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Claiming The Rejected Omega

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"Why do you want me? Everyone believes I am a worthless Omega," She mustered. "Cariño, you are my Erasthai. I desire no one but you. I want every inch of you." "But—But no one even looks at me. My mate rejected me." "Good. Because you're mine and I am very possessive of what's mine." He took a step closer to her and cupped her face. "Now say it, tell me you're mine and you belong to me." ********************************** Chloe's life turned upside down when her mate, Liam, the future Alpha of the pack rejected her. As an orphan, she had no one to turn to and she was humiliated by members of her pack. But the moon goddess gave her another chance to find a mate. At the red moon ceremony celebrated by every supernatural creature, she was confronted with a shocking truth. She was fated to a lycan prince and he desired her greatly. Will Chloe learn to love and trust him? Or will she accept Liam when he tries to claim her due to his jealousy? Will she ignore the intense chemistry between her and the lycan prince? Who will Chloe choose between her two fated mates?

Chapter 1

Emerging from the woods to the pack house, Chloe was sweating and panting. She had taken her usual morning run alone and was returning for work. Several heads turned towards her as she strode past them, and she saw the look of disdain on their faces.

She was already used to the stares and whispers from the pack members. She had been enduring them since her eighteenth year birthday.

She had been excited to become eighteen as it was the age she could meet and bond with her mate. Fortunately, she did find her mate on her birthday. Unfortunately, he rejected her.

Chloe had followed the unfamiliar attraction, which pulled her like a magnet to Liam Fletch, the Alpha's son and future Alpha of the pack. But he wasn't pleased.

Her heart churned with misery as she remembered the disgust on his face when he saw her. She recalled how he rejected her within a minute. She had waited eighteen years to meet him, and he rejected her in a minute.

"I, Liam Fletch, Reject You, Chloe Watson As My Mate—"

She could never forget his words that day and the way they made her feel. She could never forget how he almost ruined her and caused her wolf to remain silent for months. He had nearly broken her.

'No. Don't show your emotions. They make you weak,' She mustered to herself as she continued to walk. That had been the very reason Liam rejected her. She was too emotional, impulsive, and human in every way. Also, she was an Omega, and he desired a strong Luna. One like his girlfriend, Emily.

Without a mate, she would be alone for the rest of her life. She would have no chance of happiness, and her wolf may eventually become silent forever.

"She is hideous to look at..." She heard a familiar voice say to her friends as she walked past them. Claire. She had always known she was a fan of her misery. She didn't, however, give them the satisfaction of hurting her feelings.

"I wonder if she's ever going to find a mate.." She overheard another whisper.

"Poor girl, I would kill myself if my mate rejected me..." A woman added.

Chloe's face was impassive as she strode past the curious eyes and sympathetic looks. She couldn't tell when she would stop being the topic of every discussion, but she hoped it would come soon. It had been four months since Liam rejected her. Why couldn't everyone move on?

Her door burst open as she walked into her small apartment. Although it wasn't grand, she still loved that she could afford a decent home. Jobs and work positions were allocated based on rank. It had been pretty hard to land the position of a store assistant as an Omega. She still believed they had only accepted her because she was rumored to be the Alpha's son's rejected mate.

Grabbing a bottle of water from her refrigerator, she downed the content impatiently. Then she rushed over to her bathroom to have her bath.

She exhausted barely ten minutes to bathe and hurriedly picked an outfit for the day. That had to be one of the least exciting things she did. It was hurtful to have no one to admire her.

She crossed over to the side of her room, only stopping when she glanced at her reflection in the mirror.

Her eyes were hidden behind a layer of eye bags, and her hair was styled into a messy bun. She heaved a heavy sigh as she realized that she might be really hideous to look at. But she didn't care, and neither did her mate.

A sudden knock on the door disturbed her thoughts as she focused on whoever was at her door. She dashed speedily out of her room to the sitting room. Upon opening the door, a pair of emerald eyes caught hers, and her breathing stopped. She remained frozen as she gawked at her unexpected guest.

"Are you going to let me in?" Liam asked her, and she snapped out of her thoughts. She turned a light shade of pink.

She turned slightly to give him room to enter. "Ummm—Yeah—Sure," she stammered, fighting to utter the right words.

"I'm happy I caught you early." he voiced immediately after the door clicked.

"I was just about to leave."

She watched as his eyes danced all over her body and wished she had worn something more attractive. Whatever he thought about her dress, he didn't show it, as his expression remained blank. Her heart dropped with the painful realization that he didn't desire her.

He shifted slightly from his position. "I've come to speak to you about the ceremony coming up soon."

"Oh. Which ceremony?"

Liam's eyebrows cocked immediately. She knew she had said something wrong, and he was getting less pleased with speaking with her.

"The ceremony of the red moon? You haven't been told about that?"

She gave an unladylike snort. "Yes. The ceremony of the red moon. I remember that..." She paused, contemplating if her next question was necessary. "When is that coming up?"


"Okay. What does that have to do with me?"

Liam narrowed his eyes. "Werewolves and Lycans from several countries would be present. But this year, we have an unusual guest. A seer." He explained.

Chloe still didn't understand how it had anything to do with her. But then he continued.

"She would be present for the ceremony, and word has reached us that she is a powerful seer."

"Ummm...That's interesting," she voiced to make him feel like she understood him, whereas she did not.

"Father thinks you should be present as my mate for the ceremony," Liam finally settled on the important matter. "It would hurt our reputation if words got out that you were rejected or that I rejected my mate."

Chloe's heart twisted with pain. It wasn't humiliating enough that he had rejected her, but he also wanted her to play along with his sick antics. She would have to pretend to be mated to her mate, who rejected her. It rose a turmoil of confusion and anger in her head. Why couldn't he go with Emily?

"I don't think I can do that," She whispered. "She will probably figure out we are not mated." She didn't want him to see the obvious hurt shimmering in her eyes.

"I have not come to make an offer to you, Chloe," Her wolf stirred as her name danced out of his mouth. "It's not negotiable, and you will be prepared for the ceremony tomorrow."

She opened her mouth to speak, but the words were struggling at the back of her throat. If she tried to express her feelings, she would either cry for hours in an attempt to do that or cuss the future Alpha out. She didn't desire to do any.

"You ask me to do that because you don't know how I feel or you don't care at all," Her voice was shaking. "You rejected me, said I am not worthy to be your Luna, but yet, you ask of me to do your bidding like I am enslaved to you."

"You are enslaved to this pack!" He roared, his fist clenched by his sides. "You shall do exactly as you are told. Do you understand that?"

Chloe nodded quickly, tears dropping from her eyes. She hated how tears pooled up in her eyes whenever she was too angry or emotional.

"We'll send words to your employer. You will be taking days off from work starting tomorrow till the end of the ceremony." He continued. "I wished father had informed me of his decision earlier as it would have given us enough time to make you look better and help you get accustomed to some of the traditions and ceremony rites."

His words slashed through her heart. He didn't think she looked good enough. She was nothing like his girlfriend, who spent an extensive amount of her time and money on looking great for him. No no. She had a job and had to work her *ss out to make money. And besides, he rejected her, why should she care to look good for him?

"What about Emily? Isn't she going to be present?" She asked.

"Yes, she would, but special plans have been arranged for her," He responded. "I'll see you tomorrow."

With that, he signaled the end of the conversation and advanced toward the door. Chloe watched him with hurt in her eyes. Reaching the door, he hesitated before pushing it open.

With his back turned to her, he said. "You will never be fit to be my Luna, Chloe. Never."

Then he was gone. The only indication that he had visited her was his scent which filled the room and clung to her nostrils.

Chloe sank into a chair and began to cry.

Chapter 2

Chloe walked into the pack house, escorted by two guards. She had been summoned by Alpha Fletch and she only hoped it had nothing to do with the red moon ceremony tonight.

Even after Liam's visit the previous day to tell her about the plan, she couldn't bring herself to pretend to be mated to him during the ceremony. She had been humiliated so much by the pack members and doing such a thing was the last straw. But how could she possibly go against the Alpha or Liam?

She was led to the throne room where Liam and his father were waiting for her.

"Where have you been?" Liam barked at her immediately after she walked into the room. "Do you have any idea what you're trying to do? The guests would be arriving soon and you look like a mess."

Chloe swallowed when she saw the visible anger in his eyes. "I was trying —"

"Excuses!" The Alpha thundered and she flinched. She knew he had never liked her but as sh


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