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“Why can’t I f*ck*ng hit you?” Thomas shouts, hitting the belt close to her feet. “Why” he smacks it above her head on the door. “Why, f*ck*ng why” to her body’s right and left sides. Melina trembles against the door with her eyes shut and head tucked between her knees.  She jumps, sniffing Thomas' cologne, and tries to hide more. He must be bending down. “I want to inflict pain on you, Melina, but I f*ck*ng can’t. Tell me why I f*ck*ng can’t. Tell me why” she bites her lips to muff her wails as she fears they will only make things worse for her. “F*ck*ng look at me when I'm talking to you” Thomas grabs her hair and pulls her head up.  “I'm- so-r-r-r-y” she turns to face him with her tear-stained face and bloodshot eyes. “Did you think it would work? Did you actually think you could get me arrested and you could run away? Are you that f*ck*ng dumb, Melina?” he tightens his grip around her hair, and it begins to hurt now. Melina can’t believe this is what he thinks. How will she prove it was never her plan to get him arrested?  Melina Davis was born with the face and body of a goddess. Her heart was as beautiful as her, but it never did her any good. Melina was the unluckiest woman in this world when it came to love. Her first love was an abusive con artist who made sure to exploit Melina's kindness. The second one who Melina felt was genuinely worthy of owing her heart was far more dangerous than her first. His name is Thomas Costanzo. He is the second in command of the Costanzo mafia. He was highly feared in the mafia world. Some even feared him more than the don of the Costanzo mafia. Melina didn't know she shouldn't cross him, and she did. She broke the heart of one of the most feared men on this earth, and now, he is out searching for her. Once he finds her, Melina will wish she never crossed paths with him.

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“Good morning, fam. This is my uncle Owen, everyone calls him Reese, because that’s his last name and the military is weird like that. He likes thick girls and freaky s*x.” ************************ Forty-three year old Helen is newly divorced and trying to find herself. For the first time in her life, she is not under the control of a man. With an absentee father, an abusive step-brother and a manipulative ex-husband, she's had the perfect trifecta of bad men. Along with learning to live life on her own, she's trying to help her three children. Jaxon is struggling with his sexuality. Jolene is discovering that her perfect marriage is far from perfect. JD is just trying to get through high school and into the Navy. Fifty-two year old Owen Reese returned to his hometown after twenty years in the Navy. He started a small business that has made him a millionaire over the past decade. With his own daughter grown and living a life of her own, he thought his days of parenting were behind him. But he is now raising his sixteen year old niece while his sister is deployed with Doctors Without Borders. And now, the cute, plump receptionist from his accountant's office is everywhere he turns. Not that he's complaining; he's dying to get his hands on those lovely, lush mermaid thighs that haunt his dreams. Nothing seems to go right for them. All of his many sisters are constantly interfering. Her children worry about her so much that they are almost obsessive. And she just wants to be happy. And skinnier. Warning: include an abusive relationship

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"Stay away, stay away from me, stay away!" she shouted repeatedly. Despite having nothing left to throw, she kept yelling. Zane was more than a little curious about what was happening, but the woman's ruckus made it hard to concentrate. "Will you shut the fck up!" he roared at her. She fell silent, and he saw tears filling her eyes, her lips trembling. Oh fck, he thought. Like most men, a crying woman scared him shitless. He'd rather face a hundred of his worst enemies in a gunfight than deal with a crying woman. "And your name is?" he asked. "Ava," she replied in a thin voice. "Ava Cobler?" he inquired. Her name had never sounded so beautiful before, surprising her. She almost forgot to nod. "My name is Zane Velky," he introduced himself, extending a hand. Ava’s eyes widened when she heard the name. Oh no, not that, anything but that, she thought. "You've heard of me," he smiled, sounding satisfied. Ava nodded. Everyone in the city knew the name Velky; it was the largest mafia group in the state, based in the city. And Zane Velky was the head of the family—the don, the big boss, the Al Capone of the modern world. Ava felt her panicked mind spinning out of control. Ava is kidnapped and forced to realize her uncle has sold her to the Velky family to settle his gambling debts. Zane, the head of the Velky family cartel, is hard, brutal, dangerous, and deadly. His life has no room for love or relationships, but he has needs like any hot-blooded man.


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