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"Why do you want me? Everyone believes I am a worthless Omega," She mustered. "Cariño, you are my Erasthai. I desire no one but you. I want every inch of you." "But—But no one even looks at me. My mate rejected me." "Good. Because you're mine and I am very possessive of what's mine." He took a step closer to her and cupped her face. "Now say it, tell me you're mine and you belong to me." ********************************** Chloe's life turned upside down when her mate, Liam, the future Alpha of the pack rejected her. As an orphan, she had no one to turn to and she was humiliated by members of her pack. But the moon goddess gave her another chance to find a mate. At the red moon ceremony celebrated by every supernatural creature, she was confronted with a shocking truth. She was fated to a lycan prince and he desired her greatly. Will Chloe learn to love and trust him? Or will she accept Liam when he tries to claim her due to his jealousy? Will she ignore the intense chemistry between her and the lycan prince? Who will Chloe choose between her two fated mates?


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