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Owned By The Mobster

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Daniel Ford is a man haunted by the ghosts of his past, a past that was robbed from him ten years ago. He's spent the last decade constructing a formidable empire, embedding himself deep within the underbelly of the criminal world, all in pursuit of one goal - retribution. But an unexpected obstacle stands in his path - her. The moment Kathryn Chandelle steps into his world, his intricately planned schemes begin to disintegrate, leaving him with an unshakeable conviction: she is irrevocably his. Kathryn Chandelle is a woman who has learned to stand her ground, no longer willing to be subjugated by any man. But everything changes when Daniel Ford makes his entrance, turning her world upside down and challenging everything she's held dear. He's cynical, he's merciless, and with a single touch, he sets a wildfire blazing within her. But when duplicity emerges and hidden agendas are exposed, can these two seemingly incompatible forces find a way to merge, or will everything they've worked for be in vain?

Chapter 1

The room was bathed in a sensual glow, the dimmed lights and the soft music setting an intimate ambiance as Kathryn stepped into the private chamber.Even under the crimson hue of the neon lights, the figure lounging on the sofa was impossible to overlook. Seated as he was, Kathryn could tell he was tall and well-built. Dressed in a black suit that clung to his form like a second skin, he was the epitome of sophistication. His jacket was casually unbuttoned, revealing a silky tie that blended seamlessly with his black shirt.He looked enticing, his allure only partially hidden in the dim light. And there, catching the red neon glow, was a high-end gold watch adorning his wrist. It was clear why Rain wanted her to focus on this man if he casually flaunted such wealth in a place like this. That watch alone could cover her expenses for the next month.As her gaze travelled up from the expensive timepiece, she took in the rest of Daniel Ford. He was strikingly handsome, his appearance radiating affluence, which suited her perfectly. A strong jawline, short black hair styled flawlessly, and piercing blue eyes so dark they were almost black. Thin wire glasses rested on his face, giving him the air of a software engineer who had matured into his good looks.A nerdy, yet irresistibly attractive software engineer who she was planning to exploit tonight.His expression was neutral, devoid of the lecherous gaze she was accustomed to from men. Oddly enough, she felt a twinge of disappointment at his apparent indifference. She knew she looked attractive, so why wasn't he reacting?"Do you have any rules before we start, darling?" Kathryn lowered her voice to a sultry whisper, stepping confidently towards him.Without waiting for his response, she removed her skirt and positioned herself on his lap, her knees resting on the sofa on either side of his thighs.Kathryn pressed herself against him, her hands exploring the smooth fabric of his suit until they found his black tie. Wrapping it around her hand, she pulled him up until their faces were mere inches apart.As he exhaled, she caught a subtle blend of wintergreen and scotch, mingling with the musky aroma of his sandalwood cologne. The scent enveloped her, seeping into her senses as she inhaled him deeply. She longed to press herself against him, to capture his scent and keep it with her during her solitary nights. Perhaps she could find a similar cologne at Macy's.His sapphire eyes studied her, as if etching every detail of her face into his memory before they dropped to her lips. "The only rules I have don't apply to you," he said, his voice deep and rough - a voice she could imagine waking up to after a night of passionate lovemaking. But she suspected he was a vanilla kind of guy, which wasn't really her style.Kathryn had a taste for the unconventional, and she doubted this man, no matter how attractive, could satisfy her desires. The most attractive ones were often the most vanilla in bed, which was a pity. She doubted he'd indulge her darker desires, instead, he'd likely be the type to climax prematurely and send her on her way with a pat on the rear. What a disappointment that would be.As a new song started playing, Kathryn began her performance. Usually, she would zone out during her dances, the routine so familiar it had become almost mechanical. It was akin to driving the same route to work every day, not even realizing when you've arrived because your mind was elsewhere.But this time was different. Perhaps it was the innocent-looking man beneath her, too shy to touch her, his hands clenched at his sides as she rhythmically moved her hips over his gradually hardening arousal.Or perhaps it was the way his watch sparkled in the soft neon light, tempting her to seize it at the earliest chance. That was probably it."Do you come here often?" she asked, a routine question, but she couldn't suppress the shiver of delight as his deep voice resonated in the room.He shook his head, his gaze never leaving her face as he replied, "First time."Why wasn't he ogling her cleavage? Most men couldn't tear their eyes away from her chest, yet here he was, looking at her as if she were a riddle he was determined to solve."First time here and you got me? You're a lucky man," she flirted, leaning in to plant a kiss on the tip of his nose."Do you kiss everyone that comes back here?" he asked, his voice strained with tension."Only the ones I like," she answered, her voice a playful whisper. She leaned in closer, her breasts inches from his face. His gaze dropped then, his expression morphing into something dark and intense that made her breath hitch and a surge of desire pulse within her.Then, just as quickly, his face was impassive again, making her question if she had imagined the whole thing.Kathryn's fingers tightened on his shoulders, tracing a path down his perfectly tailored suit sleeves. Simultaneously, she rolled her hips against his now hardened arousal.He was incredibly well-endowed."You're so big, darling," she murmured, a sultry moan escaping her lips as she saw his eyes darken with desire.She usually didn't get turned on during these performances, but she couldn't ignore the stirring of desire within her now.To further torment herself, Kathryn ground herself against his stiffness, her lap dance morphing into an intense dry hump.His jaw tightened, his eyes blazing into hers as she continued to tease him through his slacks and her minuscule thong.She couldn't resist. She needed to distract him, and the pleasure radiating from her core was an added bonus. It was a shame she was planning on pilfering his belongings, otherwise, she might have considered inviting him for some fun after her shift.It had been months since she'd been with anyone, and given the impressive size of his arousal, she might be willing to try something less adventurous for a change.Her fingers wandered down to his wrists, her skin teasingly grazing his before she turned her back to him. Offering him a tantalizing view of her rear, she settled back onto his lap, facing away from him. Kathryn arched her back, knowing it accentuated her curves.A sharp curse escaped him as she began to grind against him again, her movement causing a tempting jiggle. A smile tugged at her lips. She had him exactly where she wanted him."You feel so good, baby," Kathryn cooed, amplifying her moan for effect. She had accomplished her mission, his watch now securely in her hand, but she wanted to leave him with a memory of her, something to remember her by since she was taking something of his. It was only fair.Warm, firm hands found her bare waist, his fingers threading through the fabric of her thong as he pulled her closer. A thrill coursed through Kathryn that she couldn't suppress, and when his grip on her hips tightened, she let out a moan she knew he would appreciate."Normally, I don't let clients touch me," she said, her voice dripping with seduction, well aware that it was a blatant lie."Only the ones you like, right?" he countered, his voice rough as he moved her hair aside to nip at her earlobe.Kathryn jerked slightly at the sudden sting, a genuine moan escaping her as her hips instinctively moved against his arousal."Oh, and I'm really starting to like you."

Chapter 2

His hand moved from her hip, sliding to the front of her body, and then he cupped her through her thong. The heat of his palm sent a jolt of desire straight to her core."I bet you think that about all the men you rob," he murmured into her ear, his voice laced with sweetness.Kathryn froze, her dance grinding to a halt as she tried to make sense of his words through the haze of lust clouding her mind.Oh, no.Before she could even attempt to escape, he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back roughly."Did you think I wouldn't notice what you were doing because you have a nice ass and perky breasts?"His voice was like a whip, causing Kathryn to shiver at the dominant tone. She was far more aroused than she should have been, and considerably less frightened than she ought to be."I don't know what you mean," Kathryn lied, squirming uncomfortably as his grip on her hair tightened. Her movements caused his arousal to


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