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Faith Godwin

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About me

Hi sweeties, welcome to my wall. I'm Faith Godwin and I hope you have fun reading my novels.


  • 👁 202
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Meet Maya Brooks - a 22 year old lady with a perfect curve. She dropped out of school after her father died because her mother couldn't provide the money for her school fees. She vowed to fish out the people behind her father's death because her dad was murdered and there was no money to investigate into the murder case because the company their father work with collect everything they had except their house. They had to sell the property they have everyday so as to provide food on their table and to pay Liam's (her younger brother) school fees. When things started going hard on them because nobody wanted to buy a used property again, Maya had to look for a job and the only job available was to become a personal maid to the famous young CEO - Ryan Greenville. Meet Ryan Greenville, a hot sexy CEO. He's 25 years of age. So manly and handsome. Ladies trip for him everywhere he goes but he doesn't give a damn to them. He only wants to use and dump them because he wasn't ready to stay committed but then Maya has to come into his life and changed everything thereby making Ryan tell her his deepest secret - something that made him cold outside. Many secrets to be unfold as we journey into the intriguing episode of this rollercoaster ride.


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