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Betrothed To The Cursed Prince Of Esterial

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Aria Grayson and Alpha Bryant have been long time lovers who both made promises to reject their mate. But after the betrayed of Alpha bryant who found his mate a long time ago and didn't reject her. Hurt, Aria plot for revenge made her to murder Jenny, alpha Bryant mate. Now with alpha Bryant and kaiser, Jenny older brother after her tail she must make a decision that have been have been given to her by the vampire king who save her life. That was for Aria to be his son fiance or die. Will Aria learn to love the cold hearted prince who was born blind Or will Alpha Bryant find her before that happens.

Chapter 1 my perfect match

Aria pov.

I was still in Bryant arms when I woke up. He was still sleeping but I snuggle myself closer to him. No one was as perfect as Bryant to me. He was so handsome and luckily for me, he was mine. I am never going to let him go. We were both destiny to be together. I didn't care if the whole world knew that or not. All that matters to me was that we have both accepted it and he loves me as much as I love him. Alpha Bryant was my only weakness in this life. And I'm happy that I was his too.

As my hands brush his dark wavy hair, he groan in his sleep. We have been together for so many years now. Me and this big teddy bear of mine both attended the same school. Because of us both of our parents were friends. I was the only daughter of alpha Draven Grayson of the moonlight pack and he was the only child of alpha Ben Wilder. I had an elder brother Axel Grayson. He was a ladies man. Bryant dislike him. But to be honest they both dislike each other. Sometimes i wonder if it was because of me. Bryant and I remain friends for many years even though we both knew that we had feelings for each other. Still, we couldn't admit it because we were not mate. It got to a point that alpha Bryant confessed his feelings me, he was able to convince me that the world was program wrongly for us to not be mate, when he couldn't get me out of his head. He was losing it.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" Bryant said, his voice was rough and seductive. "Please tell me I'm the only one you are thinking about if not I'm going to get jealous and angry." He smiled at me.

I chuckle softly as I smiled up at him. "What if I told you I was thinking about my dad?"

He rolled his eyes as he brought me closer to him. His actions made my heart skips a beat. I was hoping that he didn't hear it but with the way he was smirking at me I knew he did. Ever since he became more mature with his wolf. Bryant became strong. His senses was stronger and of course his charm was more irresistible. It amazes me how he thinks I can ever think of another guy when I was with him. It was just impossible.

"Come on, go back to sleep love. We both know how grumpy you can be if you don't sleep well."

"I thought you said that I was cute whenever I'm grumpy."

"You are also scary." He purposely whisper really fast in a loud voice.

"That's it. You can sleep alone tonight." I pretended like I was going to leave the bed. Only because I wanted him to hold me tighten. I love how important he made me feel.

"I'm sorry love." He kiss my hair.

One little kiss was all it took to make me melt like jelly in his arms. Yeah. I was that easy and simple when it came to Bryant. If I ever told anyone with pride that he was the one who chase after me and beg me to go out with him. No one would ever believe me. Because of how much of a fool I was with him.

"Bryant?" I called out to him.

"Hmmm." He answered, his eyes were close. He was trying to sleep but there was something strange about him today. The expression he had when he meant with me early today was coming back to his face.

Something was bothering him and he didn't want to talk about it. I wouldn't ask him. I would give him enough time for him to tell me. I was patient with him.

"I have been thinking." Perhaps maybe it wasn't a good idea to tell him, but if I don't tell him now, I don't think I would ever be able to.

"About?" He asked, still looking slightly distracted.

"Our future together." That got him to open his eyes. "When are we both going to tell both of our pack about what we are?" I didn't want to rush him but we were both of age. It been such a long time since we started dating, it was only right that we made it really official or maybe more than that.

"What do you mean by that?" Bryant ask. "Everyone already knows that we are dating."

The fact that he wasn't thinking the same thing that I was, hurt me.

"Stop it with that sad look on your face Love. You are making me feel like I have been a bad person who have kept his girlfriend hidden from the world."

"I know that the whole pack knows that we are dating but I want an official announcement on our relationship. One that state that I'm your Luna. And if possible... I want a ceremony." I said it. Atlas I told him my dreams to be married to him and be his completely.

"That. That..." He became quiet in deep thoughts. That same worried look on his face again. "That is not something that can be easily done." Noticing how much his words broke me. He spoke again out loud in a rush. "It's not like I don't want you to be by side, it is just that I don't know what your Dad would say about this. I think your dad doesn't like me."

Him wanting me to be by his side was comforting. It was not the first time he had told me this. But for some weird reason, this time around his words felt empty. But I'm sure it's just me overthinking things. I'm just getting too emotional.

"Remember your Dad wants you to back home, since you have been here for way too long."

"But it only feels like few minutes with you." I hugged him, it been a month now since I have been with him. Told my dad I would be back after a week but that was just a lie. Bryant was right about me going back home. But still a part of my heart feels like he really wants me to go back home instead of staying here with him. "My Dad wouldn't stop you if you want to make an official announcement about us."

"Yes, I know, still I will like to ask for his permission beforehand. Things like that Aria was really not as simple as you think." His voice sounded sad.

But as usual his smile hide away his emotions and block away my senses from thinking that anything was wrong.

Chapter 2 He betrayed me

Aria pov

I miss him already. What sort of pack meeting was he having that I couldn't come. I wish there was something I could do in the pack when him and the guys wasn't around. They were the only ones I could freely chat with. Because I was alpha Draven daughter. No one except for those that really knew me would be willing to chat with me freely. I was strong but just because I was didn't mean that I look down at the strength of others, I wasn't that kind of wolf.

I stood up from the couch I was laying on and mindlessly walk around the house. The Tv I was watching before was boring. I rather go out for a run and be one with my wolf than to sit down on a couch like a lazy bump. Beta Brian was standing outside talking to one of the men under him. It either an errand or he was assigned to strengthen security around the pack. I watch him through the window while waiting for him to walk into the pack house. I hardly see him around the pack lately. It was


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