Me? Why?" I asked angrily.

"Cause you are mine" Then he turned to his friend, okay I don't know if they are but I honestly do not care. "Let's go" He turned around and walked out.

I felt a spring of pain as I watch him walk away, but I didn't have to wonder about it cause suddenly one of his men throw me over his shoulder.

I let out a scream. "Mom! Dad! help!" I cried as I struggle to jump down from the guy who had carried me, but he was strong, too strong cause he didn't even budge. The last thing I saw was Jake struggling to get up but the guy had hit him so hard, he collapsed back on the floor.





Chapter 02


Despite my cries, pleas, and everything, I was thrown into a waiting car which drove off as soon as I was thrown in, I banged on the window cursing for the guy who had thrown me over his shoulder to get me out of the car, somebody get the police! But when it seems like that wasn't going to happen plus I was getting tired of banging on the door, I was hungry. I didn't eat breakfast cause I was too excited to chew down anything.

I blinked back the tears in my eyes, then glance beside me and let out a startled scream when I saw Jet sitting beside me, I was so distracted in my misery that I didn't notice I wasn't in the car alone, and I can't believe he just calmly sat down there and watch me yell and scream.

"You are enjoying this right?" I asked glaring at him as I shifted to the end of the car if someone happen to open the door, I'd slipped out without any push, my wedding dress might get cut in the door though


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