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Teacher's Pet

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Akira Sanders is an erotic romance author. Pen named Miss. OG, her writings are famous among the high school kids, but little do her fans know that she herself is a high school student and...a virgin. Her biggest inspirations are p*rn videos and washroom gossips. Ethan Whitmore is the high school 'it' boy with God like looks and an ego as huge as Mt. Olympus. An arrogant jerk but the biggest fan of Miss. OG's erotic novellas. Oh! And did I mention that he's the chemistry teacher? So what happens when Ethan comes to know that his favourite author is actually a high school girl, moreover, his student? Join them in their journey through senior year as Ethan tries to teach our Erotic Superstar, a thing or two about chemical reactions...of a very different kind.

Chapter 1


Ethan's P.O.V

As a Master's graduate from the University of Montana, I felt thoroughly insulted when I was recommended Imphal High School as my first choice of schools and to top it of, as a teacher of chemistry.

Not only was I a Bio major, I had to go teach in Imphal, a matchbox sized town bordering Montana. Somehow, I feel like Edward Cullen hightailing out of the city so the sun doesn't scorch his *ss, but unlike Forks from Twilight with its population of 3,120 people, Imphal's population ranges between a bare minimum of 1,300 to 1,800 people. Not to mention there wasn't even an airport or railway station in sight.

The bus ride from Butte, Gold West Country, Montana took me almost 10 hours. Ten treacherous hours of admiring nature at her wildest and gloomiest overnight. So it was a relief when the bus finally pulled up at the station and I got a first glimpse of the town. Bright and sunny and totally not what I'd expected.

Here people didn't seem distant. Everyone greeted everyone with a smile. Quite a few of them was directed my way by giggly teens who most probably studied at the High School I was about to teach. I smirked, shaking my head as I pushed past them with my backpack slung over my shoulders, as their expression turned from hopeful to rueful. 'Be seeing you around', I thought to myself as I made my way to a cab that'd take me to Imphal High.


"Welcome, Mr. Whitmore. We've heard a lot about you from your teachers." Mr. Jeremy Bennett, the principal greeted me as soon as I walked through his cabin doors.

"Good things I hope." I took a seat opposite to his when he motioned me to.

"I'm afraid one doesn't exist without the other." He leaned back in his chair and looked directly at me. He seemed like one of those people you hate or love as much as you want but you simply can't ignore. "I also heard you were quite reluctant to teach here. Why is that?"

"With all due respect Sir, I have nothing against teaching, but for someone who has spent most of their life in's difficult to teach in such a small town." There was no need lying, we could work better if I get all my cards out on the table.

"I see," he shrugged. "Fair enough. But since you are here," he pushed forward a blue file in my direction, "why not stay here for a year and then decide if you want to renew your contract or not."

I opened the file and quickly filled up the form inside. He was right, since I was already here, there was no use playing hard to get and a year's contract is going to be the shortest I'll get.

"Thank you, Mr. Whitmore, I'm sure you won't regret your decision." He gave me a folder envelope from a drawer next to him. "This has your appointment letter and the book list of all the books you'll need for this year but for the time being, you can borrow them from our library until you're settled in. Since you're a Masters graduate, you'll be teaching the seniors this year as a trainee teacher. Good luck, Mr. Whitmore and I hope to see you tomorrow."

"Thank you, Mr. Bennett." I shook his outstretched hand and


"This is your schedule, Mr. Whitmore. Good luck on your first day."

"Thank you", I took the piece of paper from the Principal's Secretary and went in search of my classroom. They had permanent classrooms for each subject, not just practical's but theory as well.

It was near the main hallway that I first saw her and something about her just had me rooted to my spot. The main reason for that may very well be her scarlet hair that stood out like a beacon amongst the crowd, made you notice her. Even the baggy clothes she had on couldn't falter my attention. And that is usually a major turn off for me.

She seemed to be in some important conversation with a brunette guy standing next to her. And from his body language, it was clear as day that the guy was into her, while she looked like she has friendzoned him completely. That's interesting.

"Hi there!"

Startled, I looked down at a young girl of about 17 or 18, caked with makeup, clothes down to near zero and hair a dull platinum blonde. "Yes?"

"You must be new here. Aren't you a little old to be attending school?" She batted her eyelashes, folding her arms in such a way that her breasts nearly spilled out of her top....if you could call it that.

"You're right. I'm looking for the chemistry class." I told her, taking a small step backwards. But her cunning little smirk told me that she noticed the move.

"Oh, I can take you there! I'll even give you a tour of the entire school." Does she seriously think I'm a student?

"Just the Chemistry class will be enough, thank you." I said politely.

I followed behind her, averting my eyes to the hallway as she purposely swayed her hips provocatively and kept glancing back at me. Thankfully, it wasn't long before we reached my class.

"Thank you." I stepped inside the classroom without a backward glance and realized my mistake only after I heard the door shut and lock behind me. "What are you doing?" I turned to face her, crossing my arms across my chest.

"Me? We are simply about to do what two people do in a closed room." She removed her bag and placed it on a nearby desk.

"Oh really?" I raised an eyebrow at her. "Because I'm having a strong urge to call the principal and showing him exactly what happens behind closed doors in this school."

"Come now," she came up to me and wrapped her hands around my neck, the strong smell of her perfume giving me an instant headache. "You're not going to play hard to get now, are you? Why would the Princi bother about what the urges of two students?"

"One student and a teacher." I removed her hands easily as she stood gaping at me. "My name is Ethan Whitmore and I'm the new chemistry teacher. Now, if you do not want to be suspended from school, you will get out of this room immediately."

Her shock turned to anger as she stepped back hastily and picked up her bag. "How dare you!" He screeched. "You're going to regret this, Mark my words."

With that, she flung the door open and stomped out of the class.

Thankfully, the hallway was still empty, but I had a feeling that my reputation wasn't going to be as spotless as it was.

So much for a fresh star.

Akira's P.O.V

Dear Diary,

I can't believe I just wrote that! But since I already did, I might as well get this over and done with.

I'm a good girl, I swear. I finish my homework way before time. Eat my veggies without complaint (my sister is an awesome cook, by the way). I don't have a boyfriend and I've never kissed or had s*x with anyone....okay, so one kiss on the cheeks in a game of truth or dare doesn't count. I'm a straight A's student and all the teachers love me. No really!

So then, why did I suddenly decide to write down my frustrating life story you ask? Because I feel like I'm about to turn into a very, very bad girl. The reason for that you ask? Ethan Whitmore.

He joined last week as a trainee teacher for the senior classes. I'm still a junior, so I'm not in his class yet, but be still my breaking heart! I've only two more months till I'm a senior, until my eighteenth birthday and then I can have a whole of 45 minutes to have wet dreams about him.

But according to the rumor mill, he's not as clean as he looks. Apparently, he started sleeping with the Bee's the instant he stepped foot into the school. But instead of reporting him to the police, everyone's waiting for their turn to come. Even some of the boys who hope that he miraculously turns out to be gay or at least bi.

But character sketch aside, he really does make me want to be the next girl on his list. Thank you to whoever is upstairs, for finally sending a hot teacher to our school. I have a feeling that his lessons are going to be just mind blowing!

Hey! That's a great idea! Why don't I write it down? About a s*xy blonde teacher having s*x on top of his desk? Or kitchen counter? Hmmm. Such tempting ideas. Wonder what I should write first. And there's also this new writing competition coming up for that town magazine. Maybe I can enter it there as a prank. Wish I could see their reaction when they read my work. They'd probably fall off their chair in horror.

This is gonna be so much fun! Can't wait to get started.

Chapter 2

Chapter 1: New Obsession

Ethan's P.O.V:

"Imphal Bookies." I read the glowing neon sign on top of the book store. "Could've been worse."

It was only 7.30 in the evening but the streets were almost deserted. This is one of the downsides of a small town. I've been here two months already but I haven't gotten used to it. But on the plus side, I can go for long runs right in the middle of the road without worrying about someone running me over.

I entered with the list in my hands, began searching almost immediately, averting my gaze from the 40 something woman who gave me a once over as soon as I stepped in. Ignoring her, I went off to buy my books. The seniors would be graduating soon and I can't prepare their question paper without the proper books.

I was in the middle of digging through the science section when I heard it. Two female voices whispering in excited voices from the


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