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The Masters Slave Crave

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She was sold at a very young age to a ruthless man, who had no feelings, nor pity for others. She became his slave, his toy of pleasure, and maltreated her a lot in the most horrible ways. Likewise, she hated him, for the pains and everything he's done to her. What happens when she founds out she's pregnant for the same man who made her life a living hell? A curse or a miracle?? Find out…

Chapter 1

"You again?" The headmistress sighed and shook her head. She was tired, and so was everyone else.

Adena has been a thorn in their flesh ever since she came into the school. She held the record for the school's biggest tyrant.. and she wasn't ashamed of it.

"What did you do this time?" Mistress, as they usually called her, She asked.

"Flooded the kitchen" laura bravely replied, standing boldly before the headmistress.

Despite her rotten behavior, Laura was quite a beauty to behold. She was stunning. Red hair, green eyes, and snow white skin. Anyone would admit, that she was the prettiest in the whole school.

"You're grounded for a week. You will stay in your dorm until I come up with a punishment fitter for your disobedience" Mistress said and sent her off.

Adena couldn't care less. She walked proudly out of the office and into the hallway. Other girls stared at her, and gossipped about her, but she paid no heed to them and went straight to her room. This wasn't the first time she'd been grounded, it was a weekly routine for her.

Adena wasn't always like this. After she was sold by her uncle to this boarding school, her sweetness turned sour. Every day, along with other girls, they're put through various tasks and difficult tests to get them ready for their masters.

These girls have never left the school gate. The ones who left, with their masters, are never heard from again. It was a cycle. New girls come in and groomed ones are sold off.

Not knowing what was waiting for her in the outside world, Adena has spent nights, petrified.. and thus becoming a shell of her old self.

The mistress summoned her deputy to her office to discuss Adena's issue. They had grown tired of her attitude and countless crime streaks. They wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible.

"I cannot stand that girl anymore, She's such a b*tch" the mistress said, falling back into her swivel chair. She sighed heavily.

"Why don't we sell her off? I mean it's the easiest way" Miss Peri suggested.

"Oh common Peri, what are you saying? It goes against our policy. She's only 18 and we can't sell her off until she's 20" the mistress reminded, staring intensely at her deputy who scoffed.

"Forget about policy! I mean, you're the headmistress and you can bend the rules just a little bit to appease yourself" Peri smirked.

"I see"

"All you have to do is add her name to the group of girls going off in three days, and pray that she gets chosen by one of our customers," Miss peri said in a sinister tone.

"I see where you're going with this Peri, and I like it," the headmistress said. She opened her drawer and brought out a file. She scribbled down Adena's name on it and put it back into the drawer. She smiled in satisfaction.


Adena was sitting in her dark room when she heard voices outside her wooden door. Some girls were talking, very loudly and she didn't like it.

She was about to yell out her aggression at them, but she stopped when she heard what they were saying.

"Some cars just pulled up at the gate did you see?" The first voice asked.

"Yes. It's that time of the year again. They're back for more girls. Those are the masters" the second voice came.

Adena rushed to look out from her window. They were saying the truth. She saw them. The supposed masters. Every year, they come here and stay at the guest house at the far end of the school.

No girl is permitted to go there. In fact, no girl has ever seen the inside of that guest house. They are usually blindfolded and taken in there and each of the masters picks a girl and leaves with them.

Adena watched in awe as the masters came down from their cars, and walked into the gate with a fleet of bodyguards behind them. They were welcomed by the teachers and headmistress and led through the garden, to the guest house.

"I'm going to be sold to one of them one day," Adena thought. She knew very well what her fate was and it scared the hell out of her.

Adena got goosebumps when she got a glimpse of one of the masters. He had a strange aura that loomed around him. A dark, gloomy aura. She couldn't place a finger on why she picked so much interest in him. Although, she didn't see his face.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Three loud thuds landed on Laura's door and she flinched.

"Adena! Open up!" That was mistress Peri.

Peri sluggishly moved to the door and opened it, only slightly.

"What?" She asked, annoyed.

"Put on your uniform and come with me immediately" Peri instructed.


"Wha..? Are you out of your mind? How dare you question my orders? Do what I asked you to do now!" Peri was p*ss*d at Adena's attitude.

Adena rolled her eyes dramatically before going to change into her uniform. A cute, pink skirt and white short-sleeved shirt. She thought she was going to get punished, for flooding the kitchen earlier.

"I'm ready" she announced, coming out of her room and shutting the door loudly.

"Good. Follow me" Peri said and walked ahead.

"So what punishment are you going to give me this time around? Raking leaves? Weeding the garden? Whipping me?" Adena ranted, she was already used to all of it.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll see" Peri smirked.

They went outside the school building and headed towards the fattening house.

Yes, the fattening house.

It was directly opposite the guest house, where the masters were already being attended to and taken care of.

Adena wondered where they were going.

"You'll be staying here for now. You'll be fed four times a day and get plenty of rest. Make sure you don't do anything stupid" Peri explained, carefully unlocking the door.

"Huh?" Adena was confused.

"What kind of punishment is that? Is this some sort of joke?" She asked.

Peri didn't say anything, she pushed the door open, revealing a room booming with life!

It wasn't as gloomy and dark as their dormitory. This room had seven girls in it, each walking around and chattering with different snacks at their disposal. It was like paradise.. only.. it didn't seem right to Adena. She knew something was off.

The fattening house was built to make the girls ready to meet their masters. They were left to eat as much as they wanted because they may never get that privilege again at their master's places.

The girls knew this, they knew they were being fattened up for their masters. But what they didn't know, was that they were going to be s*x slaves!

Adena was pushed in by Miss Peri and the door was locked. She looked around at the other girls who seemed to be very happy to be there.

"I can't wait to meet my new master," one of them said.

Poor girls, they were expecting a fairytale life. If only they knew what was awaiting them.

Adena was uncomfortable. She knew there was more to this, she knew something dark was coming but she didn't know what it was. She had no choice but to wait and find out what happens next.

Chapter 2

Gentlemen, we are going to begin shortly. Please let there be decorum" the mistress announced with a wide grin, her eyes scanning the powerful men in the room.

She was going to make a whole lot of money from this group of men, and she was pleased. After they settled down, she left to get the girls.

The room was filled with eight men of caliber. Some were politicians, some were drug lords.. but one, in particular, was feared by them all. He was a fearless leader of a dangerous dynasty and Alpha of Rainbow Crest Park. A dynasty that produced gold and diamond. A dynasty that had the government in its palm.

Ricky Mart

He was as charming as he was deadly. Perfectly chiseled chin, brown eyes that would make any woman fall at his feet, a physique that made people compare him to a god, and a dangerous attitude.

He was cold-hearted and killed humans like they were flies.

Today, he wanted to get himself a pu

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