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Caged by the Alpha

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Ella found herself caged by an Alpha. Unbeknownst to her that the man she spent a night stand with was an alpha of the cruelest state in the whole of America. He was called the King alpha, alpha of all alpha. He has spent years searching for his better half, his mate and then he found her but won't let go. Ella found everything crazy because never in her right mind had she thought she was going to spend the night with the King alpha of all people . It all started at a party, she was forced by her bestfriend to go for a party which then marked the change of her life.


Kelsey Shafer

Review after the novel completion

It was great, but a little drawn out with random things with no details. I would have loved to learn more about ella. There was just so much random things going on. But other then that a great read and I would suggest others to read it. Can't wait to see what else this writer has put out as this one was addictive. It drew me in from the start and was very sad when it ended. Managed to read it in a day!

December 17, 2023

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