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Just a passionate writer;) You can talk to me whenever you want and are free to connect here: Instagram: Chantinglove138 Facebook profile: Chantinglove Chantinglove Facebook author's page: Author Chantinglove138 Completed books: ~ Alpha's Housekeeper ~Alpha's Moonborn Mate ~Marked by the bully ~ Protected by the bully Ongoing books: ~The Savage Alpha's Rebel Coming soon books: ~Billionaire's Marriage Agreement ~Illicit wife of Mr D'zire Thanks for all the gifts you've sent and are sending. Trust me, writing would never have been possible without your support. Thank you so much for everything. 😇❤️


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'No matter if I am there with you or not, don't let anything get you. Just close your eyes, think about me, and persist. You are a female-wolf, Lisa, and a female can do anything if she determines it.' ~~~ It was Lisa's Twenty-first birthday when all the hell broke loose. Her parents, Alpha king and Luna queen died a painful death while saving her. Her brother, Sebestian, threw himself at the mercy of the enemies so that she escaped from their filthy clutches. They wanted her. All of them in the pack wanted her after the ambushment of her father's rule. And to protect herself, Lisa kept running away— until she fell in the arms of Alpha Alan, the strongest alpha of the continent who disguised himself as a rogue to keep her protected. But after months of saving her, he willingly let her be taken away. What made him take such a decision? He knew she was in danger, then why did he let her slip away out of the warmth of his protection and fall back in the hell she's been running away from?

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Read MARKED BY THE BULLY (#1 Bully series) before you start this. ____ Book #1 Marked by the bully Book #2 Protected by the bully ________ Having fallen for his best friend's mate, Zander's finding it difficult to keep up with his promises as a best friend. It is hard to draw her out of his head. Everything about her has attracted him. And watching her around him all the time with his best friend is having an adverse effect on him. He hates it when they kiss, when his friend touches her, and when she lingers around him to make her boyfriend feel jealous. Zander's trying hard to keep it easy between them but in vain— until a mysterious message pops up in his messenger. ***"Hii!" "Who's this?" "You guess *winking emoji*" "Fuc** you" "I asked you to guess, not to swear on me." "I'm asking you for the last time.. Tell me WHO ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" "I wish that was 'I LOVE' than 'WHO ARE' before that YOUUUUUUUUU. *monkey hides face emoji*" "Go to hell..." "Hey, wait! I'll tell you who I am *sighing emoji*" "Bark" "I am," "You are???" "I am... Your mate!" "Wait, what? Hey, where are you going come back online and talk to me. At least tell me your name!" //Protected by the bully//**Book #2 for Bully Series. Can't be read as a stand alone, so it's recommended that you read book #1 first.**

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After saving her from a fatal accident, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face close to his and licked her bleeding lips, "You knew I love babies and desire to have them. Yet, you dared to keep the news from me and leave my house with my baby in your womb. Aurora Collins, you'll be punished for the crime." He combined their lips in a toe-curling kiss, leaving her numb. ~~~ Damien Hunter was a billionaire alpha, who was rising in the business world. Aurora Collins— Aura for him, was his ever so impressive human housekeeper. She did everything as per his expectations and met his needs — except... His desires. His virgin housekeeper didn't leave any chance of teasing his hard-on with her innocent moves, and it was one of the same heated moments that they shared made him loose control and claim what he's been desiring to claim ever since. Alas, It wasn't supposed to be a bumpy ride ahead after that... But it did! Read 'Alpha's Housekeeper' by Chantinglove138 today!

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Unholy Allies Series #1 Jade Thornton woke up in a room full of abused girls with shackles around her ankles and wrists. But the last thing she recalled was going to a party with her father. What she didn't realize was that he was taking her to complete his part of the bargain... Because she was sold. Although her fate was decided and a new master was ready to take her as his slave, she refused to yeild and escaped— only to fall in a bigger trouble— in the arms of a ruthless alpha who hates humans. Will Jade give up first and run away from him and his mysterious kind? Or face him with confidence and tackle his different ways to punish her for disobeying him from time and time again? *** "You don't scare me, Alpha Zach." "I don't?" "No, you don't." Pulling her aggressively to his chest, he breathed in her face, making her heart plummet in her stomach. "One day you will be scared of me, Jade." (Contains mature content, violent, etc. Read at your risk)

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New books: Alpha's Moonborn Mate & Alpha's Housekeeper are OUT NOW. Read today:) _____ (Book #2. Protected by the bully: Published. . Whenever she'd be asked about a thing in life that disgusted her the most, she fumed in anger and answered, "That bad bully Alpha's brat!" Shouting loudly, she would point at the round big corner table in the school canteen where he would sit with his bully gang. ****** Valentine, was adopted by doctor Jason Pereira, of Dark Shine pack, an elder doctor who looked after the warriors and soldiers of the pack and Alpha Hercules' best buddy. Ryley Shine, was the son of Alpha Hercules and going to be alpha, and the bad bully who loved to bully the weak students studying in the school, to be precise her... He hated her sight, her eyes, her smile, her heart beats, her tears... Everything about her just because she was his mate, A HUMAN NAIVE NERDY MATE! Genre: Vampire/Werewolf + Romance + Teen fiction. *Under editing! This book is under editing for grammatical mistakes and other errors*

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Tras enamorarse de la compañera de su mejor amigo, a Zander le resulta difícil cumplir sus promesas como mejor amigo. Es difícil sacársela de la cabeza. Todo en ella le atrae. Y verla a su alrededor todo el tiempo con su mejor amigo está teniendo un efecto adverso en él. Odia cuando se besan, cuando su amigo la toca y cuando ella se demora a su alrededor para que su novio se sienta celoso. Zander se esfuerza por mantener las cosas fáciles entre ellos, pero es en vano... hasta que un misterioso mensaje aparece en su messenger. — ¡Hola! — ¿Quién eres? —Adivina. —Jódete. —Te pedí que adivinaras, no que juraras por mí. —Te lo pido por última vez... ¡Dime QUIÉN ERES! —Me gustaría que fuera 'TE AMO' que 'QUIÉN ERES' antes que tú. —Vete al infierno... — ¡Eh, espera! Te diré quién soy. —Bark. Soy… — ¿Eres? —Soy... ¡Tu compañero! —Espera, ¿qué? Oye, ¿cuándo vas a volver en línea y hablar conmigo. ¡Al menos dime tu nombre!

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Cada vez que le preguntaban por una de las cosas que más le disgustaban en la vida, echaba humo de rabia y respondía: —¡Ese malcriado matón de Alfa! —Gritando con fuerza y señalaba la gran mesa redonda de la esquina del comedor escolar donde él se sentaba con su pandilla de matones. Valentine, fue adoptado por el doctor Jason Pereira, de la manada Dark Shine, un doctor mayor que cuidaba de los guerreros y soldados de la manada y el mejor amigo de Alfa Hercules. Ryley Shine, era el hijo del Alfa Hércules y que iba a ser alfa, y el matón malo que le encantaba intimidar a los alumnos débiles que estudiaban en la escuela, para ser preciso ella.... Odiaba su mirada, sus ojos, su sonrisa, los latidos de su corazón, sus lágrimas.... Todo de ella solo porque era su mate, ¡una humana ingenua, nerd y encima, su Mate!


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