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Deceiving the Beta

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Aleena always dreamt of having someone like Alpha Daniel as her mate, hearing all his heroic activities. Before she would have realized her admiration and like toward Alpha Daniel turned into an obsession, and she wanted to be nothing but his Luna. And to make the situation worst, her mother kept initiating her to do all the wrong deeds to achieve her dreamt instead of teaching her right. But her dreams were shattered when he found his mate, who was no other than her own half-sister, whom she hated all over her life. Losing her dream guy to someone whom she considered below her shoes was not less than hurting her ego. All she knew was that Alpha Daniel was hers, and she would claim him by going beyond any limits, whether it included playing with other people's emotions and trust. She would do it. But she had forgotten that Karma was b*tch, and she would reap what she had sown.

Chapter 1

Aleena's POV


This should be a kind of sick joke. I meant the person whom I wanted in my life as my mate was mated to my half-sister.

Alpha Daniel Grint was not just one of the strongest Alpha in this state but also was a person who was down to earth and loved his family more than anything. He was also the most handsome bachelor in the whole state. All the females would be loved to die for becoming his mate, and I was sure that many would have also prayed for it.

But because of two reasons, no female could reach near him.

One, he had made this crystal clear that if he chose someone as his Luna, then it would be his fated mate, no matter how long he would have to wait for her.

And second, I. I used to kidnap and torture any females till the moment they used to beg for their freedom and promised not to think or look at the person whom I had considered as mine. In fact, I had also made a perfect plan to get into Daniel's life at the right time, even though he wanted his fated mate.

It was not that hard to trap him; he was perfect husband material, so I needed to do was to drug him, sleep with and get pregnant with his pup.

Simple as that.

But things didn't go as per my plan.

Before I would have trapped him, he found his fated mate.

I gritted my teeth, recalling that moment again.




"Eva! Aleena! Hurry up, girls! The Alpha of Stone Moon Pack will be arriving here anytime soon.", Dad screamed for the nth number of times.

"Coming, Dad.", Evangeline, my half-sister, yelled back and looked at me before speaking. "What do you think? Why is he coming?"

"I have heard that his wolf has sensed his mate in this pack! So, that can be a reason.", I responded, applying lipgloss on my lips and seeing her making faces.

This girl had no sense of fashion and was all plain. I was sure that her own mate left her after seeing her like that.


"And I'm sure that I will be his mate.", I said, praying to Moon Goddess to let this be true so that I wouldn't have to trap him in my web. "Because an alpha needs an alpha female as his luna. Not some human.", I added, leaving no room for her to say that he could be her mate or something like that because hurting, dad's favorite daughter, was the last thing I wanted to do. Because of dad, both me and mom were behaving well with her without our wishes. Only if she could realize how much we hated her. I just wanted to go to Daniel's packhouse as soon as possible because I was getting tired of acting like a good sister in front of her.

Hearing a sound of a car horn, I realized he was there, leaving her in the room; I quickly ran out of our room to see him.

"Mom," I happily hugged her, showing my happiness to only people who understand me in a better way. "He's here."

"Yes! He's here, and he's for you.", she said, breaking the hug. "Finally, my princess is going to meet her prince charming.", She added, caressing my cheek, but I stopped her hand when I felt that there was no movement from my wolf until now.

"But my wolf is extremely quiet. She is not excited or pacing around my mind or doing anything, which is the symptoms when a werewolf shows before meeting their mate." I shared my tension. I was excited and happy, but at the same time, I wasn't a fool who would observe the indication. "Do you think someone else…"

"That will never happen, and even if that will be then, you know how to deal with that girl. You are smart enough to kick her out of Alpha Daniel's life."

"True.", I smirked.

Just after a second, I heard a gravely heavy voice of someone saying, "MATE," who was coming toward us. I didn't take much time to realize who was coming in this direction. Alpha Daniel Sam Grint.

"Alpha Daniel, you just can't enter my packhouse as if it belongs to you. You can stay here for a while. I'm sure my girls will be reaching here any moment.", I heard dad speaking.

"I apologize for that behavior, Alpha Williams. It's just my wolf is….excited and getting impatient."

"I can understand.", Dad said in an understanding tone. After a minute, I entered the living room and found more than fifty-two unmated females already there. Dad might have called all the unmated she-wolves here so that Alpha Daniel to find his mate, but it looked like they were not the ones whom he was searching for.

Alpha Daniel quickly stood up on his feet and walked toward me. This was the first time I was looking at him in real.

He was much more handsome than I had looked at him on the TV or newspaper. No, not just handsome but deadly handsome. With his 5'9' feet height, broad shoulders, well-muscled chest, flat stomach, and long legs, he definitely has got a body to charm any girl and woman. His well-sculpted face, strong jawline, sharp nose, and silky black hair were enough to make anyone drool over him, but what struck me the most were his brown eyes which were getting changed every moment. He sniffed for his mate's scent. Immediately his eyes darkened before he spoke.


Really? Was I his mate? And why the hell was my wolf not responding then?

"Oh! My younger daughter is your mate.", Dad said with a smile, but immediately his smile vanished when Alpha Daniel's pushed me away and walked toward the way from where I had come calling 'MATE, MATE' repeatedly.

"What kind of behavior is this?", My mother growled when she realized that he had pushed me away and then was entering inside dad's packhouse without his permission. Dad didn't say anything about it because it was a rule to corporate with that werewolf in finding his or her mate, and also, it was Alpha Daniel's wolf who was acting like this. He just followed him to check where he was going. While we, too, followed dad.

At this moment, there was only one person in the whole packhouse, who was inside the room, sitting lazily, hoping to meet with her mate.

'Please, Moon Goddess! Please don't be her.'

The door of the room, continuing both mine and Eva's, was slammed open, and he growled, "MATE."

Holy sh*t!

They kept staring at each other as if they were playing the staring game where they weren't allowed to blink their eyes until Dad introduced them to each other and also told him that she was a human, but on which he didn't react just like the way, I wanted to. It was rare when an Alpha was mated to a human, and even in those cases, those Alphas ended up rejecting his weakling mate, but he was not rejecting her.

That's why I couldn't help myself from speaking. "You need an alpha female like me as your Luna instead of picking a weakling as your Luna.", But he growled at me.

"This will be the last time you are disrespecting my mate. I believed in mates and mate bonds. So, there's no chance I'm choosing someone else over her.", he said using his Alpha tone, and immediately his eyes softened when they landed on her again. "Alpha Willams, please make necessary arrangements for your daughter's wedding.", he added.

"Marriage? This soon?" That weakling screamed in panic. If I would have been her, then I, too, would have been screaming but in joy.

"Yeah! That will be so soon, won't it? But don't worry, I have planned everything with me and also have a to-do list before your marriage."

"To-do list?"

"Yes, first I will try my best you make you feel special, then propose to you in an amusement park for the wedding, then after your YES, then we will think of our marriage, then marking and mating and the Luna Ceremony. What do you say?" he asked.

That weakling looked at dad, mom, and me. Dad understood her silent message and took us away from there, closing the door to give them some privacy.



"Your dad is d*mn too happy with this news!" Mom said. "And for the first, I hate my own mate.", She added. I didn't say a word about it because I was using in mind how to make Daniel mine. At the same time, I knew that I had to be very careful because until now, no one has been able to catch me because of my talent to work everything very smoothly and fine. But this time, things were a little different because I had never dealt with an Alpha male who would do anything to protect his mate before.

I had to spoil their relationship before they could even reach the stage of confessing their love for each other. I couldn't let them come closer to each other, and I wouldn't mind doing this by using wine, dine, or fine.

"What are you thinking, princess?"

"Something which I should.", I said, sipping wine.

"That's my girl," She smirked.




Author Note: This story is not the story of the protagonists but is the story of the antagonist. So, keep your mind and prepare to read the story from the antagonist's point of view.

Chapter 2

Aleena's POV


I pressed my lips tightly, trying not to think about what was going on behind the door, and maintained a small smile, hearing all the happy words which were coming out of dad's mouth for his favorite daughter.

'What are you doing here?' Leia, my wolf, questioned, catching me off guard. She is just the opposite of me, kind and thoughtful, while I was an evil bitch, so we rarely talked with each other. 'The equation between us is too great; neither she disturbs me anything nor do I.'

'Excuse me?'

'My question is simple. What are you doing here? You should apply to Hollywood. I'm sure they will take you as the lead villain of their movie.'


'What? Now don't tell me you felt bad after hearing my words because I thought you should have habitual of my regular insulting words. I…', I blocked her.

That was how our relationship was.


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