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Lily Williams and Rose Williams, the twins who are never afraid to speak their minds, always seeking something adventurous. Their wish finally comes true when an old enemy of their father returns but so does the dangers and threats of being born in a mafia family. They have always been prepared for situations like such and are ready to enjoy this rollercoaster ride, but what they were not ready for, were the two handsome men who have taken a sudden interest in them. Not to forget they just happen to bear the names that sends shivers and fear down everyone's body. Vincenzo De Connor and Dante De Connor. One is a gang leader and the other is an assassin. Together they are the best partners in crime ever known to the world. So what happens when the two unite again? What happens when both have set their goals on getting something they want? More like someone. Bullets are fired, secrets are unraveled, fear is established, pain is felt, but most importantly.... Love is discovered.


He sighed, entering his room after another rough day. This included eliminating a few people who were just ugly to deal with. It wasn't really hard for him to kill anyone as it came naturally. He was pushed into this world reluctantly. His name was enough to fill people with terror and make them shudder with fear. Vincenzo is what he was known as; the leader of the Italian Mafia.

Being a gang leader had its perks, but sometimes it really got on the nerves. He pondered over what it would be like to live like a normal person. But he knew it wasn't in his fate. Peace was something he had always looked for but kissed goodbye a long time back. It was something lost on a dreadful night where he did a vicious deed which he regretted till date. Something he couldn't forgive himself for. He only wished he could find a place or a person he could confide into or run away to a place where nobody could reach him. Peace was all he wanted. Peace was all he would never get.

He made his way to his bedroom and had a warm shower to release his stress and calm his nerves. Coming out, all he wanted was to go to a peaceful slumber, when his phone's ringtone made him scowl and groan.

"Yo lazy *ss what's up?" spoke the person on the line upon attending the call.

The well-known assassin Dante De Connor, someone who everybody had heard of, but none had seen, was rather enthusiastic to talk to his brother. The mastermind behind every mission, decided to give a heads up to him for the latest rising threat for the gang.

"Get to the point. I'm not in mood for your lame humor," Vincenzo replied with much irritation.

"Come on! I'm your only younger brother. At least give me some love," he spoke in baby voice.

"Two years doesn't make much difference."

"So ..... Then you wouldn't mind if I take over the gang?" Dante smirked.

"Don't get ahead of yourself. Remember you're still the younger one here."

"Yeah yeah I know. I just love riling you up sometimes. Besides I really enjoy my own job and wouldn't give it up for some stupid position," Vincenzo was annoyed at his brother's nonsense chatter.

"Why the hell are you disturbing me at this hour?" He gritted out.

"Well I've got some news. Could be helpful for you ...." Dante trailed off.

"What is it?" Vincenzo's curiosity perked.

"Uh uh uh, not like this. Let's meet up. Besides it's been too long since I met you."

"You met me two days ago," replied Vincenzo in a bored tone.

"Exactly! Too long. Anyways, I'll be waiting at the club. See ya!" With that Dante hung up and Vincenzo groaned in frustration. Now he would have to get his lazy *ss out of the bed just to get some stupid information from his lovely Assassin, not to forget also his right hand man.

Chapter 1

Rose was enjoying her beauty sleep when her shrilling ringtone broke her out of her slumber. She groaned and ignored it while the phone kept blaring. Frustration crawled upon her as she winced at the tone! Why is the whole world against her beauty sleep? Couldn't she get a good night's rest for once? She lazily pulled her hand out of the comforter and fished for the phone on her bedside table, turning to lie on her stomach.

Finally after some struggling, she felt the object she was looking for and slowly brought it to her ear while accepting the call. Her eyes were still shut when she spoke, "The person you're trying to reach is currently enjoying her sleep. Please try again never!" With that she hung up and went back to her beautiful slumber.

On the other side, Lily was tired of trying to reach her sister again and again. Stupid girl is always sleeping, she thought. She got even more irritated when she hung up on her. "Come on idiot! I need


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