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Cassius the supreme alpha king (Beasts of the night book1)

Cassius the supreme alpha king (Beasts of the night book1)

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Sarah Yaroslav is a Prima ballerina of the most prestigious company in the world, Bolshoi. Her life since she was four was about dancing and building her career. Her best friend Lina invites her to her birthday. And for the first time, Sarah will sneak a peek at her friend's mysterious life. But before the night of The Sanguis Lunae, a beast attacks her and whispers one word that changes her life forever. “Mine.” Cassius, the supreme alpha king, was restless and on edge because of the blood moon. His Lycan was relentless and fighting him over control. He wanted out to play. He has been watching the human girl closely and his obsession with her grew. And one night he declared her his. Sarah and Cassius will struggle with their feelings and attraction. It will be a war between mind and heart. But among this chaos, they will face a big threat. Evil lurked in the shadows and was hell-bent on revenge. What will they do? Are they going to surrender to the moon's madness? Or will they fight the bond forming between them? And what is this entity and why is it trying to kill them all?

Chapter 1


Thousands of years ago, there was a powerful king. He fell in love with his beautiful maid.

He chose to be with her, even though he knew that dream was hard to be true.

He was fascinated by her beauty, she enchanted him indeed.

So that's why he decided to have her, she's all he needs.

Days have passed and they lived in bliss,

Their love grew, it was hard to miss.

But one day, the king found her ill,

His heart broke, but saving her, he will.

He tried as he might, but no one knew how to help.

The king was furious; he has to save his true love. Without her, life would be a living hell.

"Sorry your highness, it's no use."

Those three words, made hell break loose.

The king thought “How do those peasants dare.”

I'll do anything to save her, I don't care.

So he prayed to the gods to save his love, every night and day.

But days have passed by, and there was nothing else to say.

When he was about to lose hope,

The moon goddess answered his plea.

“I'll save her on one condition; you have to give me something in return.”

The king didn't hesitate “I’ll do anything even if my heart would be torn.”

“I hope you know what you are doing, Does she worth this all?”

“I can't live without her, she's my soul.”

“Ok, I'll save her for you, but in return, I'll change your form. I'll choose an animal that will be the new you. You will be in his form until your love accepts you. If not, that would be you forever. "

The king just smiled and said "I'll do it. I trust our love. Betraying me, she will never. "

The moon goddess started to chant her spell,

So the king's love won't be longer ill.

The king started to feel the changes,

So quickly he went to his love champers.

She opened her eyes and weakly smiled,

The king is here she was happy to find.

But suddenly he began to change. A huge beast took his face,

Long towering over her, something came in his place.

The maid screamed “Stay away from me you beast.”

“My love don't be scared it's Me.” He raised his hand to comfort her.

“Don’t touch me, I don't know you.” The girl shrieked in despair.

The beast's eyes started to water, how could this happen? It is still me, can't you see?

But the girl's disgusted glares were sharper than swords. They have made wounds that would never heal.

The beast ran away howling in agony,

He wanted to die, that was all he thought.

The moon goddess knew that this would happen.

For the king's broken heart, she felt sorry.

She approached him, and held his face in her hands then wiped his tears.

“Don’t worry; I'll destroy all of your fears.”

The king just looked at her with eyes that are lifeless.

The moon goddess gasped, they were soulless.

“I can't take it back, but I'll help you. Because you deserve better my loyal lord. I'm going to give you a soulmate that won't hurt you, that will accept who you are. But every full moon your beast will be here. But you won't be near, that will be the other true you.”

And that's the real story of the beauty and the beast.

Chapter 2

What the hell was that hulking monster? My mind screamed at me for an answer, while I hid behind one of those enormous trees. My body was shaking like a leaf, my heartbeat skyrocketing and sweat made my eyes burn. My hands trembled when I brought it above my mouth to stop a sob from breaking out, I need to be silent. A twig to my right broke, and I flinched. It has found me. Oh god, I’m going to die. But the silence that followed was killing my nerves, it wasn’t expected at all.

I took a few stuttering breaths and willed my body to move; I need to see if it was still there or not. At least I should try to make a run for it again before it got me. I need to fight for my life. My mind made, I peeked to my right and found nothing.

I sighed in relief, maybe it got bored and left, right? Yes, it must be. It couldn’t wait for me forever; I have been running for what? Ten minutes by now, maybe?! I will try to retract my path and find my way back to the castle, as silent as poss


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