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Melissa, a young , hard-working , courageous lady who would do anything to save her family. She found herself as a slave after being kidnapped from her adoptive parents. Her live became a rollercoaster. She had to endure several toture from her new Alpha and have no right to complain. She spit on and made to lick feets. She did all that to save her parent . Her suffering ended when she was asked to become a spy at the largest pack of America. She refused but was made to know that her refusal will only cause her the death of her parents. Upon arriving her new pack, she suspect something different in her . The magical chain around her neck made it hard for her to understand what it was not until she set her eyes on the alpha and it became clear to her She found her mate and was made to spy on him. She was confused at how the whole thing would play out but she needed to do what she had to do to save her parent. In the processes, compressing her feeling for the alpha and with the help of the necklace around her neck, she was able to hide the secret from the Alpha. Raphael knew there was something odd about Melissa but couldn't pinpoint what it was . He tried hard to break whatever blockage he was having which he successfully did. He found out the whole truth and hated on her . As much as she tired to seek for forgiveness, the more the hatred he has for her became stronger. He was becoming reluctant the more he knows about her . Melissa pleaded and promise to be out of his live forever which she did. Days after, Raphael realized that he couldn't live without her . He went in search for her to apologized and take her back but there are so many secrets to be told.

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It was a stormy night when Tracey's world fell apart. She lost her father to the storm, and her mother, an alcoholic, blamed her for his death. Tracey worked at a coffee shop to make ends meet, but her life was far from perfect. She had a boyfriend, Tristan, but he was unfaithful, and she felt like she was drowning in despair. But one day, a mysterious customer walked into the coffee shop, and everything changed. Tracey's heart was broken when she discovered Tristan's betrayal. After five years of dating, it all ended in tears, and things only got worse. She was accused of stealing from the cafe where she worked, and despite her innocence, she was taken to prison. Alone and scared, she had no idea how she would prove her innocence and get out of this mess. But then, she had an idea. She decided to use her story to inspire others, and she began writing a novel in her cell. Tracey never expected to be bailed out of jail by a millionaire, but that's exactly what happened. The catch? She had to marry him. With no other options, she agreed to the deal, desperate for freedom. Little did she know that her life was about to change forever. Her new husband was cold and ruthless, but as time went on, she began to see a different side of him. They developed feelings for each other, but their contract was coming to an end, and Tracey's ex-boyfriend returned, begging for forgiveness. Tracey felt torn between her past and her present. Her ex, whom she'd dated for so long, was begging for a second chance, but her millionaire husband had shown her a side of him she never knew existed.


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