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In Love With the Monster

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He pressed a sharp knife into the small of my back making me freeze in fear instantly, afraid to even breathe too loud. “Didn’t I say warn you not to make a sound?" He snarled as his eyes blazed with fury. His voice a low, menacing baritone “Make one more sound and I promise you, that’ll be your last.” he threatened, pressing the knife harder into my skin. I whimpered in agony. Alexis a 24 years old fresh graduate follows her dream of moving into a new city to her aunt's old house, to get a good life for herself. Unknown to her, the house which reportedly had been empty for the past ten years is being occupied by a strange man with a dark aura who takes her hostage as soon as she walks in. In order to survive and also protect her loved ones, she must do everything he says. Of all the crazy and confusing things that's happening to her, one question she can't seem to answer is why she's slowly falling for her kidnapper.

Chapter 1

I stood and stared at the building in delight as I got out of the taxi. It was already about six o’clock in the evening when I arrived at the house. My aunt had told me about and it was everything she described it to be. I instantly fell in love with the scenery and simplicity of the two-story building.

The houses are built far apart from each other, so everyone can have their privacy without prying or noisy neighbors.

I could barely contain my excitement to finally get to live on my own for the first time as I rushed to open the door.

“Miss, are you the new person that’ll be living there?” A voice behind me asked.

I turned around to see a young man, probably in his late twenties and smiled at him

“Yes, my aunt owns the house” I replied still smiling

“Oh, what a shame” he muttered under his breath.

My brows shot up “Excuse me?” I asked with rising temper

How rude! Is that how they welcome neighbors around here?

“It’s nothing! I’m sorry that was rude of me. I’ll just go in and get you a snack to welcome you into the neighborhood” he said, scratching the back of his head and smiling like a child who has just been caught doing something wrong. It was kind of cute.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it, I’ll just head in now. I’m a bit tired” I said fiddling with the door knob.

“Just hold on one second” he said lifting up a finger as he disappeared into his house.

I went inside and I was dumbfounded.

I felt like picking up my bags and running back home. Everything was a mess! Too old and dusty. The house was very beautiful and antique but in need of some serious work. I set aside my stuff and got to work immediately.

Before long I heard a knock on my door, wondering who that was, I peeped through the door hole.

The neighbor.

“Here you go” he said handing me a plate filled with cookies as soon as I opened the door. “I’m Noah by the way”

“Thank you so much. I’m Alex”

“I’m sorry about what I said earlier, It was out of line” He apologized with the same cute smile

“I understand, it’s no problem. u were probably surprised to see someone here all of a sudden”

“Are you moving in alone?” He asked

“Yeah I'm a fresh graduate and I decided to move to the city to find a decent job since I already have a place to stay”

“Big move! Impressive. Welcome once again. If you need help with getting settled in just knock on my door and I'll be glad to help.”

“Alright Noah. Thanks a lot”

I went back in and continued arranging things. How many years has it been since someone lived here? Everything is so old and creaky. The dust is so think and the house is literally covered in cobwebs.

I pick up a book from the shelf and something fell from behind it.

A ring.

Not just any ring, it looked antique. It must be really expensive, probably worth thousands. It’s so pretty. I know aunt Edna would be elated to see it.

I pocketed it first and when I finished cleaning I put it in the dresser next to my bed then I head to the kitchen to prepare dinner, it’s already 8:00pm, I’ll just take a bottle of juice with the cookies the neighbor brought.

I hear a knock on the door.

Noah again? I ask myself. It’s already late, what could he want this time.

I opened the door but there was no one there. ‘That’s strange' I thought to myself but dismissed it immediately. It’s probably stray dogs or something. I closed it again and bolted it, then went upstairs. I couldn't sleep with the light on so I turned it off and went to bed, extremely tired from the stress of the day. Hoping to have a peaceful sleep with no idea of what was looming in the darkness.

I woke up with a start from the noise coming from below. I turned and stared at the clock on my nightstand.

12:28 am

A creaking sound came from downstairs, like a door slowly opening and closing. I fumbled around with my hands on the wall in search of the light switch, turned on the light and slowly went down the stairs. I was stopped by a sudden noise I heard again, the sound of fragile objects. At this point my heart was already in my stomach out of fear but I managed to convince myself that I was only being paranoid.

I continued down the stairs slowly and cautiously, ready to attack whatever came out of the darkness.

“Why don’t you try using the light switch, instead of fumbling around in the dark?” A voice, guttural and dark as the night asked as footsteps approached me

I didn’t even try to scream.

I turned on my heels immediately, trying to run back up the stairs to the safety of my room but strong hands gripped me before I could take two steps.

It was at that moment that my throat opened up. I opened my mouth to let out a loud scream like a banshee but his hands flew over my mouth like the flash, muffling my scream before it could come out

“Shhhh. Now be quiet” He said as though he was trying to soothe a little child. Try to make noise and I’ll break every bone in your boby” he whispered so softly into my ears.

Chills ran down my spine.

Chapter 2

He covered my mouth with one hand and held my two hands with the other hand. I could see nothing but a small shadow but I still couldn’t see his face, all I knew was that he was wearing a jacket and a hoodie. His grip on my hand tightened and I could feel him tying them together behind my back.

When he removed his hand from my mouth, I tried to scream again for help but he covered it again and put a cloth in as a gag.

He pressed a sharp knife into the small of my back making me freeze in fear instantly, afraid to even breathe too loud.

“Didn’t I say warn you not to make a sound? He snarled, his voice a low and menacing baritone as his eyes blazed with fury.

“Make one more sound and I promise you, that’ll be your last.” he threatened, pressing the knife harder into my skin. I whimpered

“I haven’t had anyone with me in years.” He continued as the corners of his mouth curved up and my stomach dropped

I was beyond terrified by the sound of his vo


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