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Meet Maya Brooks - a 22 year old lady with a perfect curve. She dropped out of school after her father died because her mother couldn't provide the money for her school fees. She vowed to fish out the people behind her father's death because her dad was murdered and there was no money to investigate into the murder case because the company their father work with collect everything they had except their house. They had to sell the property they have everyday so as to provide food on their table and to pay Liam's (her younger brother) school fees. When things started going hard on them because nobody wanted to buy a used property again, Maya had to look for a job and the only job available was to become a personal maid to the famous young CEO - Ryan Greenville. Meet Ryan Greenville, a hot s*xy CEO. He's 25 years of age. So manly and handsome. Ladies trip for him everywhere he goes but he doesn't give a d*mn to them. He only wants to use and dump them because he wasn't ready to stay committed but then Maya has to come into his life and changed everything thereby making Ryan tell her his deepest secret - something that made him cold outside. Many secrets to be unfold as we journey into the intriguing episode of this rollercoaster ride.

Chapter 1

MAYA I woke up from my sleep as the alarm rang not so loud in my ears. Well I've already gotten use to this almost condemn alarm. I just have to manage it since there's no money. I checked the time and it was showing 7:20am and I jump up immediately. OMG!!! I'm going to be late for my interview that is suppose to start by 8:00am. I rush into the bathroom and did my morning routine. I was fast about it because time wasn't on my side After bathing, I came out of the bathroom with my hair dripping wet as I wipe the water off with my hair towel. I apply my body lotion and put on my best clothes. Well since my dad died two years ago, we haven't gotten any new clothes because we barely eat not to talk of having new clothes. I was done with everything already. So I took my phone and left my room. I walk down the stairs as I met mum setting the dinning. I check the time and it was 7:35am. I'll just spend five minutes with my family and leave. "Good morning mum" I said as I got to the dinning room. "Morning my child, how was your night" she ask"It was fine mum" I said looking around and couldn't find Liam. "Liam isn't awake yet?" I ask "You know your brother Maya" mum said "Yeah I know him to be a lazy rat" I said "I heard that Maya" I heard Liam's voice as he walk into the dinning already dressed up for school. "Common Liam aren't you a lazy rat?" I ask smiling "Ahhhhhhh" he groan and we all laugh I check the time and it was 7:40am already. I stood up ready to leave. "I'll start going to the interview mum, I'm running late already" I said "OMG!!! I actually forgot that today was the interview" mum said with wide eyes"It's okay mum. Take care of yourself before I get back and Liam, be a good boy at school" I said "I've always been a good boy" he said rolling his eyes and we all laugh "Alright guys bye" I said and left the house to board a cab to the Greenville's mansion. ***I'm Maya Brooks, I'm 22 years of age and a beautiful lady at that. Well yeah I'm very beautiful that's why guys keep pestering me all around. My mum is beautiful and my dad was a handsome man. So why won't I be beautiful?My dad is dead actually. He was murdered in cold blood two years ago when I was still in my second year in college. I had to drop out of school because there was no money to further my education. The people dad worked with, took everything that belongs to us except our house and everything in it. We had to start selling our properties to get money and take care of ourselves. I have promise to fish out those people that had an hand in my dad's death. I'll make sure they pay for murdering my dad. Well that's why I'm working so hard to make sure I have the money to bring up the case again. They must face the law for what they did. That's enough about me for now. You'll know more as we go. The cab stopped in front of the Greenville's mansion. The Greenville are the most wealthiest and most powerful people here in Mexico. You don't mess with them and go scot free. They control this city with their wealth. They derive Joy in watching people suffer but I had no choice but to come seek a job here because we find it very hard to feed and Liam has to go to school. I wouldn't have been opportune to come for the job interview because they shared a ticket of the job interview to few people. I wasn't opportune to get one but on my way home day before yesterday,I saw one of the ticket on the floor and pick it up. It was a little bit dirty before I picked it but I make sure to make it presentable before today. I came down from the cab and paid and cab man. I had to walk a mile before getting to the main gate. I ring the bell and no one came out after I waited for seconds. I did it again and again but still no one came to answer me. I ring the bell multiple times but no one. Gosh I'm feeling exhausted already. Why will they allow people to suffer all the time? Is it because I'm here for a job? Gosh!I was looking for a place to sit before anyone will answer me but then, the gate was open revealing some men dress like guards."Take her" one of them instructed and the rest guards came to me immediately to drag me away with them but what did I do actually?"You'll be punish for disturbing the whole mansion" a guard said like he was reading my thoughts. "But...bu..why? what did I do wrong?" I ask already in tears. I'm going to face the wrath of the Greenvilles today. "In here, visitors are not suppose to ring the bell more than twice but you did it multiple times so you'll be punish" the guard said."But I didn't know about it" I said."Ignorance is not an excuse" another guard said."But who is going to punish me?" I ask."Mr Greenville's son" another guard reply.Mr Greenville's son? Mr Greenville has only one son and... OMG! I'm going to be punish by the hot Ryan. But I thought I heard that he was the one to conduct the interview since he's the one needing the maid?What if he's not as good as he seems on the internet, magazines, products and on televisions?Just the first time at the Greenville's mansion and I'm already in trouble. I wish I was patient enough to wait after ringing the bell the first and second time. Gosh! I'm doom today...T. B. C

Chapter 2

MAYA They kept dragging me and I almost wow at the beauty of the mansion but I'm in trouble so I won't have the time to do that now. They finally got to a building and went inside with me. They stop at a room and knock and we heard "the door is open".They open the door and went inside with me. "Young master she's here" the guard said from outside"Let her in" I heard a very deep masculine voice from inside. They open the door and led me inside the room with my head bow. I couldn't look at the young master or whatsoever. "Leave us" I heard him say and the guards left the room slamming the door behind. I was there still bowing my head. Few minutes past without him saying anything and I was wondering if someone was still there. Well I couldn't raise up my head, considering the fact that I know so


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