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Summer Starr

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About me

Welcome to my world of imagination. Hope you enjoy reading my books as much as much as I enjoy writing them. Happy Reading! Want to interact with me and get update on my books? Follow my face book page "Summer Starr"


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No one wishes to know who Damien was!, talking about the beast himself! The name said to fit him perfectly because it's the lack of human feeling he wasn't able to feel. Many haven't seen him but words traveled fast by those who had encountered him and made the narrowed escape which of course was purposely done by him, they knew once you do there is no going back! You surely are a dead being no matter what species you are. The aura surrounding him was powerful marking him out among all men, he was a cold ruthless and a heartless beast who ruled over Snowpack, marking it out as a danger zone for all other packs. Damien wasn't exactly like a everyday human you would wish to cross, he wasn't like any typical werewolf but half vampire, half werewolf and half demon. No one knew how he was that way but he had existed way before most of them. A pack of Alphas called the councils wanted him dead since they felt that he was more powerful than them and he could turn against them, they wanted him to join them, use him as a killing machine to get them more power but Damien wanted none of those which is what made him the most wanted creature alive. While others had soul mate, the beast doesn't and the councils find that a good thing because a mate would only make him stronger, others said the moon goddess placed a curse on him, others said he buried his mate under his basement or backyard. But they weren't about to give up, not when an interesting creature appeared and she happened to be the beast very weakness! Is she brave enough to tame the beast?


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