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The Thing He Kills For

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"You're my weakness" Jerald said, still aiming his gun at her, she yawned. Isn't she supposed to be scared? "If all I am to you is a pawn that your enemies will use against you then, do as you wish" She said as she stepped towards him. He stepped back. “Don't come closer" he said, his hands jolting. “I'll shoot." “Jerald Carter! New York's Cosa Nostra, can't even shoot me.” She mocked him, she knew he couldn't do it. She kept moving closer. “Jennifer!” He warned her. “You can't kill me Jerald.” She pressed her chest against the gun. “You and I both know I am The Thing You Kill For.” … Jennifer’s father promised that she would marry Jerald Carter. Jennifer has been dreading the arranged marriage because she has a boyfriend—but now that her family's lives depends on it, there’s no denying it anymore. There's something mystifying about Jerald Carter but nonetheless, Jennifer couldn’t help but fall for him. No one is perfect of course, Jerald Carter has a big secret he’s keeping, of the dark and deadly variety. But what will happen when she finds out that she married a man who could just as easily kill her as a snap...?

My Two Sided Husband

Jennifer's Point Of View

“Jennifer?” He said my name so calmly. His leg on top on the other, sitting down on the chair next to the room door.

"What did I say to you when I left this morning?” He asked. He said a lot of things but I remember his one order.

“To greet you by the door when you get home.” I said, well I forgot to do that, don't get me wrong, I had plans with my friends.

“I told you to greet me at the door whenever I come, didn't I?” He asked and I nodded. He did.

“Don't you care about your husband?” I do. But I didn't dare to say it, we met like two days ago.

“I had plans with my friends." I responded honestly and he looked at me taking off his tie.

“Is that more important than a promise you made to your husband? Looks like you are in need of a punishment.” He said, first of all I didn’t promise to greet him by the door and secondly… what punishment is worse than this?

He literally tied me with a rope and I can barely move. Not to mention the collar on my neck that is attached to a chain as if I am a Pet.

He stood up and walked towards and pulled the chain that's connected to my collar.

Ka-Chink. Ka-Chink.

“Why did you disobey me?” He asked.

"I'm sorry. I forgot.” I said looking away. I can't face his eyes. They're so burning just to look at them.

“Jennifer, look into my eyes and answer me.... have you forgotten who saved your family?” He asked.

Yes. My so called ‘husband’ saved my family or should I say… my dad and I?

Two Days Ago.

I did not believe my ears. My father was speaking but I only heard one thing ‘You're getting married to their son’. Excuse me what?

“In exchange of having them in the business. I have to get married to their son?” I asked, it was a lot to take in.

"To be honest, our business has been getting nothing but loss. So I've thought of closing it but... An old friend of mine said That he would like to buy us a branch in The Department. So today they are coming over.” My Father said, with no shame. I looked at him at this point it's hard to tell where his sympathies lie.

“So you decided on the spot that ‘Hey my daughter Jennifer is marrying your son’. Dad you do realize I have a boyfriend?!” I said doing some air quotations and mimicking his voice.

“Jennifer, It's not just any son, It's David Carter's son.” David Carter, I heard that name a couple times. But that didn't make the way I feel less real.

"I don't care. You'll call that so called Carter family and apologize for wasting their time. I'm not marrying some stranger. God knows, he could be a serial killer.” I tried to defend myself. I read too many romantic novels, lol.

“It wasn't a choice for you to pick. I bought this dress for you to look good tonight, I mean in two hours. Please don't be late.” He said as he walked out of my room.

No wonder the meals have been so scanty recently. I didn't know we were in such a horrible situation but honestly... marriage is one horrible solution.

Why would he tell me on a short notice? But either way, I have to get ready for this stupid Married at first sight dinner.

At the Dinner.

“Mr. Carter and son! Come on in. Please… take a seat.” My father said as he invited Mr. Carter with his son.

“Grandson.” The so called Mr Carter corrected my father.

They looked as if they define the word elegant. His grandson, He's wearing a plain black shirt and buttoned it up fully to support the graceful tie he's wearing.

On top of the shirt he's wearing a trendy vest with 3 buttons, it has a narrow v-line, which allows for the top to remain visible even when the suit's jacket is buttoned up.

The jacket was clearly made for him, it's a perfect fit. It has a simple, but elegant blanket plaid pattern, giving the suit a dignified and elegant look The five buttons of his single breasted jacket are all buttoned up with the exception of one, it adds a casual touch to an elegant look.

The jacket is slightly longer at the back, it has vents at either side, there are two pockets on one side and one pocket on the other and there's a breast pocket which has been left empty.

He's wearing pants which copy the style of the jacket, both in color and pattern and they create a perfect balance with his shoes.

A man in black… with a red tie. Am I checking this man out? No! I am not. I looked at them more especially, Him from the balcony and he raised his face. I had a clear look of what he looks like. Sweet Heavens…. Black, undercut Hair, almost fully reveals a very resting handsome face. Bulging black eyes, set tightly within their sockets, watch delicately over me, it's like they've bled for, for so long.

A large beard delightfully compliments his nose and mouth. This is the son or grandson, my father was talking about.

I wouldn't mind marrying him… I would but it's not like I have choice, right?

There's something mystifying about him, perhaps it's a feeling of delight or perhaps it's simply his good looks… but something is off, like really off.

But nonetheless, I'm getting married to this guy, the babies would look good, I'm not saying we are going to make babies.

But if something happens… the babies will definitely look good.

"Ahem!!” I heard my father clear his throat and I looked at him. How long have I been staring at this guy?

He probably thinks I am a creep.. He signaled me to come downstairs and I walked there. Mr. Carter's son walked towards the stairs.

“May I?” his voice was deep and made me realize he was used to ravish every woman he talked with. He took my hand.

The moment our skin went in contact… I felt like I could hold on to it forever and he helped me down the last stair. Such a gentleman.

“Look at you two, already getting along!!” My dad yelled and Mr. Carter's grandson let out a small laughter. Charming.

“Well, Mr. Carter and grandson, meet my daughter, Jennifer. Jen, meet Mr. Eric Carter and Jerald Carter.” My father introduced us and we shook hands. I didn't dare to look at him in the eyes.

Who wouldn't? His black eyes made my flesh creep.

“You are even more beautiful in person. We'll leave you two. Come on John, I have some exciting news about the business.” Mr. Carter said as he walked with my father, leaving me with a stranger.

Well, it's not stranger if you know their name right?

We went outside, it was my idea of course and sat on some benches we had next to the door.

He sat by my side as I was just looking at my front, fixating one point, just thinking about this whole situation.

I'm usually not intimidated by people's presence but this man gives me those I don't know what…. But he gives me those… ‘things’. Then, he cleared his throat and brought me back to reality.

"Let me get this and I are supposed to get married to each other? Together?...” What am I even saying? Of course we get married together.

“Yes.” He said politely.

"And you already agreed?” I asked after all, I didn't agree, yet. I sneezed and he took off his jacket and put it around my shoulders. That's adorable.

"Yes.” He responded. I looked at him and touched the jacket. It smells so… wow, perfect I must say. So serene.

"Thank you, but w— why?” I stuttered. I swear in my mind I didn't stutter.

"I had my reasons.” What does he mean he had his reasons? Oh makes sense the business. "What if I say no?” What will exactly happen? I wanted to know. They will evacuate us, no. Evict us.

"Then you would lose great opportunities.” What does he mean I'd lose great opportunities?

"But I don't know you! And you don't know me!" I said.

“Oh, that's where you are wrong, I know you. You don't know me. Besides…If you want to say no, that's up to you" He said with a bit of harshness, Ouch.

Wait… how does he know me? I started to think for awhile. If I say no, then I would be homeless. If I say yes, turns out he's a serial killer then I am dead. What am I thinking? He's not a serial killer!! But what will I tell Mark? He's my Boyfriend.

“I have a boyfriend.” I said, playing with my thumb and he took out his phone, unlocked it and gave it to me. I looked at the phone, Mark kissing another woman. I didn't believe my eyes.

Well I had no other choice to but I don't believe my eyes. This is the third time and I promised myself that it would be the last time, he cheats on me.

I swallowed hard thinking maybe after that I will have something to say. I started shaking not from the cold. Perhaps, from the betrayal? He took the phone away from my shaking hands.

“Sometimes Jennifer, people are not always the way we perceive. It's getting cold, let's go inside.” He said as he touched my thigh from the spilt of the dress I was wearing, his touch was so warm that all the cold disappeared from my body.

I looked at his hand it had a tattoo but he quickly removed it and cleared his throat. He stood up and I followed him.

He opened the door for me. Honestly, he made a huge impression on me. None of those things Mark ever did to me, well except giving me his jackets when it's cold. We walked to the dining room finding My father and My grandfather-in-law there.

“Yes. I will Marry Jerald.” I said before they had to ask. I mean who wouldn't.

He's kind…. …Or that is what I thought, but now I regret it.

Back To The Present.

He pulled in the chain, it was connected to my collar.

Ka-Chink. Ka-Chink.

“If you want me to untie you; Then…” he said as he pulled the chain again. Now our faces were much close. Probably an inch or two from each other.

“Apologize.” He said coldly, the man I knew from two days ago completely disappeared.

It's like he went from kind to sadistic in 48 hours. It frustrated me, but the only way to get out was to apologize. “I'm sorry.” I said stealing his eyes. He raised his hand at me and I knew he was about to hit me so I flinched. Shut my eyes so hard.

“I'm sorry for not listening!! I didn't mean to anger you!! I'm sorry!!!” I yelled without opening my eyes. Until he touched me with his warm hand, making me forget that he tied me up. I opened my eyes slowly and I was welcomed by an evil smirk. And that ruined that slight moment.

“I'll stay out of your sight for the rest of the day. I promise.” I vowed and he walked away from me. Oh well…

"That's a great idea. I mean it would be helpful.” He said, does he really hate to see me? If he did forgive me why am I tied up.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

He walked towards the door, but I am still tied up!!

“Wait! Don't go!!” I yelled and he slowly turned.

“Please untie me.” I said emotionally. And he grabbed the pair of scissors on my dressing table.

“Oh my darling wife.” He said as he came towards me.

“Next time when you don't listen to me, I'll physically punish you.” He warned me. What? Men aren't supposed to hit women and the other way round. He's abusive?

I swear if he lay a finger on me… I'm going to the police. That's ironic, Jennifer. He started cutting off my clothes, wait MY CLOTHES?!

“No!!” I snapped at him and he patted my head.

“Oh, don't worry I won't hurt you. What kind of husband do you think I am?” he asked as he continued. Those words somehow made me believe him. This time he pulled the rope. It started to dig into my erogenous zones, more especially my womanhood. And it felt good.

“Ah.” I moaned. I felt my face flush red after seeing his smirk.

“Make sure you do as I say next time. By the way, you are not allowed to leave the house without my permission.” He said as he pulled the rope harder and it feels so good but I have to resist this.

But my body won't listen to me. I pressed my lips together as I felt the pair of scissors near my skin.

Another loud moan escaped my mouth and he picked me up and put me on the bed on a prone position and stood behind. He pressed his huge body on me. I felt how hard his body was. His lips touched my ear.

"You are misunderstanding something, Mrs. Carter…" he whispered. I felt chills go down my spine as his breath hit my ear.

“I won't touch you.” He said and he got off me. He cut the ropes as I panted.

“Yet.” He continued as he walked out.

“Good night.” He added as he disappeared. I panted on the bed and finally caught my breath and walked to the mirror, the rope left pink marks on my body. Who is this man?

Then I remembered his words:

Sometimes people are not the way we perceive.

I perceived that I’d receive roses everyday but I think it's more like:

‘Buy her ropes instead of roses' to him.

We all learn from mistakes, of course and that's a mistake I learned from. To never disobey my husband. I really hope I learn from my mistakes, more especially this one.

Learning From My Mistakes

The Next Morning. Saturday,

Jennifer, Me of course being like my mother, I  was preparing breakfast and trying to make it up for last night. Maybe I'll be in his good books.

I was busy humming that I didn't hear my so called ‘husband’ walk into the kitchen. So I continued with what I was doing, which is slicing tomatoes. I wasn't really humming I was trying to figure out, when is Yet. Perhaps it's the night at our wedding or maybe… he's seeing someo—

“What are you doing?” His husky voice made me jump.

“Eek!” I screamed and I mistakenly cut myself with the knife. Oh Jennifer. Immediately when I saw blood on my finger I put it in my mouth, it will stop the bleeding.

“Ouch.” I cussed.

“Don't do that! Stay here!” He ordered me. I looked at him as he disappeared through the door and I took out my finger from my mouth.

I'm learning from my mistakes.He sprinted to me holding a small bag of first aid kit. He open


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