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Bearing the Alpha's Pups

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"I, Carl Roger, reject you, Morgan, from being my future Luna and mate." “If you're sensible, you'll find a quiet place to die on your own, instead of tarnishing our people's glory. “You're just an ugly toad. Stay in the mud quietly, and don't burden our pack.” On Morgan's Seventeenth birthday, she discovers that Carl Roger, her destined mate, chooses to endure pain rather than accept her. Each word he utters pierces her heart, leaving her trembling with devastation. Seeking solace, she turns to alcohol and finds herself lost in the depths of the woods. It is there that she encounters Alpha Damien Blackwood, a mysterious and feared leader known for his ruthless demeanor. Haunted by the loss of his first love, Damien has become bitter, cold, and closed off to the prospect of opening his heart again. In the midst of their shared vulnerability, Morgan and Damien share a passionate one-night stand, unaware of the life-changing consequences it will bring. Soon after, Morgan discovers she is pregnant, and the weight of rejection from her pack forces her into exile. Determined to raise her child alone, she embarks on a journey of resilience and self-discovery. Years later, fate intervenes and Luna, Morgan's triplets, unknowingly leads her back into Damien's world. Their paths collide once more, bringing to the surface the pain, desire, and unresolved emotions they had buried deep within. As Luna's innocence and unconditional love become the catalyst, Morgan and Damien must confront their painful past and navigate the intricate complexities of shared parenthood. Will Morgan's unwavering love and the purity of their triplet's heart be enough to break through Damien's hardened exterior? Can they find redemption, forgiveness, and a second chance at happiness amidst the tangled web of their past?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.She have never had a real laughter in a while, now staring at the cat who lay beside her bed as he nuzzled in between her legs made her giggled with laughter.Slowly she bent down to pet its head, slowly touching his hairy hair down towards his back and it purred in contentment.If only her pack could appreciate her just like this cat was, the thought of her pack instantly made her sick, her face which was once fixed with excitement now had a mix of sadness and anger in it.Everyone had betrayed her, ever since her mother died and her father married the woma…“Luna!”She heard a voice screamed her name which interrupted her thoughts, “Here she comes again”Luna whispered to the cat and quickly she rose from her feet as she dashed out from her room, whose paint was peeling off and some part of the wall broken.As she stepped out from the room, her step mother was staring down at her with a stare that could make the weakest fall to their knees and beg for mercy and she was the weakest in the pack, the omega who was hated by all and also the most disgusted among all.“The only reason you are alive up to this moment is because your father had insisted to not let any harm befall you. But I do not think that will be possible because you are disobeying orders, now who do you think will wash the dishes, or sieve the grains or tend to the fowls, you do not sit your lazy *ss and do nothing, I do not ever want to see you rest or find you relaxing. Do you understand?”Rebekah her step mother said, and Luna knew that her step mother do not care if she had eaten or taken a bath or even on her period, she only care for her daughter, Amelia, the pack wh*r*.“Yes mother…”Before she could finish her words, a hot slap descended on her face.“I do not ever want to hear you call me mother, because I never gave birth to you neither will I give birth to such a low life like you.”Rebekah said and quickly she left her presence.As Luna stared at the retreating figure of her step mother, tears seek to escape her eyes but quickly she prevented it, she wasn’t ever going to cry for someone who have mistreated her, never will she. Quickly, she turned to head to the pack kitchen but unfortunately she bump into someone, a tall huge body, it felt like a wall, a beautiful nice scented wall and she found herself breathing at the delicacy.“Ummm…”She heard a muscular voice said and quickly she stepped back, her eyes widened at who she saw standing a feet apart from her, it was none other than the pack alpha, Carl, devilishly handsome with a demeanor like a god and a body like the son of Zeus, every woman was crushing on the alpha and she was no exception.“Are you alright”She heard him say and quickly she bowed her head down slowly to the ground, she was just an omega, who wouldn’t dare stare up at the young alpha and who can’t compete with any of the fine ladies in the pack.“Yes I am, I am so sorry Alpha Carl for bumping into you.She said, as she noticed her cheek became quite hot.“Its fine, I believe you...”“Ooh here you are Alpha Carl, I was looking for you and the guards told me that you went this way.”A voice said, interrupting the alpha and Luna silently hissed, now the bigger devil had arrived, her step sister, Amelia, everyone knew how she had tagged the alpha to be her boyfriend even though it was false, she had always wanted to be the luna right from little, always clenched into the alpha hands since they were kids, she was the pack wh*r*, trying to rip where she did not sow and it seems like her step sister haven’t noticed he…“Ooh who do we have here, if not the weak and disgusting omega of the pack, my sister Luna, what were you discussing with the alpha huh, you dirty crap.”Amelia said and Luna felt her blood boiled with anger, not for once had her sister ever regarded her with respect.“Apologize to the king for talking to him and tell him that you will never speak to him again unless he asked you to.”Amelia said as she strode towards her in a threatening manner, and Luna knew best never to disobey her.“I am so sorry Alpha, I will never speak to you unless you permitted me to.”Luna said quickly, still bowing down.Amelia satisfied with her words quickly gave the alpha a smile."Let’s leave Alpha Carl, the council members are waiting for you."Amelia said, as she gave her a deadly eyes stare before leaving with the alpha who gave her a soft stare which sent shivers down her body.As Luna stepped into the kitchen, the maids waved at her, at least the maids were nice towards her.And then she started seeing barrels of food entering in the kitchen, and she was surprised at the huge amount of food brought into the kitchen."What's going on, haven't seen such large amount of spices in a long time."Luna said as she quickly helped in arranging the materials."Haven't you heard, the alpha will be hosting a party, perhaps to reveal who is mate is, the moon goddess had declared that the alpha will be revealed in the next two weeks."One of the maids replied, as they arranged each items according to the other.Luna stared at the maid, a party was going to be hosted and she was just finding it out now."You said in the next 2 weeks?"Luna asked again, "Yes, is there a problem?"One of the maids asked, eyeing her suspiciously, she was an omega and she do not have the right to talk to them or question them at most, they were more superior than her."Ooh, because my 18th birthday will be coming up in the next 2 weeks, exactly the day of the event."Luna said, excitedly, for the first time, things were working in her favor.Having a party which clashed with her birthday was quite exciting."That means you will be finding your mate?"One of the maids asked which instantly made Luna to stop talking, she had never thought about this, finding her mate, will the goddess bless her with a mate, all she knew was that she was cursed and there was no mate for her, and who would even want to be her mate but still yet, there was a tingle of hope within her, perhaps the goddess was beginning to hear her cries."Yes, perhaps I will find my mate."Luna said, this time with hope."Well you won't find yourself a mate, I promised your father to keep you alive before he died but it seems as if you do not like living yourself. You have arrived in here for how long and nothing have been done."Luna heard a voice which sounded just like her step mother, quickly she hurried up as she began seiving the grain with pain in her heart, and at that moment, she had wished to have a mate, a mate powerful enough to take her away from this hell hole of a life and give her a better life, but will that be possible, the only man who can save her was the alpha.'But heck that's not possible, can the alpha be mated to someone like her?'

Chapter 2

Chapter 2.Luna was done sieving the grains, she thought of relaxing on the wall of the kitchen for a deep relaxation as she was so tired and hungry but another job was immediately assigned to her by one of the maids, she was to wash the dishes.She was the omega after all, the weakest one among them all, even the maids were stronger than her, so she had to obey."The dishes will not wash themselves Luna, get to work and stop being lazy! You shouldn't make it obvious that you are weak you this ungrateful child." She heard her step mother's voice from behind again, just when she was about to carry out the maid's command. So she scrambled to the sink immediately, she almost fainted when she saw the amount of used dishes in the sink, the dishes covered the sink then on the floor and on the cabinet, she was astonished and was subconsciously counting the number of people in the palace who used all the plates. &q

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