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Alpha's Moonborn Mate

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'No matter if I am there with you or not, don't let anything get you. Just close your eyes, think about me, and persist. You are a female-wolf, Lisa, and a female can do anything if she determines it.' ~~~ It was Lisa's Twenty-first birthday when all the hell broke loose. Her parents, Alpha king and Luna queen died a painful death while saving her. Her brother, Sebestian, threw himself at the mercy of the enemies so that she escaped from their filthy clutches. They wanted her. All of them in the pack wanted her after the ambushment of her father's rule. And to protect herself, Lisa kept running away— until she fell in the arms of Alpha Alan, the strongest alpha of the continent who disguised himself as a rogue to keep her protected. But after months of saving her, he willingly let her be taken away. What made him take such a decision? He knew she was in danger, then why did he let her slip away out of the warmth of his protection and fall back in the hell she's been running away from?

Chapter 1. How it all started!

1. How it all started! 

Princess Lisa's POV

I don't want to die.

I don't want to leave this world before taking my revenge on them.

I don't want to let my parents' sacrifice go in vain, goddess. Give me strength, give me the power to get back what is mine.

It was supposed to be my best birthday that night. Brother Sebestian was supposed to get father's throne and be the next alpha of our pack. But that b*st*rd Jonah, he ruined my life. I cannot believe what I went through over the last few days, it is distrusting!

It has now been three weeks that I am only running. My stomach growls. My feet are damaged and bleeding. My fingers feel numb. My whole body aches.

I need food. The pain won't subside, it is intolerable! I lost everything within a night, I am alone.

Everything has changed!

Being extremely exhausted from walking, I fell on the ground on my back. My head is spinning badly, I don't know how long I will have to keep running!

They are still searching for me. I saw Jonah's guards looking for me in the market yesterday. So I came running here to this forest to hide. Ah, my legs hurt. Maybe closing my eyes will help soothe my mind. I need to stay calm until I get shelter.

The flashback of that night flashed across my eyes.

Their crying faces.

Mom's last cry before death.

Dad's lifeless body in Jonah's feet.

Sebestian's bloody touch on my wrist when he was heading out of the palace through the secret exit.

Other people's scream- it became fresh in my head that eventually my eyes moistened.

I can't help but sit straight with a gasp. Sleep has gone far away from my eyes. It is not possible to sleep unless I take back my father's throne. If I had known the intentions behind their deeds earlier than everything had been under control.

Although I was sleepless my body still aches like I have climbed mountains thrice with no break. Even after sitting against a flat rock for support I cannot feel okay. The pain kept increasing. My veins seemed to be shrinking. Long breaths can be helpful! I started taking deep breaths.

It did help me forget that I was injured, the pain kind of reduced and (leaves rustling nearby) wait! What is that! I had to get back to my alert mode when the sound of rustling leaves reached my ears. The noise was of someone crushing them under their feet.

The guards! They are here.

Picking up my lengthy gown I hid under the bushes camouflaging between them completely. It was possible only because of this cloak that Sebestian provided me before he made me flee away. I stayed there silent breathing as slowly as I could so that my breaths can't be heard through super hearing.

My heart beats were high and my palms were sweating. They are in numbers and I hardly know how to defend myself. If I am caught today I will be gone. However, I didn't keep hiding for so many days to get caught one day. I will fight back, I will fight back.

With that determination, I searched for the hunter's knife that Sebestian gave me. No sooner had I got a grip on it than I watched someone walking tiringly toward the rock across the bushes where I hid. He was panting severely.

With a swift move he sat on the rock facing his back to me. He was not from the guards but somebody else. Who could he be!

Why would anyone lurk around in the forest in such dirty clothes?

Can he be- a rogue! D*mn, he is a rogue.

Sebestian has told me, rogues don't belong to any pack; they lurk around in the forests and places in search of prey. They unnecessarily kill and eat flesh. Their only motive is to bother others and create terror.

Gosh! What did I get myself into?

Rogues are worse than any other Wolves.

I did not know what to do, if I continued to sit here and he happened to find me hiding, he would pull me out and eat me alive. If not that, then he will do the worst- detain me and use me for his pleasure.

I was scared thinking of all those consequences. They chilled my nerves yet on a serious note, it is better if I take the initiative and kill him before he does the same. I can also search for weapons and other stuff he has got in store. He surprisingly seems pretty decent, still he is a rogue.

My mind was busy working for a way out when he suddenly stilled. He stopped moving and stayed silent as if he sensed me behind him. His murmurs were audible to me, maybe he was calling his partners. I prepared myself taking a deep breath and jumped out of the bushes on him with my knife, ready for the attack.

Earlier than I could stab him in the back he quickly turned around dodging my attack effortlessly, and clutched my wrist in a swift move. His iron hold crumpled my skin, I could barely withhold his strength.

No doubt why everyone fears them! They are powerful and my bad luck is that I had to encounter a heck of a rogue who seems the king of all of them!

His muscles bulged out hugging the fabric of his black shirt tight. That pair of eyes checked me out while he pulled me close. I was on the verge of losing my patience and crying for his hard iron like grip which encircled my wrist.

"Let go of me, you b*st*rd!!!"

His expressions hardly changed, providing that those dark pupils never left mine. They sought to find something in my eyes, maybe my fear!

His eyes moved to the corner of my lips watching me intently that again another shock of chill hit my bones gruesomely.

He was powerful, I can comprehend that just by the way he held my wrist and I was frightened thinking of the things he could do to me in a second. I struggled to get away from his touch and scream to attract anything- like anything that can help me run away. The more he focused his gaze on me the harder my body shivered.

He had a strange aura that left me trembling in his mercy. He did not seem to be someone saint for the way his thumb massaged my swollen wrist. I sensed something other than uneasiness. What it was, I cannot describe it. He was attempting to read my mind!

I was sure he was trying to get to know my identity when abruptly my cloak flew a bit away revealing my gown.

Regardless, I immediately covered it back with the cloak thus bringing his eyes back on my face.

"Why are you injured!" His interrogation got me to clench my teeth in annoyance and at the same time his arm circled my waist tighter as he pulled me close to his chest. I have never been so close to a guy before and the thought that I was actually in the arms of a rogue espoused my respiration.

"Did you run away from your house!" That inquiry brought tears to my eyes.

Why would I run away from my house! I was the happiest girl until Three weeks ago.

His queries did hurt me yet I was determined to not fall weak, not in front of a stupid rogue.

"Let me go you filthy dirty rogue! Just leave my hand and stop asking me questions as if you are my mate." I shouted on his face while pushing him away with my hands.

He blankly locked our oculus together leaving no space for me to breathe. My respiration turned uneven when he darted his peepers over my chest staring there disgustingly. I stilled there, feeling uncomfortable. He was supposed to be a rogue who must have come here following me, still I felt a strange attraction toward him.

Sensing my discomfort he looked away. I held my breath together whilst accumulating all my energy and- I finally stabbed the knife in his arm. "Ahhh Ahhh" his body met with ground as he fell thud on it holding himself together while I took my chance to get away from him.

Now before he gets up I need to go far far far away from him. Go Lisa, you can do it. Don't let him overcome you. Go!

[And she ran for her life leaving him there on the ground struggling- only to encounter another woe that was going to mark a beginning of their togetherness]


Author's Notes

Hope that was good:-)

So Lisa, what do you think is the reason behind her condition? 

Why is she running away from Jonah... Who's he?

Whats your take on the rogue's appearance? 

Do comment and share your views. Thanks.

Chapter 2. Mysterious princess

2. Mysterious princess

Alpha king Alan's POV

"I am moving toward the south, you go to the west. I want the herbs today anyway. It is very difficult to see the cubs infected!" My beta was connected with me on our mind link.

We were in the Vesium woods of my Brave Blood Pack looking for this curative herb commonly known as Giant Dodder or Cuscuta reflexa that heals infections like shingles. "Understood Alan." Three percent of cubs in my pack have been caught up in an epidemic that has infected their skin with shingle-like disease and it is only increasing.

Yesterday, I attended the fourth death in a row in the last week. My doctors tried to make antidote but it is incomplete with this Curative herb that can heal their skin within the consummation of a night and here I, Alan Alvares, the alpha male of my Brave Blood Pack am here looking for the same so that the cubs can be cured from the epidemics.

Twenty six years of my life has b


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