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On Her Daddy’s bed!

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“You shouldn’t have disobedyed me, Hazel.” His voice came out hard and husky and she thril at the soothing undertone that sent chills down her spine, her p*ssy, already gaining lots of wetness. “I am sorry Daddy,baby girl needed some alone…” she tries to explain, but his next action shut her up. He flung her over the bed like she weighed nothing, her facing pressing into the pillow, while her *ss position into the perfect doggy style he craved for. “I am going to punish you so f*ck*ng well, momma. I am going to f*ck you hard till you no longer feel your legs, momma. Hazel gulps down the hitches in her throat as the thought of his 9 inches thick c*ck riding her tight c*nt, to pleasure. Without any warning, Hazel felt his d*ck tearing throw her, as he made one rough thrust. “Oh my f*ck*ng goodness….” her words thrailed into a moan, while his hands found his most adore part of her body, her waist, Pulling her backward, he began to thrust hard, with each thrust he got rewarded with moans that made him want to do more! Hazel had just gained admission to her favorite university in the city of Washington, she is forced to live with her fathers most trusted young friend all in the name of protection. Hazel eventually finds herself in the bed of the man she claims she hate, the one whom is to protect her from the outside world, after one foreplay, Hazel and Axel had refused to keep their eyes off each other. However it didn’t end up as just Lustful feeling, as love seems to be taking over the air. In a world where, fans criticize whoever wishes to stay intimate with their idol,(Axel)will their love stand a chance with so many accusations from fans and a father who would go to any extent to stop his daughter from marrying Axel, even if it means killing his bestie.

Chapter 1

On her dad’s bed.

Chapter 1.

Authors pov.

Hazel walked down the stairs, her face pulled out in a long stretch, while the maids carried down her bags and her few other belonging.

She stood behind the single-seater that was made of nothing but pure gold. Her hands gripped the top of it as she stares at the entire house, the house she has lived all her life in.

“What's with the long face, Hazel?”Her dad walked into the parlor with a glass of juice.

“I am going to miss you and Henry,” she replied with a pout, and her dad smiles. He spread his arms wildly and she fell into it, his other arms wrapped around her body, while the other, held onto his glass of wine, preventing it from falling.

“You do not have to worry, Hazel. Staying with Axel is just as same as staying with me.” he strokes her hair slightly trying to calm her down, but his words only aggregated the anger she was trying so hard to bury.

The thought of going to live with Axel provoked her even more.

Hazel, is the youngest child and the only daughter of Mr. Marco. She had just gained admission into her favorite university in Washington with the thoughts of staying with her boyfriend who has been there for over a year now, however, plans changed when her father insisted that she would be living with his young best friend whom he had known since college.

However, her father is doing all this, just to see that she is safe and far away from sexual assort, Her tiny little waist that had shaped out the curve of her *ss and hips calls onto men, and can get their d*ck throbbing, and her father doesn't wish to have rap or rap assort in his list.

Hazel is young and petite, pretty, with jet-black hair and hazel green eyes, white pale skin, a chubby neck with a cute flush, and plump lips.

“Can I not live with Axel, Daddy?” her voice came out tiny and her dad exhale slightly.

“I have known Axel since I was 29, and he has been my best friend since his brother passed away, he is my best friend Hazel, and I feel safe letting you stay with him.”

Hazel knew that no amount of words would get her dad to change his mind, so she would live by it.

“You might miss your flight, let's get going.”her father urge and she Inhaled deeply.

She stared at the entire mansion, and her heart stiffened a bit. She is going to miss her father so well, and this house. Tears burnt the back of her eyes, but she did well by blinking them back inside.

“Let's get going.” her dad pats her shoulder and they walked out of the door through the exit door, slumped into the car, and took off.


Hazel stepped out of the flight and the cool air took up her hair, her eyes blinked into a small close, before patting open. She stared up at the sky, another feeling of happiness flushing into her.

“Washington, here I come!” she breathed out happily, all the pain in her heart suddenly vanishing. It has always been her dream to visit Washington and here she is.

The sudden beep of her phone pulled her away from her thoughts and she reached out to her phone.

It was her best friend, Tracy.

“Hey, dolphins.” Tracy giggles from the other end and Hazel rolled her eyes at the annoying name.

“That name sucks, Tracy.”

“Everything sucks the Hazel I know.” she let out a little bit bitchy and Hazel scoffed.

“Have you arrived?”

“Yes. I am at the airport.”

“Did plans change?”

“No,” she let out a frustrated sigh

“My dad still insists that I stay with Axel.” she drags her box through the airport finding a place to sit.

“I am sorry girl. However this isn't even a bad idea, I mean plenty of girls would pay to be with him.” her hands covered her mouth while she giggles, aggravating the anger Hazel was feeling.

“I am not a lot of girls, and I do not wish to live with him.” she rolls her eyeball disgustingly.

“I suppose she is protesting against living with me.”The husky yet tantalizing voice of Axel breaks through her ear and she felt chills run down her spine.

Her hands loosed a little grip on her phone as she heard the soothing voice of Axel. Even without turning to get a glimpse, she was sure that he was the one. How can she forget his voice? The voice that sends chills down her spine.

“Is that his voice?” Tracy’s voice, broke through the phone jolting her out of her thought, as she gulps down nothing, before hanging up and turning to him, her phone tightly held to her hand.

Her legs halted the moment she turned to see Axel taking a slow yet steady step toward him, her eyes blinked softly as she stared at the perfectly structured 6’6 tall guy, with long braided Raven hair, a pointed nose, pink, plump, and flushed lips guy, with a sharp jaw, that is as straight as the very edge of a knife, the motion in his steps sent hitches to her throat as she watched the air capture his jacket, spreading it wild apart just so she could get a glimpse of his broad wild shoulder and a well-quantified arms. Indeed the 33 years old guy has grown more fully than she imagined.

Her eyes followed the few steps he had to take till he got to her, and she managed to gulp down nothing, the scent of his cologne captivating his nostril.

“Baby girl,” he called out the moment he got to her, jolting her out of her admiration, and she rolled her eyes, at the annoying name.

“I am not the baby girl from high school, I am all grown up now.” she corrected and he used that as the medium to cheek her out.

Indeed she has changed from the little aged Hazel to a lady with much more heavy t*ts, a big *ss, and a tiny waist that got him salivating, the thoughts of grabbing her *ss, invading his brain.

“Isn't it bad that your eyes are about to tear my clothes away?” she snaps her finger at his face and he batted his eyes softly with a low and seductive smile, securing the bream of his lips.

“Do you think my hand would do better?” he teased and she stamped her feet at how well he had grown naughtier.

“You do not intend to keep me standing here forever do you?”

“No baby girl, I just wish to stare a little bit more.”

“I am not baby girl,” she groaned, he like the cute angry face she had, and it would be fun to bully her, just so he could get that cute angry face as a reward.

“Seeing that you are already grown for the name, baby girl, should I call you momma?” his voice came out barely above a whisper, Hazel felt her heart miss a beat, at the undertone of his voice.

“Don't stare too much, momma, you might fall for me.” he grins, and scoffs.

Without letting her say a word, he pulled her hands into his, dragging her with her, after asking his guards to carry her box and the rest of her stuff.

Chapter 2


Chapter 2.

Authors pov.

The ride from the airport to Axel’s was quite far.They finally pulled Into the compound of the magnificent building that was situated at the secluded eastern part of Washington.

Hazel stepped out of the Landcruiser Prado after the guards helped her to open the door.

Her mouth patted open at the sight of the magnificent building that welcomed her, she stared up at the mighty building that shared the same look as skyscrapers in New York City and it was awe-inspiring.

She breathed deeply as she took a quick glimpse around at all the security guards surrounding the property. Her heart sped up slightly as she felt her anxiety start to build.

If she wasn't from a rich home she would have spent the who

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