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Alpha Black and His Luna

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"I don't care that you're my mate. I will never... and I repeat, I will never be yours, Hunter." she grits her teeth, making Hunter smirk. "Is that a challenge? We'll just have to see about that, sweetheart," he says, fighting his wolf for dominance as he feels the sparks surge through his body caused by the light touch of her skin on his. The mating bond call was itching at his skin. "You'll be mine sooner or later, and when that happens, you'll be moaning my name out with those sweet juicy lips of yours," he says, running his lips over hers in a feather-like motion. He had to have her, he needed to have her, but before he could claim her, he first had to win her heart. Hunter Black is used to having any woman he wants at his disposal. Being the alpha of his pack has its perks after all. He can have any girl he wants at any time of day. At least… that's what she's heard. Abigail Montero was used to being the reject. She was rejected by her family, her pack, and her friends. After being sold by her own father for a box of whiskey she thinks all is lost until she is saved by the notorious rogue King. Bound to find him one day to thank him for saving her life, she sets off on an adventure to seek him, but ends up finding her long-lost crush, Hunter Black. Except his reputation is disheartening. She hates men like him, players, and womanizers who think they can get any girl he wants. Will she give in to the mating bond, or make his life a living hell?



"Hey, Abs... earth to Abigail!" My best friend Marisa says, making me come out of my trance as I stared stupidly at the ceiling while I listened to the birds singing.

I wanted to suppress the feelings inside of me, just for a little while, if I could. "Hi, Marisa. What time is it?" I said as I sat up after lying down on the grass of our school field.

She chuckles, looking at her phone. "Abbie, Abbie, Abbie... always the dreamer. It's... 3: 25," she says, making my eyes widen in horror. "WHAT?" I say, standing abruptly. "No... no no no no NO!" I panicked as I grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder, running toward my home as fast as I could. "I am so dead."

I was expected to be home after school no later than 3:30. It took me nearly fifteen minutes to get home, walking, because I didn't have a ride or transportation. If my father got there and the house was not clean or food made, I was going to get it. And it was not going to be pretty.

"Wait, Abbie. I'll go with you. I'll help." My best friend Marisa calls out after me running behind me. "No, Marisa. You know my dad, he will be really mad if he sees me getting help. Just... go home. I'll meet you at our spot tonight." I called out, running faster.

"Abbie! Wait, Abbie, can we talk?" My heart sank, and I contemplated my next actions as I saw my long-time crush, Hunter Black. He's the neighboring pack's son. He's the sweetest, most caring guy that I have ever met. And I have a mean crush on him, but he can never know. He and I could never be. His alpha hates my alphas guts. They can't stand each other, even though his dad always tries and help us.

Our alpha is very mean, and he is extremely greedy, just like most of the people in our pack.

"I... I'm sorry, I have to go." I call out, passing him quickly. The scent of passion fruit, and fresh rain hit me as I passed him, making me smile unwillingly. I can't explain why he smells so good. He must wear a really unique perfume or something.

My name is Abigail Montero. I am the b*st*rd daughter of Armand Montero.

He had me out of wedlock, and for that, I am shunned by our pack. Everyone in my pack sees me as a waste of life. I came into this world only to taint our pack's beta's life and his family after all.

And if you're wondering why I am not living with my real mom... well I don't know either. Other than Dad telling me she didn't want me either, making him have the bad end of the deal and getting stuck with me.

I ran as fast as I could until our small cabin came into view. We didn't live in our pack house like most betas would. Dad was all about... privacy. Most likely because he didn't like people knowing how he was beating my stepmom and me.

My breath staggered as I slowed down and I caught my breath, fixing my oversized t-shirt and tucking my hair in the back of my ears. "I don't care, just take her, do whatever the hell you want with her, just take her away. Just leave the box in there." I hear Dad say to a man standing next to him. Another man looks awfully suspicious at me as he walks inside the house with a wooden box in hand. I wonder what's going on?

Maybe they caught new rogue girls. I have been hearing of rogues roaming our pack presently trying to cause trouble.

"D*mn it. I hope they don't see me." I whisper under my breath as I try and sneak through the back door. "Abigail!" my dad yells my name, making me stop in my tracks. I close my eyes as my breath is caught inside. My heart was beating rapidly as my body filled with fear. "Y...yes, sir!" I respond, turning toward them.

"Get your sh*t. You're leaving with these men," he says, making my eyes widen in shock. "What?" I ask, as my eyes bulge in fear. I had an awful bad feeling about this.

"You heard me? Get your sh*t together. You'll be leaving with these men to work for them." He says as his hands fisted, looking at the man through his periferal.

No. No, he can't do this to me. Why is he doing this to me? Did he really hate me this much? What did I ever do to him?

I've tried my hardest to be submissive, to be a good student, a good daughter. But it didn't matter how much I tried, he was never going to love me as much as he loved my older sister, Tara. She was the only one to ever make him snap into his senses. She was his little princess, the untouchable one. He loved and took care of her with so much care that I couldn't understand why. He even treated her better than my stepmom.

To make things worse, Tara hated me too. She always looked for a way to get me into trouble, making him beat me when her heart desired. She'd lie that I messed up her clothes, or stole something, anything to get me into trouble with him.

"But... why? Dad... I don't want to, why are you making me go? For how long?" I dared to respond, regretting it as I felt a hard slap on my face, making me fall to the ground. My tears ran freely down my face as I felt my cheek stinging.

"You dare question me, you d*mn brat? Do as I say. No one wants you here. Is best you get your sh*t and leave. Be glad these men are willing to take you from me and give you shelter, or you'd be out in the cold. Miserable brat." he says, spitting next to me as he wipes his nose and looks at my step-mom at the front door steps.

She held her head down, crying a bit. Out of everyone in our pack, she was the only one who was nice to me from time to time, but each time she was caught doing something nice for me, he would beat her as well. If Tara saw her being nice to me, offering help or feeding me, Tara would make sure o blame everything on me, making dad punish me.

I didn't like it when he hit her. I could take the beatings and the insults, but my stepmom was supposed to be his mate. The one he is supposed to love and protect and to cherish.

I cried, grabbing my cheek, unable to believe what was happening. "I'm sorry!" she mouths out, making me lose it as I begin to cry like a kid. "Shut up! And you... you stay out!" he points at her, making her flinch as her tears fall.

"Please, Armand, she's too small. Don't do this." She pleads, making him angry. He goes over to her and slaps her across the face with the back of his hand, making me yell. " No. Don't touch her. Dad, please!"

He hits her again, making her stumble over, hitting the door with her head.

"You see what you made me do?" He says, hovering over her, grabbing her chin harshly. He let's go, hitting her cheek slightly, making her clench her jaw as she cried. The men laugh, nodding as they look between us.

"You know, to think of it. She doesn't need anything in this house. Just take her." he tells the men as they grin, making me panic. "I, Beta Armand Montero here by declare that this brat, Abigail Motero is here by banned from our pack, The Blue Lotus. She is never to return, we cut ties with her, and she is no longer my daughter." He says, making me feel the bond break from my pack. You're wondering if he even has the authority to do so, being he's not the alpha, but I'm afraid he does.

And he doesn't care. He's done it to a lot of girls, mainly omegas that have gotten on his bad side, but never did it cross my mind that he'd do it to me.

"No. No, please, Dad, PLEASE!" I yell, begging for his mercy just once as the men approach me. "Please, Dad!" I plead one more time before they grab me. I wiggle, trying to get out of their grasp, but they are strong. They smell weird, making me panic some more. And that's when it hit me...

He wasn't just selling me to some random werewolves... no. These were rogues. I had heard of girls gone missing, being used as slaves. Why was he doing this to me? I get it, he sees me as a burden, a reminder of his past mistakes and infidelity to his mate. But I was still his daughter!

"Please, Dad... No!" I shrieked out, turning again and seeing my stepmom cry as she kneeled, sobbing as I pulled my body away, trying to wiggle out of their grasp, but to no avail.

It didn't matter how badly I struggled, I was small, too weak for these older men. But the thought of what they could do to me was what made me frightened.

Would they kill me? Would they enslave me like they did to all the other girls? I didn't want to even think of what they could do to me.

Was I really worth nothing but a box of whiskey to my father?

One of the men tossed me in the back seat of the car, making my head hit the other door. I grabbed my head, crying as the other one chuckled, getting into the passenger's seat before my door slammed shut. They took off as I banged on the window, crying for help. My stepmom was on her knees crying, my dad fisting his hands in anger.

But what hurt the most was that as we drove off, I could see my step-sister with her hands crossed over her chest and a smirk on her face. "Shut up. Or you won't like what I'll do to you, brat!" the driver yells, making me flinch.

We reached the borders, and I was sure our alpha would have noticed, but no one... no one came to my aid. The farther we went, the more I wanted to struggle and fight, but it was no use. No one would come to help me.



I couldn't help but cry as we continued to drive. I wiped my tears as my Wolf, Merida continued to howl of sadness. There was nothing either one of us could do, but cry. I had never felt so alone, so unwanted. My pack didn't want me, my father didn't want me. No one... no one cared, "Nobody is coming to save us, Merida. We're done for." I mind-linked my Wolf, making her howl louder. I could feel her sadness, just like she could feel mine.

"ENOUGH ALREADY!" the taller man yells, as the car comes to a sudden halt. The driver turns, striking me on my cheek and making me go unconscious.

I wasn't sure how long it had been, by the time I regained consciousness, the sun was beginning to set. I heard growling, snarls, and sounds of snapping bones. The car had been overturned, making me realize we had crashed with another vehicle. Since I had been unconscious, my body had hit the roof of the car, making my back feel sore.

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