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Alexander travels to Ecuador on vacation, by a happy mishap he meets his future wife Martha, he loves her with such intensity that his love would be so strong and if she lacked his hatred it would be just as devastating and because of third parties He is wrong and repudiates causing her such pain that she disappears and later regrets her actions Alexander The King Of Transylvania, a novel full of love, mistrust, regret, pain and death A love must triumph over all doubts and delusions. Never forget a very old saying for your happiness "When you love, you don't doubt"


Dracula had the habit of seducing humans and vampires, with his attractive appearance, those beautiful blue eyes, his tall, stocky, always elegant bearing and his perfume had a rich aroma that women fell at his feet.

He liked to travel a lot, his castle was always in the care of his butler Kyeller, because his father and sister traveled a lot and he ordered many servants he had, he left confident, on one of his trips he decided to visit the South American country he had seen on his Globe it is called Ecuador, he liked the name.

-South America... uh, Ecuador, mmm, I like it

It was the year 1988, he arrived at the airport and had a reservation on a flight under the name of Alexander Damian Collins, they let him in and he got on the plane, sitting next to a beautiful woman who fell seduced by his look and attractiveness when he saw him. He was talking to her, they had to make a change in Alberta-Canada, when they went down, he hypnotized her and took her to a desolate place, he possessed her and erased her memory, they returned, she took another plane and left, while Alexander He got on the one that would take him to Ecuador, he sat down smiling that he enjoyed the body of that beautiful woman.

He specifically arrived in the capital Quito, stayed in a luxurious hotel, rested until late at night, went out to entertain himself dancing, ate in expensive restaurants, had rented a luxurious car.

He arrived at a mall, he got off to see the shelves, stores and see if he liked something there, he went in and began to walk through the huge corridors full of people, he bought a milkshake, he was drinking it little by little, he went up some stairs The electricity was already halfway through, when a crash of broken glass was heard, some laughter and saw some young people who were running chased by the guards, it was reaching the end and the young people went down the stairs pushing everyone who was coming down, but there was one who was covering her face with a kind of scarf and instead of going down the stairs that was going down, she collided with Alexander and spilled the milkshake on him

-Get out of my way! -shouted him

Alexander grabbed her hand and could not let go, her scarf fell from the hustle and bustle and it was seen that it was a young woman with honey-colored eyes, she squeezed her against him and the guards did not notice, they ran down after those who came down.

When the guards were lost downstairs, Alexander looked into her eyes and she to him,

-Sir, can you let me go? Excuse me for dirtying it.

-Oh, right, sorry! and it's nothing that can't be cleaned

He made a gesture and it was clean, she looked at him absorbed babbling

-But how did it do it? Is it magic? It cleaned itself!

Alexander realized that he made the mistake of letting himself be seen doing magic, he took her hand again and they walked towards the food court.

She was like a lapdog without saying anything, she just let herself go, they reached a table, he pulled the chair for her to sit down, then he sat down and looked at her fixedly saying

-You'll forget you saw me doing magic!

"And how can I forget it if I saw it," she said

-What?, but what happened?! I'm hypnotizing you to forget it

-Hypnotizing? Are you hypnotizing me? And why would you do it?

-I do it so that nobody knows who I am and that I do magic

-And who are you?, I say in the end you can make me forget, but if I wanted to know who are you?

-No, I can't tell you, you'd be scared!

-Let's see, my name is…Martha Jhosells

-Nice name!…this yooo, my name is Alexander Collins

-Oh, that name is cute, so manly and why does he say he doesn't want anyone to know he's here?

-I don't want to say…rather, did I want to ask you? How such a pretty girl was mixed up with those barbarians who were running and the guards were chasing them.

-They are not barbarajans!, we are students of the University and the truth was that we were playing until a crazy lady thought that we were going to rob her and she screamed, so we ran, we were just playing push and push

-I agree with the screaming lady

-What? And why? You weren't there, you didn't see what happened!

-Because this is a place for shopping and entertainment, it is not to be pushed and if they push me, I would also think they want to rob me

Martha thought that she was right about that, she looked at him well, he was handsome, blue eyes with an exquisite shine, he spoke politely, tall and strong

- Now that I think about it, you're right, I think I saw the lady coming here, I'm going to apologize on behalf of my brother and classmates.

-Wait a moment, I'm going with you, just in case.

-That's fine thanks!

Martha approached the lady and said

-Ma'am, I want to apologize for the scare you had a while ago, we pushed you, we made you scared, I apologize on behalf of my brother and my classmates

The lady looked at her angrily and looked at the elegant man standing next to her, who looked at her and felt something strange and said

-Don't worry sweetie, I'm sorry, one has also been young for a day.

Martha looked at her more calmly saying

-Thank you for forgiving us!

And the lady left smiling

-Be fixed, I forgive myself!, hahaha

Alexander looked at her, how beautiful, happy, spontaneous, he looked at her without any malice.

-Good for you, even though I don't think the others think like you, they are laughing over there

Martha saw them looking at them and laughing.

-Martha, may I offer you to eat pizza?

-Pizza, of course Alexander, I accept your invitation!

He took her by the hand to the astonishment of his brother and friends, sat her down in one of the chairs in the food court.

He went to the pizza place, talked to the clerk and went back to sit down to wait for the pizza.

Martha saw him and said

-Alexander, you are not from here right?

-No, I'm from Romania.

-I tell you it's because here you order the pizza and they give it to you so you can bring it yourself

Alexander smiled, snapped his fingers and the clerk sent one of those who work with him to take the pizza where the two were, he left them and left.

-But how did he do that? They never go out to leave the pizzas

-As you now know, there is magic! -Alexander said smiling at him.

Martha saw him and smiled at him, she realized that her brother was watching them along with his friends

Alexander looked at her and said

-You can call your brother to come, I invite him a pizza too


And how do you know my brother is here?

-Because I felt it and its reflection is in his eyes

-Oh, okay, I'll call you.

Martha made signs to her brother and he walked towards them, when he got to the table he said

-Good evening, Mr...

-Alexander Collins

-Good evening, Mr. Alexander, my name is Anthony, I am Martha's brother.

-How is Anthony, sit down, they bring you your Hawaiian pizza

Anthony looked at his sister with his mouth open, when he saw a pizzeria employee bring him his favorite pizza and his soda too.

-Thank you Mr Alexander

Martha was about to finish the pizza and I look at the elegance of how he used the cutlery, he ate very quickly and saw his brother who ate the pizza with pleasure, but with his hands he seemed like a troglodyte, but he couldn't stand seeing everything muddy and he Laughed out loud

-Anthony, hahaha, you look like a baby eating!, hahaha

Anthony looked at her, he had f


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