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Nova Winters

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"I, Carl Roger, reject you, Morgan, from being my future Luna and mate." “If you're sensible, you'll find a quiet place to die on your own, instead of tarnishing our people's glory. “You're just an ugly toad. Stay in the mud quietly, and don't burden our pack.” On Morgan's Seventeenth birthday, she discovers that Carl Roger, her destined mate, chooses to endure pain rather than accept her. Each word he utters pierces her heart, leaving her trembling with devastation. Seeking solace, she turns to alcohol and finds herself lost in the depths of the woods. It is there that she encounters Alpha Damien Blackwood, a mysterious and feared leader known for his ruthless demeanor. Haunted by the loss of his first love, Damien has become bitter, cold, and closed off to the prospect of opening his heart again. In the midst of their shared vulnerability, Morgan and Damien share a passionate one-night stand, unaware of the life-changing consequences it will bring. Soon after, Morgan discovers she is pregnant, and the weight of rejection from her pack forces her into exile. Determined to raise her child alone, she embarks on a journey of resilience and self-discovery. Years later, fate intervenes and Luna, Morgan's triplets, unknowingly leads her back into Damien's world. Their paths collide once more, bringing to the surface the pain, desire, and unresolved emotions they had buried deep within. As Luna's innocence and unconditional love become the catalyst, Morgan and Damien must confront their painful past and navigate the intricate complexities of shared parenthood. Will Morgan's unwavering love and the purity of their triplet's heart be enough to break through Damien's hardened exterior? Can they find redemption, forgiveness, and a second chance at happiness amidst the tangled web of their past?


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