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Darla Tverdohleb

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  • 6.3
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About me

Hot choco lover; sucker for happy endings; fantasy, action, myth, romance author


Gypsy Lover
  • 👁 60
  • 7.5

Alodia comes home just to find out her twin sister Alyanna committed suicide. She finds out the reason behind it and decides to avenge her death by hurting and shaming men—until she meets a Romanian Gypsy, Harman, who is a CEO of a software company. He openly expresses that he adores her since they first met at the airport in Bucharest. At first, she has no intention of deceiving and playing him, but that thought occurs when he shows his real interest. She goes out with him and is later confused about her true feelings for Harman. Meanwhile, she keeps reminding herself that she is only playing a game with him. One day, she will get tired of it and will betray him at the right time. But will Harman let her go in the end once he learned the truth and about her pregnancy?

Alpha Elias: Ravishing Avabella
  • 👁 565
  • 7.5

“You’re mine, Avabella… and you’re bound to carry my offspring in your sexy uterus.” Then, Alpha Elias gives her the most seductive smile she has ever seen in her entire life. It is so tantalizing and breathtaking! To admit it to him or not, she believes he knows those very words shoot incomprehensible fiery desire right to her very core, making her real wet… Maybe a wolf for a great-great-grandaunt’s husband and a hybrid wolfy vamp for a cousin were enough in the family. Hence, Avabella doesn’t care much about any other wolf. And yet, this certain Alpha Wolf Elias just wouldn’t leave her alone. Who cares if he is imprinted on her anyway? That isn’t her problem! She just values her freedom and is in love with her ageless beauty and witchy powers that are bestowed upon her. And yet, Elias won’t give up on his destined vampire mate…

The White Snake and the Scarred Delta
  • 👁 421
  • 3.0

“If I was a monster, I wouldn’t have even bothered to heal you!” His reddish lips pursed. “I never asked you to heal me! But you,” he paused, holding me by the neck and looking into my eyes deeply, “you killed my family!” I never saw rage and hate mix beautifully but dangerously in someone’s eyes before. I caught his scent even more by his nearness. It was musk, pine, and earth. Our faces were merely a few inches away from each other. “I-I…” I trailed off. “Bring them back!” He whispered those words, but it equaled like a shout in my face. His warm breath smelled oddly delicious. I must be delirious. No one’s breath smelled delicious, right?

Seducing His Grandfather's Trophy Wife
  • 👁 57
  • 5.0

She's his grandfather's young wife, but he can't help but be possessive of her. ~~~ In the lap of luxury, where power and privilege reign supreme, Dallie, a beguiling but innocent wife to a billionaire magnate, finds herself irresistibly drawn to Grégoire, the enigmatic and rebellious scion of the family. Against the backdrop of opulence and ambition, their destinies collide. Can Dallie resist the allure of her husband's grandson, or will their secret love lead to a web of consequences beyond their control? ~~~ A love and desire that dare to challenge the very foundations of morality, wealth, and status...

Alpha Queen: To Whoreship You
  • 👁 283
  • 7.3

Fukayna runs away from home when her Alpha King father wants her to marry Alpha Zygmunt to strengthen their alliance. She takes a potion that her witch friend procures for her to keep her identity a secret from other supernatural beings, so that she will not be traced easily by her father's pack allies and their enemies. And yet, she meets some vampires who hunt for sport and food along the way, as these malevolent beings happen to prey on a mother and a son. In her weakened state, Dragoș saves her from the vampires' fangs. As soon as their eyes meet, her male wolf recognizes the human as her mate. But the guy doesn't want to get involved with her, and they have to part ways. She thinks her wolf is mistaken, but the mate bond pull is getting stronger. Hence, she searches for him everywhere. Years later, she finds him at last. His feelings haven't changed though, so she chases him around and seduces him again and again, until he caves in, not only once. Little does she know that an enemy, the Vampire King from Ancient Egypt, wants her all to himself, and someone she thinks she can trust will soon betray her...

A Sensual Affair with a Billionaire
  • 👁 4.6K
  • 7.5

Zenovia is devastated when she learned she may not be able to conceive in the future. Hence, before it happens and be alone all her life, she must have a baby as soon as possible. The biggest setback? She has zero love life, and she has never been with a man even at the age of twenty-five—pathetic and impossible it may sound—until she accidentally has an eye-to-eye contact with a super beddable man at The Black Church, Maksimillian. Will the billionaire accept her tempting hot deal to be her romp partner until she gets pregnant, with no strings attached afterwards?


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