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She shuddered and moaned non-stop as his finger hit and caressed her sensitive spot. The feeling had caused her to whimper. He pulled off his pant while her eyes bulged out, “You've got a big rod down there, are you confident that it'll fit in?” She questioned. Angelina Trump, a 22 year-old seductress and a stripper relocates to New York on a deadly assignment to lure out a target. She has an irresistible figure but the charm is broken by a lonely gym instructor, a repented mafia Lord with a new identity who'd never pay any attention to her charms. What happens when she tries to seduce him? Will he fall for her tricks? And eventually, she did get the chance to be closer to him, when mystery of his past unveils will she stand by him or let go of her feelings?



April 1st 1989

5 years ago, I stared hard at the lifeless body lying in his pool of blood with his forehead ripped apart in front of me. My eyes were pregnant with tears.

June 10, a day I'll never forget. The day my father was murdered, I was ten but dangerous. I leapt forward and stopped when I was one meter away from the body.

I was choking on my breath, my legs wobbled and my knees find theirselves on the hard floor. I slowly raised the tips of my trembling fingers and dipped it inside the sprawling blood.

I have a taste of the blood, as i rolled my tongue out and licked the blood off, the vein in my heart clenched.

The room was filled with silence expect for my weak wailing which was only audible to my ear. The only thing ringing ringing in my ears was to seek revenge. And I'd swore that I'm going to avenge him; my father, come what years.

Come what years, it must be June ten. The day I'll have to kill him, the killer of my father.

Currently, I've the opportunity to strike him but unfortunately, today is April 1st. I'll keep waiting until...

My name is Angelina Trump, a s*x maniac and a stripper. That's my profession. "Oh yeah, bring it on, call me sl*t. I love that. Harder!"

Chapter 1 meeting with my prey

Chapter one Jack

“Cognac, a lot of gin and light ice.” The order got out of my mouth without me sparing my stares at the bartender.

“One minute,” He wheezed. As I awaits his return with my order. I lowered my gaze, but suddenly lift it up to glance around the bar. The bar was scanty, it wasn't filled up. I darted my gaze to the exit door which also serves as the entrance and saw a young girl walking inside the bar.

The first thing that struck me was her outfit; she seems broken, but her dressing were almost like a slut. She was putting on a deep V mini top, mini skirts with buckle and zippers. Her face was swollen.

I watched her take her seat. My eyes trailed to her revealing thighs, they were hot and appealing from the far distance. “Your order is here.” I stretched my hand backwards and grabbed the glass of wine.

With the glass in between the grasp of my fingers. I twirled it around, checking the content within the glass for any sight of pills b


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