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Filthy Rich Don

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DARK ROMANCE “You! Breanna Ross,” he traced my cheek with the back of his hand, “...My flower! Now belongs to me,” he whispered, his deep voice sending chills down my spine. ** All my life, I have been manipulated, controlled and abused, I never had a taste of love or affection. My own parents hated me for reasons unknown to me, I have no one to trust as everyone near me is busy playing a game I have no idea how to play. I was sold, sold to a man who loves to break a part of me like plucking the rose petals one by one. I was his to break, His to do as he’d like. Vincent Moretto, 38 years old ruthless, cold and twisted monster who also happened to be my ex's uncle. They say even a monster has a heart, but the question is, Does he have one? If he does, Will I ever melt it?

Vincent Moretto

Hello, if you’re reading my book for the first time then I want to clarify that this is not a sweet romance or Vanilla. Please put it down if you can’t handle it. This book is suitable for 18+. The characters in this book are toxic, possessive, controlling, ruthless and extremely cruel.
This work contains toxic relationships, Abusive main leads and Explicit sexual scenes, situations not suitable for sensitive audiences and things that could make them uncomfortable. Everything changes in this novel according to the situations and growth of the main characters.

Vincent sat in the shadows of the huge room loaded with all kinds of torture devices, he stared at the unconscious body which was tied to the wooden chair. Blood was running down the nose of Liam and tipping on his white shirt. The only sounds in the room were Liam's breathing and Vincent's lighter.

He lit the cigarette and inhaled while staring at him, as he heard Liam groaning and trying to open his eyes, a smirk appeared at the corner of Vincent's lips.

"Whe-where am I?" he asked in a weak voice, trying to raise his head.

Vincent stood up and strolled towards him from the shadows, hearing his footsteps Liam looked up, as the light flashed on Vincent's face, terror-filled his senses. He gulped hard while staring at Vincent, thousands of things rushed into his mind as he saw him standing in front of him.

The first thing he understood was, there's no escape from Vincent and his death is just around the corner now. Fear, Guilt and regret hit him and tears filled his eyes while he strongly decided to do whatever it takes to convince him to spare his life.

"Vincent..." He whispered in fear, sweat formed on his forehead while his heart kept beating inside his chest. Vincent is a well known and feared boss of the underworld because of his merciless killing, he has many names, Reaper, The Boss, killing machine, bloodthirsty demon, etc. He was known for his methods of killing his enemies by capturing them and giving them slow and painful death.

"Please...I can explain," Liam said with fear and desperation evident in his tone, Vincent's silence was making him tense and scared of what he might do.

"I'm sorry," He began crying, "Please... I have a family to feed... I needed the money," he tried to reason but Look at Vincent's words weren't coming out of his mouth. Vincent stared at Liam in pure disgust and irritation as Liam kept crying and begging him to forgive him.

"Forgive me please..." he sobbed,

Vincent never trusted Liam from the day he joined the brotherhood, he has been suspicious of Liam and now he caught him red-handed informing Matteo's family information to the rival mafia family, Vitiello's.  These two biggest Italian mafia groups have been fighting against each other for over decades. No one really knows why these two families hate each other.

Nicolo walked towards Vincent and handed over his favourite knife and stepped back, Vincent glanced at the shining knife while exhaling the smoke. Looking at the Knife, Liam stopped breathing and glanced at Vincent in terror.

He knows very well about the history of this knife, "No! No! Please Please...." Liam cried out,

Vincent's steel-blue eyes stared at Liam with no mercy in them, "Please Vincent... Give me a second chance.... I'll do whatever you want me to do... Please," Liam begged while crying like a pathetic man.

Vincent stabbed Liam's left thigh with the knife while blowing the smoke on his face, "Ahh!" Liam cried out in pain.

"I don't give second chances," Vincent replied and pulled the knife out.

"Please... leave me!" Liam cried in pain,

Vincent stabbed the knife on his right thigh, "Ah!" Liam grunted and screamed, his screams thrilled Vincent and he twisted the knife slowly, earning another loud scream from Liam which encouraged him for more.

"Please... Leave me..." Liam cried and pleaded with him, blood was running down from his thighs. Liam kept pleading and begging to leave him but Vincent had other plans. He pulled the knife out, Liam gasped in pain and cried harder, blood kept flowing down from his thigh.

"Second chances are always disappointments," He spoke,

"No, I won't disappoint you, Please..." Liam cried,

"Are you sure?" Vincent said while wiping the blood off the knife with a white cloth,

"I swear I will not disappoint you... Please, Please Vincent," Liam pleaded,

"Good..." Vincent replied,

Liam stared at Vincent with hope and despair while exhaling with a little bit of happiness but it was short-timed as all of a sudden Vincent slammed the knife into Liam's Chest. He gasped and widened his eyes widened in shock,

"Ahh..." he panted in pain, blood flowed down from his shirt while he coughed and whimpered.

"Once a traitor is always a traitor," He said while pulling the knife down through his chest slowly and painfully, Liam whimpered and coughed in pain caused by it. The knife was tearing through his skin as Vincent dragged it down from the chest where he stabbed him.

Liam couldn't breathe and kept coughing blood, "Plea-please...." Liam cried while coughing, Vincent ignored his pleas and kept dragging the knife from his chest down to his stomach.

Vincent knows who will follow him till the end and he knows who to cut loose when they no longer serve a purpose for him. Even though Vincent knew Liam was one of the Vitiello's, he kept his calm. Since he has now discovered the location of Vitiello's, Liam is of no use.

"Good-Bye," He said while pulling the knife out and cutting his neck in one slide.


Hope you like the first chapter, do leave some comments below.

love you all.

Breanna Ross

Breanna’s Pov:-

I was sitting on the floor with tears rolling in my eyes, I glanced at my aunt who was glaring at me with hatred and disgust. She kicked me with her leg hard in my gut, “Get up,” She screamed, I hissed in pain and bit my lower lip while controlling not to cry out. I pressed my palm on the floor and got up.

“Stop crying and go clean them now,” She yelled and pushed me away. I stumbled back but composed myself and slowly walked to the sink. I wiped my tears and began cleaning. My life was a disaster.

The day I lost my parents everything just stumbled, though they never loved me, I used to be safe there. They never hurt me this way, Mom never asked me to do all these kinds of work nor she asked me to cook. I was just told to study and get good marks.

I don’t know what I did wrong, I don’t know why they never loved me but they never hurt me. From the day my uncle brought me to his house, Aunt Isabell always beat me and scolded me, making me do all


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