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Filthy Rich Don

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DARK ROMANCE “You! Breanna Ross,” he traced my cheek with the back of his hand, “...My flower! Now belongs to me,” he whispered, his deep voice sending chills down my spine. ** All my life, I have been manipulated, controlled and abused, I never had a taste of love or affection. My own parents hated me for reasons unknown to me, I have no one to trust as everyone near me is busy playing a game I have no idea how to play. I was sold, sold to a man who loves to break a part of me like plucking the rose petals one by one. I was his to break, His to do as he’d like. Vincent Moretto, 38 years old ruthless, cold and twisted monster who also happened to be my ex's uncle. They say even a monster has a heart, but the question is, Does he have one? If he does, Will I ever melt it?



Review after the novel completion

I’m your big big fan because of your skills in writing novel and its plot making and this novel is top of the list of my all favourite novels.I read its few episodes on Wattpad then to Booknet but still not finished it due to purchases issues.But on Alfanovel aap I completed this fabulous story.I made my insta account due to this novel and after one year I approached the author #S Nina and she gave me the novel address thanks author

April 12, 2024

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