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His Escort.

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THERE'S A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND LUST. Nancy is a pretty and brutal assassin who lures men in bed just to kill them without any difficulty. Beautiful and poisonous with a charming body that is capable of seducing any man, she works for a top-secret deadly assassin agency in the United States. With her skills and cold-blooded heart, she is the best assassin the agency has ever had in years, and never has she failed in any mission she gets assigned to. Unfortunately for Nancy, fate took a drastic turn when she gets a job to eliminate the president's son. Instead, Nancy found herself falling deeply in love with him. Will she carry out her assignment or spare the heart she loves?...


A moan of pleasure escaped my lips.

I sighed deeply with tightly shut eyes, my fingers grabbed his wet dark hair firmly as his mouth devoured my t*ts like a hungry beast.

Gently, he placed his wet tongue on me bringing wild sparks of fire, and my body burned with so much sensation.

I moaned, more loudly in excitement this time, my legs pinned to themselves, and my libido rose without expectation.


I cursed softly.

He didn't stop but continued fiercely, not listening to my moans, he kept on pleasing me, so lost and concentrated more on nothing else around us but my body.

My lips quivered with erotic wants.

"Don't stop," I whispered, my fingers still combing through his hair.

Aggressively, he dragged me closer, his arms around my waist.

My body melted and my blood ran violently through my veins.

Immediately, my eyes fling wide open.

My lips cornered into a deadly smirk and I watched the fool who didn't know his death had come.

"You are such a bad boy, aren't you?"

I teased and he nodded, his face still buried in between my boobs.

The lights in the room were dim but I could see as clear as day.

"Do you want more of this?" I asked seductively, raising his face to mine.

His eyes, those dark visions of his were filled with sexual hunger making me burn widely.

"You know I do," he mumbled like a child, his eyes fixed on me.

I grinned.

"Why don't you show me how a real man handles a woman?" I whispered with my lips so close to his, his breath heavy on my face.

At once, he pushed me onto the bed, his eyes made me naked and he pounced on my t*ts once again.

I laughed loudly.


Ravishing fools!

They will do anything for the cookie jar!

Quietly, without distracting him from his lustful act. I brought my bag closer to me, and at the same time, I let out fake moans which made him believe I was enjoying his touch on my skin.

Deep disgust filled me.

Without wasting any more time as the irritation in me grew like wild sparks of firelight, I brought out my gun and shot him directly at the top of his head.

Thick red liquid splashed on my face.

He fell to the ground covered in his pool of blood.

"Come on, you just can't die like this without a fight!"

I laughed, my eyes fixed on his dead body.

Feeling satisfied, I looked down at my bloodstained body.

"I hate this sh*t!" I groaned.

Quickly, I walked into the restroom and cleaned myself up.

My phone began to ring.

I came out as fast as I could, wore my clothes properly, and ransacked the dead guy's pocket.

He had his credit card and a very expensive gold watch around his wrist.

"I guess it's my payday"

I chuckled.

Hastily, I opened the wardrobe next to the king-sized bed, rummaged through it, and searched for a vital document worth billions of dollars.

My phone kept on ringing.

The ticking sound of the clock reminded me that I have only two minutes left to evacuate the hotel room.

"Where the hell are you?" I bit my lower lips running out of patience.

Right next to a brown box, I saw a stack of files, rapidly, I opened one of the files, my lucky charm document, and the purpose of this man's death stared at me.

A smirk crept on my face with stretched lips.

Quickly, with just a minute left, I inserted the document into my bag and picked up my ringing phone.

"It's done, I will be out in a second."

All of this was done with a glove on, I glanced at the dead man and left the hotel room with no trace of evidence for the cops.

Majestically, I got out of the hotel with my sunglasses on to disguise myself, a confident look on my face because I was certain that the security cameras of the hotel had been taken care of.

Just a few steps away from the entrance door, I saw my driver waiting patiently.

"That was quick," he noted.

With pride, I entered the car, looked into my handbag, and smiled proudly.

My name is Nancy Benson, welcome to my world.

Chapter 1

Nancy's POV.

The moment I flung my eyes open, the smell of alcohol hit me.

I wrinkled my nose.

I slowly sat up in bed as the events of last night began to trickle into my head. Naked bodies and loud music. I twisted my arm to grab my phone and I winced. The pain came from in between my legs. I groaned.

Ugh! Being a hired assassin was both fun and tiring.

Yep, that was my job. I kill for a living.

I got down from my bed and took a bottle of alcohol next to a table as I stepped on dirty clothes on the floor. I looked around and saw the state of my apartment and sighed. I am no messy person but the idiot I had to sleep with yesterday just to kill f**ked me so hard and made me tired. That was why I put a bullet in his head immediately he started going harder.

Now let’s say that I’m a brutal lady. I’ll do anything to get my job done, even if it required sleeping with women. I am pretty much used to guys now.

Growing u


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