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Star Prince™

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About me

Hello everyone, I am Star Prince, writer of different genres; Billionaire Romance, Mafia, LGBT and Werewolf inclusive. Happy to join Alphanovel and I can't to start my journey of reality with everyone. Below is my social account link, free to write me and discuss any changes about my characters, I'll be glad to hear from everyone.


The Masters Slave Crave
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She was sold at a very young age to a ruthless man, who had no feelings, nor pity for others. She became his slave, his toy of pleasure, and maltreated her a lot in the most horrible ways. Likewise, she hated him, for the pains and everything he's done to her. What happens when she founds out she's pregnant for the same man who made her life a living hell? A curse or a miracle?? Find out…

Triumph Of My Cheating Husband
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What turned out to be a joke from him was forcing me to sign the divorce papers. I refused to sign until I knew why, he became cold, aloof me a lot and paid no attention to me anymore. 8 months ago, I signed a contract marriage with one of the richest billionaires in town. Not until I saw him shamelessly romancing with his ex-girlfriend, they were happy together, so I concluded inside of me, I signed the divorce papers and flee into the dark night alongside with a miracle. Pregnancy! 3 years later, I returned to the city as a successful businesswoman alongside my son I kept away from the world. My mission is to revenge, world turns in when his company became bankrupt and needed shareholders. My miracle has come, I'll anonymously reap him off everything he ever cherished. What happens when our parts crossed, and he founds out I had a child with him. Does he really mean I left with his heart? Will I ever forgive him for cheating on me? Find out more about the love game, hatred, and forgiveness about to happen between Ryan and Ciara


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