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Alpha Elias: Ravishing Avabella

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“You’re mine, Avabella… and you’re bound to carry my offspring in your s*xy uterus.” Then, Alpha Elias gives her the most seductive smile she has ever seen in her entire life. It is so tantalizing and breathtaking! To admit it to him or not, she believes he knows those very words shoot incomprehensible fiery desire right to her very core, making her real wet… Maybe a wolf for a great-great-grandaunt’s husband and a hybrid wolfy vamp for a cousin were enough in the family. Hence, Avabella doesn’t care much about any other wolf. And yet, this certain Alpha Wolf Elias just wouldn’t leave her alone. Who cares if he is imprinted on her anyway? That isn’t her problem! She just values her freedom and is in love with her ageless beauty and witchy powers that are bestowed upon her. And yet, Elias won’t give up on his destined vampire mate…

Chapter 1: Gorgeous Vamp



Howls and hisses, as well as groans and growls, filled the air as the battle raged on. My pack and I were all in our wolf form. My close friend, the red Alpha Wolf King, Iago, and his beloved mate Maria Adriana were busy inside the massive five-story Supreme Castle. But here I am, I stood frozen while my two Betas Yanick and Thibault—the left and the right, respectively—protected me from our vampire enemies, tearing or biting their heads off their shoulders.

My dark eyes gravitated to the woman with light brown hair that loosely hung down her small waist. Her scent that was like a riot of flowers, pure heaven that is, reached up to my sensitive wolf nose. Wolves were fourteen times receptive than humans. Plus, I am a werewolf for God’s sakes. It was even more heightened. It was no miracle that despite the metallic and gruesome stench of blood and torn flesh around us, I could scent her. It even seemed to drown all the other scents. It was already etched in my wolf brain!

‘Nom de Dieu!’ Yes, it meant “Name of God!” that was a common French swear word. It was what I could think of right now. I speak English, Italian, Romansh, French and German, as well as our own dialect in the Jura region and all the other dialects in Switzerland by the way.

And d*mn it! I could not take my eyes off her. It was like everything just faded into the background. She wore an all-black dress with slits in front of her tanned, well-toned thighs for easy movement. Her black boots were high-heeled and fancy. She did look fashionable in spite of the current fierce battle. Somehow, I saw her background dazzle and flowers bloomed like it was f*ck*ng spring time! And instead of seeing her tearing her enemies apart or incinerating them with the use of her sorcery, I saw her dancing in the midst of those blooming flowers. Carefree. Smiling. Just f*ck*ng adorable! I’d never seen such a gorgeous sight in my entire five hundred years of existence.

And yup. I’m doomed. She just got me imprinted on her. I just realized.

My heart was like a sledgehammer that beat my chest really hard. Then my blood was like electricity that sizzled throughout my entire body. F*ck! I was now a goner! I was already captivated by this woman. Who? I didn’t know. It was the first time I saw her.

“Watch out, Avabella!” A dark blond vampire wearing a dark blue shirt and black jeans hollered. At the same time, he threw a severed limb toward the vampire enemy like a javelin. It saved her from that immediate threat as the severed limb struck the heart.

“Thanks! That’s why I love you, Diego! You always have my back,” she answered nonchalantly and winked at him, after seeing the enemy’s skeleton shuffle on the cold bloody ground before it went still.

I snarled as piercing jealousy stabbed my chest. With that, I vented it out by jumping up in the air and meeting the flying vampire enemy. I caught him by the waist and thrashed him to the ground, biting and tearing him into pieces until he turned into a broken skeleton.

My eyes drifted back to Avabella. She was now busy fighting against our enemies, together with my pack.


Her name alone sizzled my senses. In Vedic, her name had the fire element. And I could clearly see her innate powers. She was courageous, determined and energetic. My perfect match.

I don’t know but my wolf was already taken by her, not to mention I was imprinted on her right in this bloody battle just a couple minutes ago! I had never imagined it could happen to me. At all. I had long given up the idea that I would ever find my mate. Unlike Iago, he met his when he was just f*ck*ng ten years old! Imagine that? And earlier tonight, I already noticed she was already carrying his baby. He was such a lucky b*st*rd!

No, I didn’t envy the red Alpha King. I was, in fact, happy for him. My friend had been following her for centuries without her knowing it, until he got the chance to get her back from the grasp of that cunning Vampire King Ozymandias. B*st*rd! He and his high priestess tweaked Maria Adriana’s memories to suit his ultimate goal. I learned that if Maria Adriana was totally infatuated by that Vampire King, she would have given herself to him and he would take her powers if not share them. Really crafty bloodsucking scoundrel!

Anyway now, I noticed Avabella leave the battleground to get into the castle. I thought it was better than here. I supposed there were only a few enemies inside than here.

I continued to fight our enemies when I saw Diego was swarmed. Should I help him or not? Avabella said she loved this guy.

F*ck! I couldn’t let my emotions get the best of me. We were on the same side. So, I growled and lent a hand. Rather, my paw. I pounded a couple of vampire enemies, tackled them to the ground and tore them apart without any difficulties.

“Thanks!” he mumbled after he turned the enemies into skeletons with his powerful bare hands. He was tall with blue eyes, sculpted jawline, straight nose and thin red lips. I guessed women would always find him attractive. It could be the same for Avabella. Worst, she was in love with this vamp. I hate that!

I gave him a sharp look and didn’t even acknowledge his gratefulness. I left him to move on and beat some vampire asses! I should not lose my head. I came here to help my friend in need of my assistance, and I didn’t have any intention of letting him down.


It had been almost two years since that victorious battle. Maria Adriana, who was previously a vampire priestess, became the Vampire Queen, living in the Supreme Castle with my friend Iago and their son Alejandro, a tribrid. I heard he also inherited his mother’s powers.

Maria Adriana seized the castle that night after imprisoning Ozymandias and his High Priestess Szonja. They were presently inside one of the castle’s pillars, near the spacious entrance, at the lobby. Well, I hoped they would be happy even though they were imprisoned in the magical pillar. On second thought, maybe not. They could never get to lie down and could barely sit.

Ozymandias, an Egyptian Pharoah’s son, had straight and sharp nose, deep-set dark eyes, thin reddish lips, high-cheek bones and looked like in his late twenties. Meanwhile, his Hungarian wife Szonja had midnight-colored eyes, almost a head taller than the Vampire Queen, with aquiline nose, white skin, long straight chestnut hair and oval pretty face.

I peered at them through the window. I faintly smirked at them as I saw them giving me cutting looks. Whenever visitors to the Supreme Palace come in, they can readily be noticed. It was like they were exotic animals caged in a zoo. That was indeed funny! Well, creative, too. Maria Adriana didn’t have the heart to kill these two, as they happened to be a part of her life for centuries. Somehow, I could not blame her. In one way or two, Ozymandias was so good to her. He took care of her when she thought Iago died in the hands of some vamp, although it was because of Ozymandias himself. He just conned her for a very, very long time. Nonetheless, that didn’t make Maria Adriana a monster. I could only admire her. Also, he made her a quasi-immortal. That was a gift he gave, although with hidden agenda.

“Ready for the party tonight?” I heard the familiar baritone voice from up the stairs.

I looked up to see my friend coming down with his wife and son. He carried Alejandro in his arms. I couldn’t help but be envious of this picture. Would I ever have an offspring?

The three acolytes in their daring dresses that showed their cleavages and s*xy thighs were behind Iago and his wife. So was the red Alpha King’s overprotective Omega, Valko. I heard this seventeen-year-old kid didn’t want to leave Alejandro’s side. It could be his atonement for not liking Maria Adriana at first. Or something.

I met them by the foot of the stairs and shook the long, light brown-haired Alpha King’s hand. His champagne-colored eyes danced happily as he gazed at me.

“A party is always a break for me as you well know it, Alpha King Iago.” I always give him the title he deserved, but more like in a playful tone. He didn’t mind it since he knew me well. His grip was strong as mine. I glanced at Alejandro, who looked like little Iago, except that his eyes and hair were like his mother’s. “I was in Zurich when you sent me the invitation,” I added.

“You came alone, Alpha Elias?” Maria Adriana asked in a gentle voice, slightly furrowing her perfectly arched brows. She was indeed a beauty, with a glowing gorgeous mestiza skin, long shiny black hair, kind and dark brown eyes and sultry lips. She was petite, barely reached Iago’s chest, and smelled of wildflowers. No wonder Iago was very crazy about her. And yes, lucky.

“No, I came along with a few of my wolves. They’re scouring the area to be sure there are no enemies that followed us here. If there are, you’ll not be inconvenienced and a clear message will be sent to them,” I answered, combing my dark hair with my fingers. It grew longer and a bit wavy since the battle. But I did take care of trimming my beard from time to time. I knew I looked more attractive with this beard.

“Ah, you mean the rogues. Are they still trespassing your territory?” asked Iago as we walked, parading in the lobby.

Alejandro amicably cooed and gurgled upon passing by the magical pillar where the Egyptian ex-Vampire King Ozymandias and his Hungarian ex-high priestess wife were imprisoned. I caught sight of them smiling sweetly at the baby. Valko’s hand suddenly slammed the open window, growling, but his hand did not get through like there was an invisible shield. The fallen vampire couple bared their fangs at Iago’s Omega. I was sure they were hissing but it couldn’t be heard like they were muted.

“Not only my territory. It appears that I’m their target after all. I noticed they’ve been following me since the last battle here,” I answered to Iago. My deep voice was even.

“Did you send Matthias to track them?” my friend inquired, referring to my best and gifted tracker.

“I did. My pack, led by Yanick, already raided their hellhole somewhere in Conand, a small village here in France. A few were able to get away. Maybe they have some kind of Sentalni, someplace where they rendezvous in case they’re scattered. And we still don’t know where it is. But if we caught one, we’ll for sure know what their agenda is. For now, I gave them the order to execute them if they’re found anywhere near here.”

Iago put a strong hand on my shoulder and slightly squeezed it. “Don’t worry. If anyone did manage to infiltrate our territory, I have my Beta Mihai deal with it. And if you need my assistance, you know I’m just a message away. Not only pack will come but also my queen’s clan.” He winked and grinned at his wife. “Right, mi amor?”

I glanced at his wife, who was walking slowly between us. She looked at me with a small genuine smile. “Iago’s friend is mine, too. Besides, you gave us more than a hand almost two years ago. I did owe you for your help then, Alpha Elias. You should know that.”

I shook my head. “You didn’t owe me anything. Friends don’t keep a list for each other’s debts.”

“I like that,” she said with a grin. It made her even more beautiful. “By the way, you should stay here in the castle with your pack. The fourth floor is all yours. You can just make yourselves at home,” she added.

“Is the fourth floor scrubbed and sterilized well, Maria Adriana?” A gorgeous huff followed those words.

I stood frozen when my eyes settled on the owner of that honeyed voice. Her hair hung loose in curls. She wore a flashy black and gold bodycon dress over a white long winter coat that was open in front. The dress had a V-shaped neckline, diamond cut out in the front bodice and front knot on the bust for adjustment.

‘Good God! She is here!’

The wintry afternoon sun became brighter than usual. My eyes were almost blinded by her radiance and beauty.

‘Avabella…’ My brain sighed happily, breathing that heavenly scent that she radiated.

Chapter 2: Him



My hands itched to kill the Vampire King and his high priestess. But I should not cross my maker and great-great-grandaunt Maria Adriana. I knew she was angry and even lamented for our losses that night in Madrid two years ago when most of our family members were killed by her fellow priestesses.

I still felt the same itch every time I am in the Supreme Castle because I always see the ex-Vampire King and his ex-high priestess wife, Szonja, who made my great-great-grandaunt’s life a living hell. I hadn’t loathed anyone in my life before as I loathed this couple. But anyway, thanks to them because I’ve been bestowed such powers I had never imagined I could ever have or dream of.

Maria Adriana let me borrow some of her powers because she was truly the most powerful sorceress there is in the entire world. Lucky me! She hadn’t taken them back until now, saying it could protect me and the remaining of our family members, just in


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