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Caged by the Alpha

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Ella found herself caged by an Alpha. Unbeknownst to her that the man she spent a night stand with was an alpha of the cruelest state in the whole of America. He was called the King alpha, alpha of all alpha. He has spent years searching for his better half, his mate and then he found her but won't let go. Ella found everything crazy because never in her right mind had she thought she was going to spend the night with the King alpha of all people . It all started at a party, she was forced by her bestfriend to go for a party which then marked the change of her life.

Chapter 1

Ella's pov

I woke up with this beautiful smile on my face, knowing fully well that things would work out for me at the office, unlike yesterday. People stared and laughed at my fall. I shouldn't have put on the heels if I had known that it will make me fall. This is why I sometimes wish I have supernatural power.

I stretched out and then a yawn followed, my stomach groaned immediately" Gosh I'm d*mn hungry" I hopped down from my queen-size bed. It's all rumpled because I kept tossing and turning last night thinking about the event that happened. People can just be so mean.

My alarm ranged.

I quickly ran to the bathroom to do the needful. My boss is going to kill me if I come to the office late. Wouldn't want to be a troll the second time, would we?.

A few minutes later I was off the shower and a towel was tied around my body. I stared at the wall mirror in my bathroom. I look beautiful, I thought to myself.

I'm not your normal s*xy and model kind of girl but I still got the look that a guy can appreciate. I've had like two boyfriends in the past but it's sad to say my relationship never ended well. It all left a mark deep inside my heart.

I touch my cheeks. It's still wet from the shower I took. Ella hurries up, you'll be late for work, scolded my subconscious.

I quickly ran out of the bathroom. It was already past eight. I'm so dead. My boss would kill me today. Joking. He won't kill me but he'll call me names. I still haven't recovered from the last insult and him adding today's own would be terrible and I just can't wait for the blow. Note the sarcasm.

I brought out a nice fitted dress. My mom gifted it to me on my birthday and it's just so lovely that I love to wear it. It brings out my shape nicely.

I vividly remember when an employee at my place of work try to Court me but I had to turn him down because I knew deep down he only court me just because the dress always makes me look different in a good way.

I took my black heels and then packed my loads of files sitting roughly on my study table. At times I just pity that table because of loads of books on it. Too bad he just had to endure it all.

" Ella, breakfast is ready"

That's mom, always trying to see that I have food in my stomach before going to work. I stepped out of my room and made my way to the dining area where mom had already set the table with this nice-looking sandwich waiting to be enjoyed.

The smile on my face said it all about how I was hungry. Mom chuckled and said " eat up. You have just ten minutes left"

I need not be told twice, I eat up pretty fast like someone with a superpower. Like that of a vampire or should I say werewolf. I mentally rolled my eyes, they don't even exist.

Mom came back from the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee. I love coffee.

" Mom you're just the best"

" Just hurry up and don't be late for work."

I nodded while downing my delicious cup of coffee. I belonged immediately I finished it off. Mom playfully glared at me.

" Table manners Ella"

I sheepishly  smiled " I'm sorry"

She sighed " just leave for work already"

I salute her " Sir yes sir"

She could only giggle at me while I walked out of the house.


I parked my old Mercedes beside a colleague's Tundra. Most of the cars here are big and expensive cars which then makes me wonder if I'm the only poor employee among them.

I locked my car and pretty ran into the company. I knew I was late and was ready for the talk part two.

Everyone stared at me as I walked in as if waiting to see if I was going to fall again in my heels like yesterday. I took a deep breath and promise to disappoint them today. I'm not a loser and no one has the right to label me as one.

I even tried cat walking just to give them a show to remember but deep down I was praying not to fall because it's going to be much more embarrassing than yesterday.

I released a breath I didn't know I was holding when I walked into my office. I rested my back on the door just to calm my nerves. The moment I opened it, I screamed.


Why because the hands the home-looking man was sitting on my chair and worst his legs were on the desk, something I hate seeing people do on my desk. My poor lovely desk.

He smirked at me as if daring me to say something. I opened and closed my mouth like a fish but words still refuse to come.

I tried calming myself again then pull myself together and act professional " who are you? And why are you in my office for God's sake and worst your legs on my desk" I just couldn't help but say everything at once?

He chuckled " one at a time senorita"

I raised a brow at him. He's Latin. He has this accent that can make one piss their pant but I'm not falling for that. I stood my guard and pointed at his still stretched legs.

" Put your legs down and then we can talk normal"

He raised a brow at her " no I'm not doing that.  I love it this way, If you like you can join me."

" eww God No!" I said defensively.

" Alright then" he shrugged then brought out his phone from his pant pocket. He stared at his phone as if reading a message that's important because his brows furrowed.

I walked towards my couch and decided to have a sit while I wait for him to get up.

I gave him a calculating look. He's super handsome and has this bad boy look that can easily make a girl swoon. He has plumpy lips that are delicious for kissing. Only God knows how many mouths he must have kissed with does lips  My cheeks heats up in embarrassment at the thought. I'm not one to think like this about people.

" When you're done thinking about the number of girls  I have kissed let me know Mamacita"

I almost lost my balance on the couch. Did I think out loud or did he just read my mind?

" No love, you didn't think out loud"

" Then...then did you know what I was thinking about?"I stuttered.

He shrugged " it's a gift I guess"

She squints her eyes at him " you still haven't told me who you are and what you're looking for in my office"

He nodded as if just remembering " by the way I'm Alex "

I nodded for him to go on " what are you doing here "

"I came to this company with a friend so I decided to just hang around the company then luck was on my side because I found this office. It's cozy" he said without a care.

I scoffed " don't you know it's a sign of disrespect to just barge into people's office without given any invitation"

He shrugged again. He's been doing a lot of shrugging lately " I don't wait for invitations. I do my  thing  anyhow I like"

I was already tired of going back and forth with him on this matter so I just decided to leave it like that. When he's ready to leave he'll leave for sure. I thought to myself.

I picked up my laptop to start reporting, then brought the dozens of files out of the backpack I brought to work. I groaned loudly imagining the kind of stress the work would give me.

I started with the recent file which was given to me yesterday by my boss. Now I can see why he hasn't come into my office to query me. He has a visitor, this sure works to my advantage.

" Do you need some help?"

I got startled, totally forgotten that we were two in the room." No thanks"

" I don't mind at all. At least doing so would be like apologizing for barging into your office without any invitation"

I gave him a skeptical look, wondering why he's kind all of a sudden.

I shook my head, declining his offer.

" I insist. I know it so low of me doing that to you"

I couldn't hide my surprise look " are you seriously serious right now or are you just pulling my legs again?"

" I promise, I'm serious. I have twenty more minutes to be out of here so let me help you before that twenty minutes elapse" Alex said while staring at his wristwatch.

I shrugged, I needed the help after all " ok fine "

He smiled then dropped his legs down and was already by my side. Does this man has a superpower or something, I wonder.

" How did you do that? You were there just now and now you are here, how were you able to do that ?"I ask stupidly

" It's a reflex I guess," he said and didn't say anything else. I also didn't want to push it so I just decided to concentrate on the work given to me by my boss. I hand over like five files to Alex since he's still bent on helping.

He collected it " it's been long I've done something like this. It's good to be doing it again"

What does he mean by that? Is it that he doesn't work or something?

" Don't you work often?"

Alex smiled about to answer "Of of course I d.....

He was cut off by the sound of his ringing phone. He gave me an apologetic smile then picked the call. The call must be serious.

He stared hard into space while he was listening to what the other person on the line was saying.

" He must be sick" he whispered yelled.

I just don't understand what was going on. I want to know why he looks this angry. I tried to concentrate on my work but still tried all possible best to listen in on his conversation. It seems like he noticed me staring so his response became a whisper, Stopping me from hearing what he was saying entirely.

I furrowed my brows confused at the whole thing. Could it be that they were talking about my boss? I wondered. Since his friend might still be at my boss's office so definitely something is wrong somewhere and my investigating side just won't relax until I know what was going on here.

" Is everything alright?" I asked as the conversation grew more intense.

Alex glared back at him which got me in shock. I did the only thinkable I know, I also glared back at him and that got him surprised too because he raised a brow.

One thing I love most about myself that works to my advantage is when I glare at people People listened up immediately I glared at them to shut up. At times I wonder if it was a gift or something.

Alex finally ended the call with a loud sigh " why is your boss always a hard head? He just did something he shouldn't have done at all"

My ears perked up at that " and that is ?"

" Oh, sweetheart I'm not going to tell. My mouth is sealed"

I scoffed with folded arms" then why did you bring it up anyway ?"

He chuckled " just because I feel like doing that"

" You're insufferable"

" Why thank you" he playfully bowed

I rolled my eyes at him. He can't be serious for once.

" Anyways, sorry I can't help you with these files now but maybe next time I can. I'm running out of time. " He said while checking his wristwatch.

"I never begged for your help anyways"

" Are you always this sassy?" He questioned with a brow raised.

" Only to your kinds," I said

He furrowed his brows " My kind, I don't get your definition of my kind"

" You I...

He cut me off before I could give him a response

" We'll continue this discussion next time. My friend will tear me apart if I don't get to him on time " he said and with that, he left in a hurry leaving me more confused.

What does he mean by tearing him apart? I wonder out loud.

"ELLA!!! to my office now!"

Here comes my end...

Chapter 2

Zion's POV

I clenched and unclenched my hand, preventing my wolf from taking over. That useless of a man that calls himself Daniel keeps getting on my nerves all the time and it's so irritating. At times I wish I can just cut off his neck.

You should have allowed me to take over at the meeting, my wolf Rex growled out in my head.

"Rex calm down. You know there are many humans around here and if we put down a fight it wouldn't be nice at all" I tried to calm him down.

At times I don't know why you get this nice. This won't help you at all. You need to fight back, Rex was adamant.

" Oh, I'll y own specific time.  He doesn't know what is about to hit him" I assured him.

Rex growled out.

That sick bastard! He thinks he can have everything just with a click of a finger. He doesn't know who we are yet, he doesn't know that he's playing with fire and he should be ready to get bur

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