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Forbidden Temptations (A Collection of Steamy, 18+ Tales)

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Steamy, dirty stories with a kinky, forbidden twist. Each story is about 20,000 words so sit back, grab some holy water and relax! It's time to sink in 11 deliciously dark and twisted love tales! Highly erotic and brimming with dark desires, don't say I didn't warn ya! 18+ Forbidden Temptations (Steamy Collections Erotica) Coach and Cheerleader Principal and Student Step-brother and Step-sister Teacher and Student Step-father and step-daughter Father’s best friend and 18 year old daughter Professor and college student Secretary and Ceo Maid and master Younger boy and older woman Doctor and female student

Chapter 1


Tiana Rogers, a hot new member of the cheerleading squad, needs something hotter to sate the burning tingly sensation between her legs and she finds the perfect d*ck for the job when she meets Coach Carlton. She tests the waters of high school surrounded by other s*x-crazed teens with its ups and downs. Her desire for Coach Carlton takes her into uncharted territory. What started as innocent encounters and not-so-innocent daydreams morph into real s*x-packed action neither of them could resist.

Tiana's POV

High school is by far the best case study for "The wild". The only difference this place had from the actual wild was that the animals here were f*ck*ng. Everyone was f*ck*ng everything.

Yes, folks. We had gotten to that line and crossed it running extra laps on the goddamn tracks.

Just last week, I stumbled upon Rebecca giving multiple blow jobs to two seniors in the music room. In my defense, I wasn't aware they made lessons available for that particular instrument. The way she was going at it simultaneously; pro!

Amid all the hormonal juice and bodily fluid going around, there were still a few like me. Those who wanted to f*ck without hopping on the damned s*x train.

I'd gotten into the cheerleading squad earlier in the year. I was what the girls referred to as "piggy" being the new addition to the team.

Piggy also meant I sacrificed my body as the key component whenever they thought to try the human pyramid.

Jessica Rowland was the queen bee and most of the girls kissed her *ss and gratefully nibbled whatever sh*t she dropped. I excluded myself from the sorry bunch.

Jessica noticed my defiance early which made her pick me out as a soon-to-be rival.

The boys on the basketball team were sculpted and carved to be human vessels of greek gods which meant they were hot as hell. It also meant they were top of the horny food chain and get to f*ck without twitching a muscle. No wonder they were so crappy on the court.

There was a big game in a few hours and we had just perfected a new cheer routine. I was panting like a dying dragon by the time Rebecca gave her thumbs up.

My uniform looked small because of the size of my t*ts and sometimes it was impossible for me to bend because of my *ss. My mom called it good genes while I called it honey for the coyotes.

The guys stared with barely concealed lust whenever I walk past but none of them ever made a move. I think they're watching me trying to understand the kind of prey I was before they get their claws dirty.

I wobbled off the court with my bag on my shoulder and headed for the shower. Most of the girls stared at my body. I'd gotten used to it. Heck, even I stand in front of the mirror sometimes looking at those bad boys.

There were a few hours left before the game started. I put on my headphone, picked one of my favorite songs, and started walking along the sidewalk. The street was almost empty at this time.

The sound of Khelani's voice in my ears engulfed me with a sense of warmth. I'd let myself get lost in the music that I didn't notice the man walking by my side until I tripped into him.

I looked up into familiar ocean eyes. The blue depths of those eyes pulled me and submerged me into their promised comfort.

I recognized him almost immediately. It was the new young coach of the team. He was wearing a gray tracksuit and white high kicks.

His body was shaped like that of a gladiator who had seen more dust and blood than an arena. His warm smile touched his mouth and rested on his eyes.

There was something oddly attractive in the way he smiled when he said, "Where have I seen you before?"

I imagined him naked almost immediately as I had done so many times. Forming the image was as easy as breathing but keeping it up under his watchful gaze was the problem.

"Still there?" He waved.

Despite myself I flushed.

"Sorry about that. I got distracted."

He was a walking breathing distraction all right. I couldn't hold one rational thought for long looking into his stormy eyes.

I turned off the music and slowed down enough to be on the same walking pace with him. His cologne made me whimper slightly. It sounded like a low cry. Thankfully he didn't hear it.

"I'm part of the cheer squad. You must have seen me on rehearsal."

He grunted with a 'eureka! that must be it' smile that bared my flesh open exposing vulnerability.

"I'm Coach Carlton. Tbe guys have made it a point calling me CC instead despite my protests."

"That's what you get when you're paid to train a group of assholes and jerks." I said trying not to sound foolish.

The regret I felt immediately the words came out showed I'd not only sounded foolish but confidently foolish.

He chuckled to my astonishment and I did too making a nervous sound.

"So what do they call you?" His eyes took my entire profile in one lingering glance.

Without thinking I said, "Piggy."

F*ck! Are you for f*ck*ng real right now?!! Piggy?

He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face. If I had a gun, I wouldn't hesitate to blow my brains.

"Piggy?" His voice echoed through me.

"Erm, I don't know why I said that." I rushed the words in my attempt to explain to him so he wouldn't see me as a f*ck*ng weirdo.

"I'm Tiana." I added taking a breath.

There was no way I could ruin this further than I'd already done.

He gave me a look that sent my temperature rising. "Exotic?"

I nodded.

My honey-colored skin was a giveaway.

"That explains the looks."

My cheek went a bright red and I turned away from him pretending to have seen something that caught my attention.

"Are you coming for the game?" I could tell he was about to leave by the way he focused on his watch.

"Sure. The piggy never goes missing on a game."

"Oh, Piggy!" His eyes glowed finally with understanding.

I felt a savage desire to strip him there and then on the wet grass and give myself to him completely. I wanted him to take me. Ravage me. Consume me flesh and bones.

He gave me a cheeky smile, offered his hand for a shake and when I accepted it, I could have swore my heart did something strange. It fluttered and skipped a bit. More like a glitch.

It was all I could do not to moan out.

I was as aroused as a f*ck*ng red-butt baboon.

"See you then, Piggy." He grinned.

I chuckled nervously as he turned to leave. I knew it was forbidden to feel this way about someone older than me especially since he was the coach and all but it felt so good. The endless possibilities that came from just thinking about f*ck*ng him. Arrrrgh!

"You okay?"

I turned around to meet Rebecca's puzzled expression.

She was dressed in her uniform; the extra short one. Her green eyes reminded me of a certain reptilian creature.

I nodded in response to her question and topped it off with a shaky smile. My insides were on fire from my chanced meeting with Coach Calton. I hoped she didn't see us talk and I hoped she couldn't see through me.

"You're not ready. Why aren't you ready?" Her head tilted as she observed me with her venomous gaze fixed.

"Just taking a walk. I'll double back in a minute."

"Double back now. Let's go piggy."

She continued back to the field swaying her hips effortlessly. You could tell she would bust that move riding a d*ck. I tried to imagine just how many dicks she must have ridden. My guess had to be a double figure.

I got to the changing room barely thinking about Coach Carlton. Somehow, thoughts about Rebecca's body count had distracted me enough to expel him from my mind.

I was soaking- scratch that; dripping, when I stripped off to change. The changing room was empty as all the girls were ready and most likely on the field.

My fingers rolled on my wetness and I whimpered from the head spinning sensation that came along with it.

Just a minute... It won't be long, just a minute.

My eyes closed to a walk of imagination as my fingers slid along the wet walls of my burning punani.

I'd recently shaved and waxed so it felt silky smooth.

A hot force pushed against my clits.

"Coach Carlton." I whispered to myself.

My moans were low and sent waves through my body that made my n*ppl*s erect. My pink n*ppl*s turned into rock hard missiles.

I imagined Coach Carlton's hands on my t*ts. His squeeze and his lips on the tip of my n*ppl*s. God, I hope he's a biter. He has to be a biter!

The soft squishing sound of my finger continuously tapping my wetness made me bite my lower lips in a soundless, "F*ck."

If the thought of f*ck*ng him felt this good then the real thing had to be the bomb. It just had to be.

The pressure pushed closer to the surface as I rolled rapid circles on my clits. It would soon come out. My c*m- I'll c*m- I would, Oh f*ck.

Lights exploded in my head and I muffled a scream with my free hand.

My whole body trembled as waves passed through me. I managed to steady myself with some difficulty.

If I'd been too late in quelling the scream then the halls would have echoed with my lustful voice as it screamed, "Oh, Coach Calton. F*ck me, please!"

Chapter 2


Tiana's POV

Since the dawn of time, men have always made machines to compensate for their natural laziness. I think by 2030, there would be a machine that helps bring out shit from your ass so you won't have to go through the labor of pushing the tough ones out.

Despite my opinion, I needed to get a machine for myself.

Constantly flicking my bean would make my fingers crooked. I could see the signs. The pinky was starting to creak whenever I wiggled it back and forth. I also noticed a slight curve to it I could swear wasn't part of the default package.

I need a dildo...

The weekend came fast and I spent a good part of my Saturday morning going through an online platform where I overheard most of the girls get the stuff.

I felt naughty. It was a thrilling sensation. I imagined it was the same way a pickpocket felt when he was offered the chance to wor


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