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Welcome to my hell, Mafia Wife!

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I tear your shirt, Davina was simply beautiful.... My c*ck is throbbing with desire, it goes straight from your neck to those pink and ample breasts, I s*ck hungrily, craving more, forcefully, between kisses and nibbles, I slide my hands to your entrance, one finger playing with your clitoris and another playing with your backside in a constant rhythm of thrusting in and out. I hear you moan softly, hearing you like that is pure bliss.... I continue to descend, planting kisses all over your body, rubbing my c*ck against your entrance, causing you to arch your back. The only thing keeping me from being there is the thin fabric of your lace panties and my underwear, I feel them soaked through the fabric, which only excites and intensifies the arousal. I keep descending further... I need to taste you! In "Welcome to my hell, Mafia Wife," Davina is forced to marry Adam, a feared Mafia Don from England. As they prepare for their union, they discover a world of seduction and betrayal. Shocking secrets are unveiled by a mysterious masked figure, igniting a burning desire for revenge in Davina. The tension between them escalates with each encounter, threatening everything they know. Amidst secrets, betrayals, and passionate encounters, Davina and Adam must unravel the truth behind their arranged marriage and fight for survival in a hellish world.


Pov: Davina

Since I was 14 years old, I have been trained and molded. I am the daughter of a powerful French mafia boss known for his ruthless leadership and trail of blood, named Capô Bruce Lis Mavromatis. Therefore, it is expected that I am strong and disciplined, a warrior.

I'm yet another day in this hell, in fact... I don't even know what day it is today. I stopped counting the days I spent here being shaped by my father long ago, who watches me with a d*mn satisfied smile as he sees me fighting, always repeating his phrase: "I am forging you and creating armor, nothing will bring you down!"

I snap back to reality when I feel a strong punch to my stomach and pressure on my arms. Henchmen hold me while another one delivers another punch. But before it hits me, I grab his arms with my legs and twist my body, using them as leverage. I hear a loud crack and a scream of pain. The b*st*rd's arm had broken, exactly as I planned.

"Ah, you wretched woman!" the henchman shouts.

"You will die!" I reply.

He looks at me, recognizing that look.

"Get free already, we don't have all day!" my father reminds me.

I nod, knowing him well enough to understand what that means. Quickly, I turn my head to the right and throw my body onto the shorter henchman. I clamp my mouth onto his ear and rip it off forcefully, tasting the horrible taste of his blood on my lips. He lets go of me, trying to hold the ear that was no longer there. The second henchman tries to knock me down, but it's too late. It's exactly where I wanted to be.

I trip him with a leg sweep, and as he falls, I lock him in a rear-naked choke. He struggles desperately to free himself, but I remain firm, holding him and looking at my father, who smiles proudly, calmly. I beg him with my eyes to make me stop, but he does nothing.

And so, I feel that man's life fading away, as I realize that he no longer moves. I push him aside and stand up, feeling hatred and disgust for who I am, what I am forced to be, and what I will become.

Then, as if nothing had happened, he pronounces:

"Today is your last day of training here. You will go home, dress up like never before, apply everything that has been taught to you during these years, and behave like the true princess you were raised to be. Tomorrow is a big day, and you will meet your future husband!"

That was like a punch to the stomach. I can't believe that after everything I've been through, all the training and studying to become a strong, educated, and perfect woman... he will hand me over to a demon.

"Why? I have proven myself worthy of leading and guiding our mafia!"

"Ha, my dear, we need to strengthen ourselves and seal this alliance with the English Mafia. According to our laws, no bond is as strong as a marriage between the parties." Pov: Bruce.

We leave that cold and gloomy warehouse. I'm sure I've spent months in that disgusting place, without basic human conditions: no shower, no sleep, no proper food, constantly in attack and defense mode. We get in the car in silence, and I'm grateful for that. Even if I wanted to, I don't have the strength to speak.

When we reach the gates, I feel relief. I'm home, and I'm alive, even though I feel that something inside me has changed. The dreamy, sweet, playful, and charming girl died along with all those I took the lives of.

Now, I am the future wife of the Mafia's Demon, the ruthless and feared Don. May I be strong enough to face what is to come!

Pov: Adam

Another day, another training, another test, more forging. That's how I go on, like any other day. Punches, torture, deaths, and more deaths. I feel his gaze watching me from afar, his laughter resounding as I bring down another one. He seems like the Devil himself reveling in such wickedness.

I feel a stab in my rib and fall to the ground, but I don't surrender. I can't. I know how much it would cost my mother and my brother if I were to die here. I will never be weak, NEVER!

I scream with hatred, getting up with almost no strength. I think the need to protect those I love is what keeps me standing. I no longer have a sparkle in my eyes, my mouth is dry, cracked, and bleeding. I don't remember the last time I ate, hydrated, or slept. Sh*t... Hell... What pain... what fatigue... what exhaustion...

I feel a kick to the wound, which brings me back to reality. I hear his d*mn voice:

"Aren't you ready yet to be a real man? To be a worthy Don?"

My father, the current Don of England, shouts with contempt. He is considered one of the lowest and dirtiest, his cruelty is legendary. Passionate about torture, trafficking women and organs.

"I am always ready to kill and take what is rightfully mine!"

Without hesitation, I defend myself, grabbing his leg and pulling, knocking him to the ground. My father's idiot henchman lets the knife slip from his hands, a mistake that will cost him his life!

I grab the knife and look at the trash that beat me, with a frightened expression. I know he didn't have a choice either, I don't blame him. But in our world, either we kill or we die. I definitely prefer the first option!

I trap his arms with my legs, breaking his leg as I hold it and pull. Without mercy, I pass the knife through his neck, watching him writhe as his blood spatters on my skin. He struggles until life gradually drains away.

When I stand up, I hear applause. It's true... it's my last day of testing and training. The council came to watch me, alongside the Don. I need to win to prove that I am worthy of taking over the mafia and becoming the next Don. But before that happens, I know... I will have to kill my father. The monster who forged me into who I am today, the owner of my hell since childhood, the very Lucifer on Earth. And honestly? I can't wait for that to happen.




The big day has arrived when I will finally eliminate that damned smile, that demon who calls himself my father! I joined forces with the French Capo to set up an ambush for Dom and, in return, offered an alliance. Knowing the rivalry between them, this partnership became convenient. A French informant reached our henchmen, informing them that the French mafia was on our territory seeking an agreement to expand our business.

That sadistic and ambitious old man would neither refuse nor allow such audacity from the French on our soil.

"You're late, as the future Dom, you should never be late!" Dom Ethan says irritably.

I simply get into the car without daring to argue, after all, I had a well-planned scheme in mind!

We arrive at the designated location, an abandoned warehouse with a table in the center, dim lighting, and Capo Bruce standing at the front, surrounded by his henchmen. Only Dom Ethan, myself, and


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