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Can I Have Your Number?

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"He finally asked for my number! Just like that, OUT OF THE F*CK*NG BLUE! The guy I've had a crush on for only God knows" Imaani Cyrus has always been more reserved. Always on her phone unless she's at work. She barely has friends cus she's had to move most of her life, not used to staying in one place. until she became an adult, moved to New York City and got a job and her place. Imaani's life has always had its ups and downs or as she likes to call, it A lot of excess b*llsh*t. One text can change a lot of things for good or Bad. In Imaani's case WHO KNOWS?!.

Chapter 1 Lying Best friend

She lays on her bed and picked up the book she's been reading "Maybe this might help me sleep" she thought to herself

"Why am I even reading this book for fucks sake I feel like it's just putting ideas in my head, I mean it's not like I'm weird right? a lot of people get turned on by sh*t like this right?" Imaani thought.

Trying so hard to think of anything to Justify why she's liking or rather thinks she likes stuff like this

NO! I Don't like it-it's just my body reacting to a steamy scene, Yes it's just my body!" She closed the book but not without unconsciously placing a bookmark on the page she was reading.


She picks up her phone like she usually does when she's bored.  It's not like she had anybody texting her. She only has one friend or rather she doesn't know where they stand. Her relationship with Faye is a lot more complicated.

Oh shut it! She scolded her subconscious out loud "maybe I am losing my mind" she thought

She dropped her phone on the bedside table and made her way to the kitchen to get a glass of water.... and a midnight snack.

On entering back into her room she noticed her phone screen turn on and off, she thought nothing of it and assumed it was just a work email that she can check tomorrow morning or an ad. She had to sleep, she had work first thing tomorrow, but then it buzzed again.

"That's weird" picking up her phone she clicked on it and saw that it was a Facebook notification. She clicked on it lo and behold it was a message from him! WAIT I've got to be imagining this!" she thought

She was in huge shock she could almost scream "Oh my gosh he barely texts me unless I text him first, which is when I'm bold enough to do so which is also rare" Imaani  thought to herself

She was so happy all she wanted to do was share the news with somebody. At least that might prove she's  not dreaming or imagining this

"Call Faye," she thought "Oh My God Faye!" Picking up her phone she dialled her number after the fourth ring she finally picked up. Imaani could not contain her joy and just started talking

"Girrrlll you will not believe what just happened I went to the kitchen to get water and when I got back to my room my phone buzzed but I was li-" Faye cut her short

"Hi, uhm Imaani I'm kinda sleepy I'll call you back in the morning"

"Yeah In two months" she wanted to say but bit her tongue and just said "Hey it's nothing, I just realized how late it is right now sorry for waking you up"

"Babe come back to bed" she heard a male voice in the background. That voice sounds familiar Imaani thought. I'm probably just imagining sh*t, she thought, tryna ignore it then she heard the voice again. "No, it's not possible! it can't be" but I just have to ask, so I did

"Faye is that...." Cut her short again as usual

"Shhh" Faye whispered "uh yeah bye Imaani" Faye rushed out and ended the call

Wtf?! She thought while looking at the screen, the call almost ruining her mood but she remembered her unopened message and forgot all about Faye and her lying-horrible *ss.

Clicking on his name and reading the message her mouth fell wide open just five words had Imaani's heart racing like mad

"Can I have your number?" She read what he sent

Well d*mn.

Chapter 2 The promotion


"Ughhh" I groaned as I hit the snooze button on my alarm I hate mornings. But I have work.

Why do I have to work? why can't I just be born rich? You know. First I'm born without my permission and now I have to work to feed and clothe myself that's bullshit if you ask me.

I Groan loudly as I get out of bed, I mistakenly hit the book I've been reading to the ground when I see it, and a shiver passes through me. I ignore it and pick the book up and place it back on the nightstand.

I was not ready to accept the fact that I may or may not be into the kind of stuff that was done to the main female character in that book. I grab my phone and make my way to the bathroom selecting the song MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT by Elley Duhe before stepping into the shower.

There's just something about this particular song that I find extremely hot. Her voice, the lyrics, the beat ughhhh like I said earlier Hot!

After my shower, I ge


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